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Hi pip makers, we all know there are three type of analysis in trading. I know you guys well aware of these three things but I have to go through once again so please bear with me till the point of my new and sweet points.
  • Technical analysis
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Sentimental analysis
Technical analysis is studying statistics and patterns generated by market activity in the past prices and volume.
Fundamental analysis is studying everything from the overall economy and industry conditions to the financial condition and management of companies (Assume one country as one company).
Sentiment analysis is a type of forex analysis that focuses on identifying and measuring the overall psychological state of all participants in the market.
Nowadays we combine all then to do trading. But the trading community didn't accept technical analysis as a viable tool for making money until the late 1970s or early 1980s. But according to me I can trade and make good profit with the help of technical analysis without analyzing fundamental and sentimental because technical will show the effect of fundamental in the means of price movement and volume but we need to closely look in to it to identity t…
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kish 3 May


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KalenS 12 May

Ок молодец

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Aaamira 18 May

very nice article!

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pramuk 19 May

Absolutely amazing!

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Good article

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        There are a lot of things to consider before taking a trade{I}  First and for most is the broad market.  you have to determine where the broader market is at by this i mean due to a lot of correlations in the currency market, you need to be cautious not to become so focused on an individual currency you forget to consider what is occurring in the overall markets. Once you have your overall market forecast, you will the search for investments that will provide the best opportunity to take advantage of your broad market analysis. {II}   Fundamental analysis is also a key indicator in a productive strategy. It is the cornerstone of investing. In fact, some would say that you aren't really
investing if you aren't performing fundamental analysis' Because the
subject is so broad, however, it's tough to know where to start. There
are an endless number of investment strategies that are very different
from each other, yet almost all use the fundamentals{III}. A technician on the other hand will say that fundamentals don't matter, The chart of the currency pair will tell you its time to buy or sell.  The technical analyst will carefully study the charts because he knows that certain…
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i pity you pete! why does the links in the article lead to learntotrade***.com? you didn't get time to remove the links while copy pasting the article posted in that site?

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Nice article. I think NagarajaAdiga is wrong but I like his observation spirit. You used those links to help the readers to go in the details of the matter.

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thanks for updating me your idea. That's really fantastic. keep up the work.

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MrSami 12 May


Generally speaking, I am agree with you.Especially if one is running a real account, main capital should be large (as you said should be > 25K)

My observation(s) tell me that people come to forex markets for making money in a small time and with minimum effort and minimum capital. Most of them try to do trading as a part time job. (just like all large banks and investment companies - just joking but telling the truth)

These are my opinions... Good luck +22

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kkforex 23 May

NIce writeup 1+

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IntroductionThis article is the result of one comment of one dukascopy community member in one of my previous articles and his article too. This comment and the article made me thinking about some things related about losing vs winning, expectancy and goals . Here i express some of my toughts related with this theme. As some of you already know, i'm a novice, but i'm always ready to learn more, and trying to share what i learn. I don't have the experience of losing (well in trader contest yes but i'm trying...) and winning, but there are some things that are too obvious and are common sense. Maybe all i write bellow don't be useful at all, but the last word about this is yours. Losing...No one like to lose. This is a fact we all agree. We need to know that this business is a zero result business. That means to get some winning value someone else has to lose it. That is true there are some or many traders who have more losing trades than winning ones and the final result for them is positive with profit. This is possible having great discipline on exiting loss trades, and in other hand they can hold the winning ones and exit at the right time with great profit - is the only way to a…
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Another great article, and thanks for share this great example how re-investing could be more profitable. GL and congratulations for last month victory...

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This kind of calculation (and more) should be performed by every novice trader. Then the reality of “getting rich quick” mentality can be checked easily.
However, the problem is that in more cases than not we get carried away by simulating trading results with numbers that we don’t come even close in trading. Especially with a live account. So we live in a dream that doesn’t convert very easily into reality. But it is also true that without a dream/vision no progress can be made.
Keep up the good work you are doing with your articles.

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Compound profits may work, but you need to also take partial withdrawals to be sure you remain profitable in any market condition. It's just like taking a trade, when you reach a certain level of the price you sell half of the postions and move the stop loss of the other half to break/even, leaving the profit to reach the next target/targets. You can be profitable even if you have a win/loss ratio of 30-35% ;) It depends on the risk/Reward, Risk management, money management, strategies and the adaptability to the market conditions. Good luck my friend +!!

