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The time for traditional investment methods has passed and now financial engineering has taken over and the emergence of complex financial instruments such as digital currency is testament to this fact. By far Bitcoin is the largest and most popular cryptocurrency, but the volatility is in the digital currency market as well as the acceptability of it as a medium of exchange has hampered its attractiveness as a safe and secure alternative investment. As the famous saying goes “All that glitters is not gold.”
It is on this background that this article retraces the footsteps and looks at Gold as an investment that has stood the test of time. We also explore how Dukascopy can be your trusted friend in investing in Gold.
Gold Price
Gold like any other commodity is affected by market supply and demand dynamics. The global economics play a huge role in the determination of the price, and without dwelling much on the fundamental and technical aspects on pricing the chart of daily prices is shown below.
Fig 1: Monthly gold prices
Advantages of investing in Gold

Hedge against inflation
Gold is an excellent hedge against inflation. It has shown positive results even du…
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The outcome of FOMC meeting of Federal Reserve of United States of America is a much anticipated event worldwide. The Forex market players keep a close watch on the economic data and political situation globally in lead up to the meeting to be able to accurately forecast the likely outcome of two day bi-monthly meeting of Federal Open Market Committee. The CME group's FedWatch tool was pricing in a probability of nearly 95 % of a 0.25% rate increase in FOMC target range of Federal Fund rates from 0.25%-0.50% to 0.50%-0.75%. The significance of this rate hike can be gauged from the fact that it is only second time in a decade that Federal Reserve has raised the rates.
The markets reactions to such high important events is what gives us opportunity to make big profits because of the increased volatility associated with it. If you have a trade set up which is supported by fundamental analysis as well as technical analysis I see no reason why you won't be on the winning side. So I decided to prepare a trade set up exclusively for the FOMC meeting. I did a whole lot study to figure out the best possible trades for this event. Now that I have reaped the benefits I decided to share it wi…
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INDICATORS: Parabolic Sar, Money Flow Index, Linear Regression Slope
RESISTANCE LEVELS: 50.298 - 52.913
Brent W1 chart have shown a bearish/trendless tendency as indicated in fig 1, the pair candle close around the middle Bollinger Band. In this TF the linear regression slope and the cycle seems to support with a greater probability of having a bullish retracement even if the market tendency should prefere the sellers.
This W1 analysis for that reasons suggest a bullish indication with W1 first objective around the 52.913 zone.The W1 objective could integrate the SMA_100. A bearish objective in a W1 scale could be considered at the 46.603 price zone.
On a D1 scale the candle close between the SMA_200 and the SMA_100. In this context the trend is considered with a bullish rally. The objective for this tf could be indicated at the SMA_100 objective zone. In this scale the Volume analysis shows a no positive derivative but in value still greater than the October 2016 (reference system for a trendless/indecision indication). So technically also the D1 scale suggest a bearish analysis with a possibility of a bullish retr…
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Since the brexit sparked another round of gold buying, I was prompted to read and analyze correlation between the gold, inflation and public debt. As from the 2000s, the Gold prices have participated in a bull run. As a key reason, the "easy money" policies of majority of key world's central banks are to blame. So, why is the gold traditional hedge against inflation ? I have been hearing this line on the CNBC and Bloomberg for years and years, especially since we are currently in the phase of deflation.
So what are the conditions that represent inflation? That list include rising property prices, a rising stock market, and increasing asset values. But also the debt burden, representing debt with relation to income, is increasing.
Inflation v Debt
High inflation usually travels hand in hand with higher debt burdens. What does this mean ? Let me try to explain this. Imagine a situation where the government borrows $10 billion today from the market and that inflation is 5%, and the government bonds yields 10%. After a year, the government owes the same $10 bn that they borrowed. Add to that 10% interest and a total is $11 bn. Since the bond yield (10%) is above the inflation rate, th…
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Before read article,
who didn't read the first article "USDCAD back in time" , (you found HERE ) , i advise to read it for understand the concept out below.
In the previous articles , first USDCAD than AUDUSD , we seen the correlation of these cross with own seasonality ,the correlation of USDCAD between the last seven years and actual movement to prove matter of this kind of Analisys.
From article “USDCAD back in time!

"Last Friday, there was the break of the high of thursday's candle , from chart we can see the PIN Bullish of friday , maybe a possible " trade can do at end of retracement in 1.2770 area , with stop under PIN (some pips more for fake break) . “
How many of you all did that trade?
How many gained more than 100pips with it?

I believe only who expected that , and who read my article on USDCAD!
USDCAD Daily chart at 17 June
The analisys on USDCAD not end, we are still in the seasonality movement and seen the last results, we can be more trustful on quality of this amazing forecast tool!
USDCAD Seasonality part 2
This time i analisted the cross with time frame H1 , always with seven years media.
"I want explain that this type of analisys is
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