The EUR / USD currency pair shifted us quite a bit in the week to the recent multi-year highs above 1.2500 levels. Long position from the 1.2200-1.2300 shopping area I closed at Profit-Targets.
The rate for several years, the last days mostly very good data from the US, soothing on the stock markets, and surely the ECB's dissatisfaction with the development of the euro favor me in the next days rather price correction back to 1.22-1.23 bands. Also current technical bear signals indicate a possible downward correction.
After closing the Eurodolar long positions of the week, Wednesday's accumulated smaller short positions. Even the foundation, and the ECB would still be holding the euro for a while.
The currency pair USD / JPY has fallen sharply over the past few days to a medium-term strong support area. This was due to the exaggerated but short-term weakening of the dollar over the past 8-9 days, as well as to the fall in stocks and thus the preference of a safe Japanese yen.
However, the situation may seem to stabilize today. For the further strengthening of the Japanese yen, I still do not see a serious reason, and the correction of the weakening dollar should bring this curr…
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February began in the financial markets very wild. Important assets are showing unprecedented or even historically record moves. We observe the sharp drops of brutally growing cryptocurrencies, strong declines in stock indices, bonds and oil, or a swing US dollar strengthening.
For stock indices, it is not yet possible to talk about the final expected turnover, but the drops in the past 6 days are really significant and fast. Daily candles on the US Dow Jones index of over 500 but more than 1000 points are stunning.
The definitive turnover of equity indices does not confirm the intraday development, where the continuing efforts of important Market Movers are still to reverse or at least significantly correct the intraday downturns.
On the other hand, the market's reaction to news in the last days suggests a possible turn of the mines or their proximity. The data is very recent in the US, the results of the companies also, the revolutionary tax reform actually realized, yet the indices started a significant weakening.
The first and one of the major drops in the decline was the 2.70% surplus for US 10-year bond yields in the first week of February. Instead, the analysts now add t…
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