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Hi my dear Dukascopy traders. Some of my forex trader friends in Azerbaijan say that gold is the one of the most difficult commodity to trade. Over my 4 years of monitoring the gold market noticed me many profitable strategy. Today I will show you my gold strategy. I have tested this several times and gain many pips from the trading and I am sure that this strategy will useful for you.
WARNING: Please read this article carefully and test it in you demo account 5 or 6 month.
In this strategy we will use 3 indacator (Moving average, MACD and RSI)
1. Add 4 Exponential Moving Averages
  • 25 days Exponential Moving Averages (color blue)
  • 50 days Exponential Moving Averages (color yellow)
  • 100 days Exponential Moving Averages (color green)
  • 200 days Exponential Moving Averages (color red)

Exponential moving average show us support and resistance, indicate take profit and stop loss. I use moving averages to track the candle and put take profit and stop lose.
2. Add MACD (Moving Average Convergence/Divergence Oscillator)
  • Fast EMA - 12
  • Slow EMA - 26
  • MACD SMA - 9
  • Apply to - close
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Good job !

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klintons 19 Jan.


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Experto 26 Jan.


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xDamko 1 Feb.

nice work

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samme2 21 Feb.


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La semaine du 10 Octobre promet d'etre assez volatile, faisant suite au flash crach du GBP et comportant des News majeurs sur le dollar le mercredi ,jeudi et vendredi.
Voici trois analyses de charts que je trouve interssant à suivre.

Analyse de l'or.

Sur le daily la paire est passé sous son EMA 20 après avoir marqué trois lower Highs, cela indique la présence d'un Down trend.
Mais d'un autre coté ce down trend serra limité par le higher low à 1200 qui serra d'autant plus fort puisque c'est un chiffre rond significatif et qu'il est très prés du dernier lower high à 1190 qui a été franchi au cours du mouvement haussier.
Sur le Rsi nous assistons à une divergence négative qui a donner lieu au mouvement baissier, et en phase de construction une divergence cachée qui peut atteindre le niveau Rsi 20 , cette Divergence cachée et en phase avec le scénario d'un rebonds de la paire du niveau 1200.
Au cours de la semaine prochaine il serra très intéressant de monitorer la paire à l'approche du 1200, attendre surtout l'apparition de bougies haussière bien former pour confirmer le rebonds.
Analyse du Brent.
Sur le daily le Brent a cassé une ligne de tendance qui a débuté le mois Juin 20…
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GBP is not fallow any tech now a days I think it is last 3rd leg of down side till 1.17 area will go long around this level

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k_morocco 12 Oct.

priceaction113 thanks for your comment , i thinks that we can see more down trend un the GBPUSD, in relation to technical analysis it is a valuable tool for framing trades as it gives you probables scenario . IN  the end the market do what he have to do

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FXRabbit 23 Nov.

Well written!

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Ever since hitting the highs in September 2011 gold has been on a downward spiral. Now with the price threatening to break $1,200/oz barrier. The question now is, where is the precious metal heading? Fig 1 below is the weekly chart of gold from 2010 to date.
Fig 1: 1-week Chart of XAUUSD

From the beginning of 2010 into 2011 the price on Gold was on an upward trajectory before peaking on the 5th of September 2011 at a price of $1920.66/oz. Afterward it began retreating and has since reached a low price of $1,179.50/oz on the 14th of June 2013.
This article attempts to look at the fundamental and technical aspects affecting the price of gold

Production Cost

The production cost of gold varies from company to company depending on the type of mining, the level of technology used and the part of the world where the mining takes place. Fig 2 below shows how the various standards used to measure the production cost of gold related to the actual price of gold.
Fig 2: Evolution of gold cost standard
In 2012, the senior gold companies worked with the World Gold Council to come up with a standard called the all-in sustaining costs (AISC) and has been widely adopted in t…
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Stix 29 Oct.

Lovely analysis, thank you. I do not trade XAU/USD but will definitely keep an eye. Thanks again - lovely Article ! :) :)

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Olga18375 29 Oct.

Good article! Nice work!!!!

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Very good article IIolor!!!

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Thank you for article llolor ! It is so nice of you to share your great dedication and effort! Also we can see here detailed description of the method, very informative.  Great work, keep going.  Victoria

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Alisitas 31 Oct.

Удачи с статьей!

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