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Men and women are different and no I’m not just talking about the fun body parts. Men’s brains are 10% larger and men’s and women’s brains are wired differently . We react differently to the same stimuli. Sometimes it feels like we’re a completely different species.
Few things before we go with the article. Not all women (or men) are the same. We are just talking about averages here, the average woman compared to the average men. There can be huge differences between individuals of both sexes. Today, there are women that are high powered CEO and men that are stay at home dads. With that out of the way, let’s start! Since most of us traders are men, I will focus on the guys in this article. Here are the 3 main reasons why thinking like a woman will help your trading!
1. Women Are More Risk Averse

Study after study has shown that women are more risk averse then men. Women shun investment vehicles that are perceived as risky (like stocks or forex) and go for government bonds or bank deposits. Risk aversion has its plusses and minuses. On the plus side, increased risk aversion can help guard against unexpected losses. On the minus side, the unwillingness of women to take risks prob…
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Elani avatar
Elani 20 Aug.

never knew women are emotionally stable )) but yes they are living a more balanced life that is not easy! Great article!

TheGuru avatar
TheGuru 31 Aug.

No Offense, this article is Hilarious!!

Women more risky! No proof whatsoever.

Emotional Stability! That's what Women can never have, opposite of their biological nature.

Women lead more balanced lives! HaHa, limited point of view. Mostly, when Women are rushed into working, the family is broken.

When we talk about Forex, we are talking about money, financially, go to Forbes and check how many from the 100 Billionaire's are Women? Only 10. That's 10%!!!

Some Women might stop liking me after this opinion, no problem, it will not change the FACT.

fxsurprise8 avatar

Hey Guru. The article does address some of the points you make. As I wrote above, men need to be LESS risky and women need to be MORE risky. This is of course if their goal is to make money.

Re emotional stability, I think you are confusing the outward display of emotions by women as evidence of their emotional instability. But wouldn't you agree that as men, we are pressured by society to rarely express our feelings? Just because men choose to keep the emotions bottled up inside, doesn't mean that they are more stable then women.

alcatraz avatar
alcatraz 1 Sep.

IMO i go with your statements fxsurprise. Nothing can be assumed beeing generalized. However from personal experience (and especially in FX) i noticed a very high risk friendlyness by the male side which i am very sure never will find in female traders since (especially) males are pressed by the usual society rules which makes it unable staying completely relaxed. Only the real successful traders may have found what most are looking for and what women usually are expterts in: Work-Life-balance. ;) Good article so far.

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I was wondering, just by myself – how many women out there are active traders? I know that we (men) came from Mars and you (women) came from Venus (or is it the other way around… I always forget that… had that book several times in my hand and not even correctly remember its title). Anyways, the point of this article is to show my personal points of view while trying to answer a simple question – is there any gender equality in FX markets? I suppose not, but again it is only my plain and simple assumption. Yet, I find it rather odd. The FX market have the same percentage of women players as the gaming market (never did any study on that – just an opinion) but why? I’m thinking that men are simply more competitive and the FX market gives you this feeling of continuous competition against the others (+brokers) and winning here might give us a pretty good sentiment about ourselves! Yet, this is only an illusion – because FX markets are not about winning, but about working. Without continuous work and endurance (which I humbly admit that on average women have a lot more then men) you will never be successful overall. You don’t need to be successful in a single trade to be a w…
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ante777 avatar
ante777 9 Sep.

Good thoughts. Thank you for this article.

doctortyby avatar

Forex Gender... I personally think passionate women are better in making emmotional decisions. Good Ideea for an article

Livornese avatar
Livornese 11 Sep.

Difficult to tell. Two women won the trader of the month contest and I personally loved their style and attitude

LinnuxFX avatar
LinnuxFX 13 Sep.

good luck for your article this mounth...

doctortyby avatar
doctortyby 25 Sep.

too bad that women don't find trading as much attractive as men do... +1 and trade well my friend

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