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Trump: as expected before the election results, almost analysts were suggesting a massive drop of the USD once Trump is elected to be USA president.. that's what makes many traders think that Clinton will be for sure the new elected president in the economic point of view. Mmm in the Election Day's few 1st hours, an uncertainty have been shown in the start of viewing the results , about +- 300 pipes were up and down in an unknown market movement, till California result which confirmed the debate . Trump is the President!
A massive moving up have been done which reflected a good healthy indicator for an understanding of Trump economic agenda.. although all reports about racism, Mexico , Russia, Arab and Muslims were confirming an instability of the economic status, means only one thing!! It is just misunderstanding to Trump.
Few days later, Yellen came with the interest rates decision to fire up the USD with an interesting plan for 2017 also..
Then yesterday was the 1st test to USD with Trump, by the 1st speech the USD has been injured on heart with an increase in market fearing and demotivation.
Now, the question is: will Trump continue shooting the USD down or Yellen will help U…
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TInna 19 Jan.


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Yuliya_N 25 Jan.

well done!

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brilliant 25 Jan.

your article is simple and easy reading . good

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Yellen enhance the likelihood of a rate hike in December and Dollar rises to highest level
We overlooked the governor Janet Yellen of the Fed during her testimony on monetary policy, which sparked considerable debate about the orientations of the bank in the coming period. after that appeared to signal unrelenting directly to raise interest rates at a meeting next December, Yellen avoided touched on the possibilities of a rate hike at the next meeting, with merely certainly higher chances of a rate hike recently. on the other side, during her testimony, he praised progress made by the US economy throughout the year, especially the labor market. it also expressed high confidence in the economy's ability to progress steadily towards the goals set for it, this will ensure continued gradual monetary tightening pace process.
Raise interest rates
Despite the absence of direct reference to the steps the bank during the next meeting, but the head of the bank has confirmed that a rate hike soon, it may seem appropriate, especially since continued to improve economic performance. federal Commission still need to see more economic data to assess the economic performance more accurately by the…
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TInna 1 Dec.

very very!

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of fundamental importance)


nice work

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interesting article!

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The FOMC Statement is a highly anticipated event, more so as the FED is nearing it's planned interest rate hike.
A lot of care is put into the exact wording used in the statement, so as not to cause excess volatility in the markets, or misleading information.
Trading this risk event is like playing a game of Poker with the FED, carefully analyzing every word trying to interpret the underlying message. Essentially trying to figure out the FED's cards, to determine when to go all in!
(figuratively speaking).

This article is my personal interpretation of the FED Statement of Dec. Therefore the view here may differ from other publications on the web, as the statement does carry a larger degree of vagueness.
The objective of the article, is to provide trader's that are new to the fundamental side of trading, a view of how a press conference can be interpreted, and subsequently trade the obtained information.
Figure 1 - USDJPY 5M - Showing a bullish effect prior to, during and post FOMC
To sum up the statement in one sentence, the FED see's the economy continue to improve. Everything remains inline to raise interest rates as planned. This will likely occur mid
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Nice Article. This FOMC statement was indeed quite confusing at first because they where reporting the "considerable time" stance was dropped off and than they came back reporting the "considerable time" is still there used in another paragraph.

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alifari 30 Dec.

A well written article, well done

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Jignesh 1 Jan.

Thanks alifariDaytrader21 I think what made it even more confusing was Yellen's hawkishness in the press conference! but that is why I decided to write the article.  Hopefully provide a bit of perspective on my take.

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