It is not common to read about the greatness of numbers in human life, because: “numbers scare people”. But numbers are basically the most important creation human mind could bring into their life. When we look back, we can realize they are almost the tools that allow human to know how to build the civilization in all aspects: productions, constructions, mechanics, medicals, technologies, etc. Nowadays, all the technologies we enjoy are based on numbers, binary numbers 0 and 1. And we also find in Genesis (bible) that God took 1 to 7 days to create earth with humans being included.
The forex as one of the biggest financial and trading market on earth is by fact a universe of numbers by excellence. Let’s go digging to understand: how numbers are moving forex activities? what numbers we need to put focus on? and in fact how to dance with numbers in order to take accurate forex trading decisions? Our first recommendation to every trader is to have: 1) good money management and 2) a solid trading system; then they can access to more documentation about forex trading to develop their skills. In this order, we expose below some information about the meaning of numbers in f…
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