Last month month I've been talking about some reasons why Forex Brokers are not hunting your stop and that blog post has become very popular and got a lot of interest among Dukascopy Community members, receiving only good feedback. In the first part of the article I'm going to cover this subject: "Does Your Broker Hunt Your Stop Loss" and in the second part I'm going to talk about what it really means stop
and how you can also profit from this action.
Does Your Broker Hunt Your Stop Loss?
Many aspiring new trader are very confused about this subject. You'll see this subject popping up on trading forums on a daily basis by novice traders who blame anyone else except themselves for their bad trades and losses. Many new traders and even traders who are in this business for years have this flawed idea that somehow your Broker hunts your SL order. So, Does your Broker hunt your stop loss?
The short answer to this question is : NO, they don't!
It's very risky for a Broker to push the market with artificial pricing to trigger your stop loss because they will be caught in very advantageous arbitrage opportunities and secondly they will have several legal repercussions and pena
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