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alifari 18 May

nice article +1

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        You may have a Trading Plan to follow your own system or “edge”
but what have you got that ensures you will follow your Trading Plan? It’s that
plain old humble journal. Surprised? Don’t be. Many traders have heard of
journaling but few will ever put it into practice. So is it any wonder that
only a select few ever make it in trading? It is rather very telling that the
very thing that puts off the majority of traders are the very thing that is
directly or indirectly responsible for their trading success.
What is a journal?       A journal doesn’t need to be as complicated as rocket
science. In fact, just like in trading, the simpler it is, the more effective.
For most traders journaling means recording their trading outcomes i.e. where
did I enter a trade, where did I exit, what was the result, etc. These are fine
and you want to continue doing that. But truth
be told, that alone wont give you the the outstanding results or the amazing
changes in your trading performance that you are seeking. The most crucial part
of your journaling should be self-analysis part with a view for
self-improvement. This is where the “rubber meets the road” in journaling.The effective method
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fzavier 21 Feb.

This is the last of the 3 articles that I offered this month. The first being a help for struggling traders. My 2nd being a very powerful and complete trading strategy. Now my 3rd is equally important and complements the other 2, in the form of journaling method to make you a more effective trader. Dont be fooled by its simplicity. Its loaded with powerful methods to make you accountable and disciplined. It takes the emotions out of your trading and results in nothing but profits. You will be surprised what journaling could do for your trading success.

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fzavier 22 Feb.

Journaling and trading success are 2 sides of the same coin. It goes hand-in-hand.

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fzavier 27 Feb.

Its easy to see why journaling traders who succeed and the success rate of fx traders correspond to each other. Very few make it because very few journal.

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Bluedragon 29 Feb.

good luck +1 ;)

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fzavier 29 Feb.

thanks bluedragon :)

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                     A beginner trader in forex would be best advised to learn a
simple mechanical system and stick with it until he masters it. One of the best
mechanical systems would be to learn price patterns in charts. This is purely a
price action method so the reliability is much higher compared with an
indicator laden system. This is not to shoot down indicators that has a place
in the trader's arsenal but that stage comes after the trader has somewhat mastered
the art of trading and uses the indicator as a confirmation for his entry /
exit. A newbie would be prone to using the indicators as an entry signal
instead of as a secondary confirmation tool. The result will be a blown account
and shattered confidence because we all know indicators are lagging behind
price for the most part. So which mechanical system is more suitable for the
newbie trader? There is one called the Pin Bar, short for "Pinocchio
Bar" which was first coined by Martin J. Pring who is a leader in the
global investment community and also an author of many books on Technical
Analysis. This is in my opinion, one of the
most powerful price patterns in trading. When this Pin Bar is played
according to its pr…
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fzavier 13 Feb.

The information which I have so freely shared here, equals to money in the bank for you. If you are serious to trade this strategy.

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fzavier 14 Feb.

I am planning to share an advanced method of trading Pinbars in future but I want to see how many are interested. Please let me know by your comments here, so that I will be encouraged to share my knowledge with you. I dont want this going into the waste-bin. These are powerful information which I am sharing freely, for your benefit.

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fzavier 20 Feb.

Anyone wants to discuss this method? Welcome to share your views.

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fzavier 22 Feb.

This one method alone is capable of making your rich, if you traded with some common sense.

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riley 21 Oct.

Excellent explanation of the pinbar. I've been looking for an explanation like this in regards to what actually qualifies one to be a pinbar. I am extremely interested in learning more about the advanced method.

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               Trading the markets, especially Forex, is one of the most intriguing of endeavors that you can undertake. What do I mean? It’s the fact that you can make lots of money if you know what you are doing and in the same breath, lose lots of money if you don’t. So how do you figure if you know what you are doing, or you think you know but you don’t? How do you know that you don’t know? These are serious questions that a struggling trader needs to come to terms with. Since it’s so easy to win and equally easy to lose, then to keep winning on a consistent basis becomes a struggle for most traders. If you this is you, read on as I have some powerful antidotes which I call “chicken soup” for you – much like having some real chicken soup when you are under the weather to get you up and running, taking these antidotes will help you with your struggling as a trader. It will turn you from being a struggling trader into a profitable one.Quest for the Holy Grail          One of the most serious flaws of a struggling trader is the inability to stay focused on a single strategy or method i.e. chasing the Holy Grail. You can watch this happening in any trading forum you visit. Every ti…
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fzavier 6 Feb.

