• Retail Traders or Institutions?.

CFDs appeal to a broad range of users for different reasons and the people trading in CFDs range from sophisticated retail traders to day traders, to mums and dads. Hedge funds, institutions and wholesale clients are also known to make use of CFD trading and the market is still growing.
Professional traders employed by investment banks or trading companies are able to utilise CFDs for speculation or hedging purposes. In this instance their ultimate goal is to gain from or hedge against the risk of, volatility of price movements in market instruments. Institutional investors like hedge funds and stock portfolio managers are also known to utilise CFDs to manage funds on behalf of investors; in this way CFDs provide them with additional flexibility to add to their existing investment options and allows them to manage the short-term risk associated with the daily movements in the value of their portfolios. CFDs in particular allow institutional fund managers access to cheap leveraged exposure on a wide range of market instruments (including instruments that may not have liquid markets of their own) with the added flexibility of being able to…
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