Emotions in Forex trading generate uncertainty that gradually grows into fear and mood of panic. Yielding to the effects of momentary impulses, the trader undertakes a series of unreasoned actions that manifest in the following:
  • Opening of unreasonable transactions;
  • Premature fixation of profit;
  • Dragging of stop losses;
  • Non-compliance with money management.

The consequences of such behavior are manifest in the loss of a deposit due to erroneous management of trading process caused not by the absence of knowledge and skills but rather by the inability to control himself.
REASONS FOR OCCURRENCEIt is possible to learn emotions management in Forex trading only when you understand the nature of their occurrence. Several factors that force a person to yield to uncontrolled impulses can be singled out.
  1. The absence of final satisfaction - chemical reactions that occur in the body after discharge of adrenaline produce narcotic influence that can not satisfy.
  2. Addiction - continuous yielding to the influence accompanied by the discharge of dopamine into blood, a person becomes addicted to this condition.
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