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Possibly everyone knows term “Blockchain”, however I am not sure that everyone understands its importance and significance for today’s world development. Blockchain is considered as a virtual, transparent ledger, being invented to fix cryptocurrency transactions and generally regulating Buy-Sell process of cryptocurrency.
However, pleased to distributed- ledger technology and smart contracts Blockchain has a great potential to benefit various companies all over the world – not just financial sector.
The main features of Blockchain in Financial Sector are the following:* Transparency;
* Traceability;
* Efficiency;
* Collaboration;
* Security;
* Auditability.
There is a wide landscape of applying and embedding Blockchain in the different areas of Business, including, but not limited with opportunity to solve refugee problems, bypass corruptions and bridge poverty gaps, facilitate business operations and contribute to other spheres of business.
Allow me to describe the most important and relevant from my point of view:
1. Preventing poverty in the world.
Poverty is the biggest world tragedy right now, particularly taking into account terrible situation in Siria, being resulted in …
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colai 20 Aug.

Не плохо!

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Good information

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steveinn 22 Aug.

nice article

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Sanju777 24 Aug.

nice and final article

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Teo 27 Sep.

Good article

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August 22nd, 2199 – Year 2, Day 1 Today, a hot August day, the entire population was celebrating the first anniversary of the liberation, and the president of the Unified Nations (UN) was doing a celebratory speech. "Brothers and sisters ...” he started "... today, Aug. 22, 2199, we are gathered to celebrate the memory of our fallen brothers during the 185 years of war in which we have suffered, fought and finally won, what we can now say as the worst enemy of the human race ... ". It was during these words that a soldier took me aside with my team. Accompanied by the roar of the crowd, entered the meeting room where we found the Commander with a woman in uniform and three soldiers. I sat down in front of her: she had a decorated uniform for the event, wearing several medals. While sitting down motionless with impenetrable black eyes, her appeal was likely to pass everything else into the background. Alan sat down at my right hand, Keyra and Joshua on my left. "Gentlemen - began the commander - few hours ago an important rescue mission was accomplished. I will not go into details now, because we have very little time before the President ends his speech and give off the festiviti…
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SpecialFX 25 Jan.

LOL original article that's for sure, I'm waiting for the next episode! :) We will all be living in the Worldwide Republic of China in 2199, in my opinion. And there will be no forex market because the chinese yuan will be the only currency in the world :P

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Likerty 25 Jan.

SpecialFX mus be seen movie Looper..?:))

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scramble 28 Jan.

Thank you all for the comments and likes! Sadly I had no time to finish the 2nd and 3rd part since last weekends i was too much busy. Hopefully next month will be better...

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doctortyby 31 Jan.

Are you trying to write a book here Scramble? Congrats for the mice article. :)

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AND WHITE - Unique Myth recognition
people look at the worldSince
the beginning of the human kind we tend to view only two
possibilities."To be or
not be" wrote by a great writer. Go left or go right?
Standing in one place is not included in
the game.The same
situation occurs in the all fields of life
on this green planet.Some
people believe in god the others
does not believe. There are only few who consider both possibilities
or just leave this issue unresolved.
That should convince us that every stick has two ends but the two
ends of the stick do not form a stick in entirety.
Of course we
are not be here to talk about lofty
things. We speak here only about Forex.In this
article, I will try to solve issues concerning the myths rumoring
in Forex environment.The greatest
concerns will be shown in two colors at the same time.
In psychology
the vision of the world in only two colors is one of the elements
diagnosis called Borderline personality disorder.we are the
healthy guys so we don't
have only white and black but the whole range of GRAY!
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mielec 21 Dec.

I wrote it for three days. But now when I see the results I think that its better to change style to the more technical

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mortyl 22 Dec.

most strange article in this contest in particular, beginning

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Incognito 30 Dec.

Unique, different and Real

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Panic 31 Dec.

Greatest article i have ever read ...........

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FENCER 26 Mar.

very good and well written article - good job Sir :)

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