The webinars are an essential element to the whole Dukascopy Community experience. The top three winners of the Trader Contest, Strategy contest and Article contest are required to take part in one broadcast of Dukascopy Community TV before the prizes can be credited to their account.
The article was motivated by questions the author has been receiving on how winners of various contests could unlock their prize monies. The second motivation is aimed at giving ideas improving the quality and attendance of webinars.
Functionality of the Dukascopy Community TV.
The main link to the Dukascopy Community TV is, Dukascopy Community TV.
The participation rules tab will give the user the rules governing the participation in the webinars. The rules spell out the broadcast model, registration rules, criteria for valid webinar topic and presentation, key limitations, payment conditions, intellectual property rights and other rules and policies
Fig 1: Participation Rules tab
The propose your topic tab allows you to select the date and time of the publication, the topic, language, purpose of the webinar and a brief description of the proposed webinar.
Fig 2: Propose yo
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