For years I read about trading strategies, different types of charts, indicators and other tools of technical analysis. Every day there is new indicator or strategy somewhere on internet and due to human nature traders think that if strategy or indicator is complicated, and if they don't understand what does it show, it has to be something great that will for sure make profit. Process of using such indicators of strategies in probably 99% of cases ends up in one of these two scenarios:

First scenario:

  • Trader finds cool new strategy or indicator;
  • Since it looks nice with all the nice colors, and it seems complicated, and guy that invented it put screenshots
    of few profitable trades, trader decides to use it;
  • After first 5 trades using this indicator/strategy there is one profitable trade and four bad ones so trader
    concludes that this indicator/strategy doesn't work and stops using it;
  • Trader continues searching another Holy Grail strategy that will make millions in 10 days.
Second scenario:
  • Trader finds cool new strategy or indicator;
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