Not only chicken soup, but plenty of pasta and steak is in the stove. Be sure to be back for your helpings. :P

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fzavier 20 Feb.

No one is thirsty? Come have your chicken soup ... its full of nutrition and the best part is its totally FREE. Yes!

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fzavier 22 Feb.

The psychology part of trading is THE most important part of your trading success, even higher than your trading methodology. Yes, you heard it right.

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doctortyby 26 Feb.

few succeed...think outside of the box

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fzavier 27 Feb.

that's right.... you need to think outside of the box. But what keeps you in that box? Where are the boundaries? What are your objectives? All these must be considered.

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      This is a continuation from my
first part of this article which I published last week. We had covered until
the part where I explained how traders are wired before they even began
trading. Having seen how ALL traders are wired either for success or failure
from the beginning it is easy to see why a good 95% fail. It has nothing to do
with the trader’s intelligence or his ability to read the market. The first
step in the rewiring process is to admit that we as a trader cannot control the
outcome of our interactions with the market. The market is not obliged to
“reward’ us for doing A when B happens therefore C is the assured result. No
such thing. You can go wrong while doing all the right things and likewise you
can go right while doing all the wrong things, which is even worse because this
will reinforce all the negative habits. So how can you win in this game of
uncertainty?  How exactly do you “rewire
for success”? How to be a consistently successful trader?
The answer is trading psychology,
you need to master it. This is how you rewire yourself and arm yourself for
success. This is how you bring your twin evil emotions of “greed” and “fear’
under control instead of them c…
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fzavier 26 Jan.

thanks ritesh....

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fzavier 26 Jan.

This is how the magic of compounding works. When you are winning you’re risking more in dollar amount and thereby making your winners bigger and bigger. But when you start losing your risked dollar amount gets lesser and lesser while you still stick to the same 2% risked. This is the beauty of it, simple and effective. Many people think they know about compounding but actually they don’t. You will be amazed at what you can do to your account when you start implementing this amazing method. This is why it’s said compounding is the 8th wonder of the world.

fzavier avatar
fzavier 26 Jan.

I hope my explanation has made your understanding of this wonderful method of compounding a bit clearer. If you need more examples or more in-depth explanation I will be more than happy to oblige.

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fzavier 26 Jan.

Anyone else having a problem in understanding this method please comment here. You will be glad you came across this simple but overlooked method. You can test it and demo it and I am very sure you will be happy and thrilled with what it can do for your account.

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fzavier 26 Jan.

This topic is very wide and I am only able to squeeze it as much as I am able to confine it within the acceptable word limits by Dukascopy so I am sure many of your will have more questions. Feel free to ask my regarding any aspect of what I had written so that I can explain to you more clearly with examples etc if need be. If my writings has helped even one losing trader around to become successful I will be happy.

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             Hello Trader,      The momment You have decided to be a PART-TIME TRADER or a FULL-TIME TRADER,You have become an INVESTOR.      A good investor is PASSIONATE about INVESTING, but NEVER INVOLVES EMOTIONALLY with his INVESTMENTS, he MANAGES his investments just like a BUSINESS OWNER manages his Businesses.      TRADING is YOUR BUSINESS... Think at Yourself as a BUSINESS OWNER AND AN INVESTOR at the same time.       So, HOW CAN YOU GET A 1000% PROFIT WITH ONLY 3% RISK PER TRADE?      The answer is simple: Compound Interest       Actually, the answer is COMPOUND PROFIT or COMPOUND RETURN. The profit that you make from a trade(or multiple trades) combined with the initial investment ammount helps you to get larger profits. If You want to understand better the Compound Interest and Compound Return watch this Video.      Actually it is not that simple. You have to have 25 Consecutive Win Trades, and no loss to get to 1000 %, if You have 1:3 medium Risk/Reward Ratio, and a 10% (aprox) PROFIT from your account for every trade that you make.100% (original investment ammount),(100%)+ 10%(profit from the first trade)= 110%,(110%)+ 10%*(110%)= 110%+ 11%= 121%,(121%)+ 10%*(121%)=…
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nice article.. keep up the good work ^^

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doctortyby 27 Sep.

Compound you positions intro need to win some times... too many consecutive losses will ruin your account. If you have more than 3 consecutive losses You Have to Lower your Risk(ex.: from 3% per trade to 1%) untill you get some gains, and some consecutive winnings

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Erialda 29 Sep.

very good and information article

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ante777 30 Sep.

Excellent article. I wish you the best luck.

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