I might not be George Soros, who was able to anticipate huge
instantaneous market movements with sniper accuracy, but I certainly have had
my own share of predicting and catching significant pip movements in the
foreign exchange market. As we all know, Intervention by central banks is a
major market mover which can cause huge instantaneous price changes in currency
trading.  Last year, I was oblivious of
this fundamental, and I lost a huge chunk of money during the Bank of Japan
Intervention. This negative motivation spurred me into looking for a way of
figuring out and anticipating interventions with sniper accuracy. My last
prediction was the last intervention by the Bank of Japan, but unfortunately, I
missed it by a couple of hours( I didn’t want to keep my position open over the
weekend, and they took me unawares by intervening a couple of hours after
market open while I was still sleeping). I am about to make another prediction,
but this time, it is the next SNB intervention which is fast approaching. If
you want to know when it will happen, just keep reading!
KNOW: well, they are no more secrets because I am about to unveil them to
you. It takes a lot of m…
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skytrader 14 Dec.

+1, the last SNB action killed my contest account a few weeks ago! that was not nice at all.. i was fully loaded, but on the wrong FRANC side.. haha, that was fun... the fastest test account blowing ever.. nice article prophet!

emmax avatar
emmax 14 Dec.

Great! this is excellent man! keep it up.

skytrader avatar
skytrader 15 Dec.

seems like there wa sno intervention today... i mena how high do they think they can push the euro agains CHF artificially???

MyiDEA avatar
MyiDEA 18 Dec.

Article contest good for learning...good wishes for this competition...

ritesh avatar
ritesh 22 Dec.

Wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year. +1

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A lot of individuals delve into the trading world with the misconception that there is a highly positive correlation between intelligence and trading success. It is nothing short of an axiom that trading is a very intricate profession- a mystery that can only be unraveled on complete analysis. In addition, the grandiloquent terms associated with trading, especially in its fundamental aspect, such as quantitative easing, intervention, down grade, inflation, Gross domestic product, demand and supply, etc, help to bolster the above thesis. Yes, a trader needs to be mentally alert in order to successfully analyze currency pairs; however, success in trading requires a whole lot more. It is important to note that individuals who have attained “financial maturity” tend to be more successful in the art of trading.  
Financially mature traders are the wise ones that recognize the worth of their equity. They understand the effects of loss and profit on their capital; therefore, they put all aspects of trading into perspective. As a result, they pay close attention to key aspects of trading such as risk management, money management, and psychology. With this type of approach, they stand the c…
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Rambofx 4 Dec.


doctortyby avatar

So the main idea is that you have to be financialy free to be successful in trading?... what about gaining this freedom through Trading itself?... don't you think it is possible? +1

ritesh avatar
ritesh 10 Dec.

Nice article, a must read I'd say. keep more coming +1

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skytrader 15 Dec.

additonally he needs a good portion of insticnt and also the ability to re-evaluate his opninion each single second! nice article. thanx.

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happy new year!

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