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As someone using multiple brokers, I can confirm Dukascopy has tighter spreads and commissions. I'm not cheer-leading just honest opinion from a high-frequency trader – where tight spreads matter. Consider screenshots from other two brokers I use versus Dukascopy.
Spreads 2nd Nov 2015
Volume Commissions 2nd Nov 2015
The spread difference isn't impressive, but note the difference in commissions between Dukascopy and my other broker. Such pricing is the reason I may consider moving my accounts over to Dukascopy if JForex4 meets all the hype.
This article is about lowering overall charges not comparing brokers so let’s get into it.
Set Reasonable Global Stop Loss on Your Account

This won’t lower your charges per se, set a conservative stop loss on your live account. This applies to total drop in equity not per trade.
In the image, I'm not willing to lose more than 20% of a 20,000 account so, stop loss is 18,000.
It’s up to you to choose partial hedge or total close on …
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