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Dans cet article nous allons nous intéresser à la paire gbp nzd pour la semaine du 18 au 22 décembre.
Sur le time frame Weekly

La paire a cassé sur le weekly une ligne de tendance baissière importante, depuis elle évolue dans un canal de correction haussier.
En ce moment la paire a testé la borne haute de ce canal et a produit une bougie baissière très forte la semaine dernière.
Le scenario le pus probable pour ce time frame est la continuation de la baisse , un objectif tres realiste est la borne basse du canal vers la zone des 1.7788.
Sur le time frame daily
Sur le daily avec un peu de détail nous constatons que la paire se trouve dans un canal haussier , la paire se trouve au niveau de la borne basse et a construit une forte bougie haussière au contact de celui ci suivie juste après par une bougie baissière tout aussi forte.
Sur le daily l'image globale de la paire reste haussière , il faudra casser les higher lows précédant pour confirmer la baisse prévue sur le time frame weekly.
Sur le time frame H4
Sur le time frame H4 L'image globale est une forte baisse , la paire a produit au cours de la semaine derniere une plus grande proportion de bougies baissieres.
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md1fk1 27 Dec.

well done

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AnddreyDr 27 Dec.

Отличная статья

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хорошая статья

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Good job!

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Dans cet article nous allons nous intéresser à l’analyse du cours du BRENT.CMD/USD d’un point de vue fondamental et du point de vue de l’analyse technique.
Le point de vue fondamental
Le prix du BRENT.CMD/USD a fermé vers un plus haut suite au tension dans le proche orient, surtout les tensions entre le Président Trump et l’Iran. La crise de la région du Kurdistan dans l’iraq est source de tension aussi. La hausse de la demande chinoise est aussi un facteur de la hausse des prix.
Le point de vue Technique
Sur le time frame monthly
Sur le time frame monthly le prix est dans un trend baissier très fort, un correction est encours.Le prix a reussi a faire une clôture au dessus de l’EMA 20Le prix a reussi a construire un premier higher low avec les bougies des mois juin et juillet.En ce moment le prix teste un lower high à 59.47L’image globale sur ce time frame est une hausse sauf si la bougie de ce mois est baissière.
Sur le time frame Weekly
Sur le time frame Weekly Le prix est dans un sorte de formation rectangle depuis le Q3 2016En ce moment le prix se trouve vers la borne supérieure de ce rectangleLa dernière semaine de septembre a été une belle bougie de renversement au con…
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FXRabbit 30 Oct.

Very good article!

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Dans cet article nous allons nous intéresser à l’index ESP.IDX EUR qui est le principal indice boursier de la Bourse de Madrid et qui est composé de 35 entreprises les plus importantes de cette bourse (ibex 35).
Le chart time frame monthly
Sur le monthly la paire a commencée une coorection depuis la zone de resistance a 11198, cette correction est plutot faible car composée de 5 bougies dont deux sont des doji.
En ce moment l'indice teste l'exponentiel moving average 20 et nous assistons deja a une reaction haussiere au contact de celui ci.
Le chart time frame Weekly
Sur le time frame weekly l'indice a construit un drapeau haussier , et l'indice reagit au contact de la borne inferieur du drapeau par des hausse.
la prochaine zone de support en cas de cassure du drapeau haussier vers le bas est 9553, qui a été un zone de congestion lors de la phase de hausse.
Pour que le drapeau haussier soit effectif l'indice devra casser la zone de resistance à 10707.
Le chart time frame Daily
Sur le time frame daily l'indice se trouve en ce moment dans un canal baissier, il a reagit à la hausse au contact de la borne basse de celui ci.
L'indice a comblé le gap ouvert du 15 mars 2017,
La bougie de …
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FXRabbit 9 Oct.

Very well written article and thank you for sharing it with us!

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RahmanSL 12 Oct.

Yes, well written article

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Good job)

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As we are in the middle of April where we had a lot of interesting events on the forex and how we approach the end of the month we will have a growing excitement and a wealth of events that could change the trends since the beginning of the year. As noted in the previous article Forex Weekly Outlook - Still selling dollars , announced a series of articles and explain in what way I processed themes and this week we continue with a detailed technical and fundamental analysis of the two currency pairs as well as with giving my opinion on how it will continue to move. In selecting the two currency pairs especially want to hear the requirements of members of the community who can write in a comment on the article that the pair want to analyze. the most interesting currency pairs that had significant changes by events or had large breakouts to significant levels will be analyzed. This week I received a request to private messages to analyze eurusd I usdcad.
EURUSD Fundamental analysis After a failed attempt to break above, eurusd dropped and broke some of the most important support. On the side of fundamental analysis, we had several important data in the EU positive thing is that the re…
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Sennna88 20 Apr.

Very informative article. Great level to watch!

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Govagent 25 Apr.

Thanks 4 the info buddy ^_^

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Very good job!

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In this series of articles I have idea to put major currency pairs on analysis for week which are behind us and give some forecast for week ahead. To be useful for all traders in this series of articles I will try to summarize all important information about trading some major pairs. That will include most relevant events which happened and which will happen in next week on the fundamental side. On the technical side I will provide some charts with some technical tools which all traders use : moving average, fibonacci levels, trendlines and channels, support and resistance line. On the end of analysis I will write some mine predictions on that currency pair which can be bullish, bearish or neutral. In hope to articles be useful for all Dukascopy community and traders in community I will be in response on comment section where I will give answers on all questions. Every week I will publish article in this series of Weekly Forex Outlook articles and on every article I give detailed analysis on two currency pairs. Every member can in comment section ask or give proposal of which currency pair analyze next week.
Fundamental analysis
On the fundamental side in the last week we …
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Используя вашу статью, можно добиться хороших результатов в торговле на данном рынке. Удачи вам.

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tdbatinkov 23 Apr.

very good analysis

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Yuliya_N 27 Apr.

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short-term this has been the winning play

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s_amira 23 May

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The promise is due and as such, I am here to continue the explanation of the strategy of "pivots", but not before making some comments to the approaches made ​​by some readers. We must consider this strategy as "dangerous", since in most situations be against it trend, this attitude somehow makes sense, when much always heard that the "Trend" is our best friend, but there a very important rule, there is no trends, to move in the direction of the infinite, everything rises and falls all that falls sooner or later ends up climbing, my experience says that in regard to this strategy of "pivots" it is an effective strategy and that "pivots" are like the "Gap", always turn out to be met, so I stated in the previous article that requires patience but the most important is how we do management of funds, we must not excessively leveraged and walk whenever possible, one should take into account other aspects that I will try to address in this article October. In the previous article I made a special reference to "Time Frame" Monthly, this month I will explain the importance of TF weekly and daily. And will introduce the filters that should be considered in this strategy. Last month we had t…
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jlongo 9 Oct.

Waiting for the next ones... Good work.

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Bluedragon 10 Oct.

it was a surprise to me the vote from Dukascopy in last Month. i'm very glad with TOP10 POsition. This is a evidence that anybody can win. 1st when get new knowledge, and then wen we get a price. I Hope that this 2nd part be usefull to everybody.

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LinnuxFX 10 Oct.

I made a lot of green trade in testes with this strategy, next step on the way is building a profitable strategy... Thanks for shearing...

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doctortyby 16 Oct.

I am currently using Pivot Points in my Trading Strategies. I highly recommend Pivot Supports and Resistences for profitable trading setups. But one has to be careful to be able to trade both real ad False Breakouts signals provided by Pivot Points. Keep writing

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