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Доброго времени суток, коллеги. Сегодня я расскажу о Волновой Теории Эллиотта и некоторых, связанных с ней фишках. Точнее расскажу почему эта самая теория не работает на практике именно в классическом ее применении.
С момента издания волнового принципа Элиотта прошло немало лет, и с тех пор саму теорию обсуждали и переписывали многие авторы. Огромное количество трейдеров использовало и продолжает использовать постулаты теории для торговли на финансовых рынках, и как следствие - рынок приспособился под эти постулаты и перестал соответствовать им. То есть чистая классика не работает! Конечно не на 100%, а где-то на 50-60%. И в связи с такими изменениями увы не нашлось автора, который подогнал бы классическую теорию под реалии сегодняшнего рынка. Каждый из вас знает, что любую стратегию на периоде 3-5 лет нужно тестировать заново и вносить коррективы - это не значит, что она не работает, это лишь означает, что рынок немного изменился. На сегодняшний день есть много Нилистов, Эллиотчиков и прочих последователей, которые бурно обсуждают разметки различных финансовых инструментов на многочисленных форумах и в чатах. Но мы ведь с вами пришли на рынок не обсуждать и спорить, ведь это отним…
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brilliant avatar
brilliant 24 Mar.

I hope it give you good return.

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Beto 28 Mar.

My opinion about your article is that you are right, Elliot waves didn't work at 100% because is difficult to determine it. In fact, the days are running one by one and maybe you miss one wave or enter at wrong correction.
So, my experience tells me that the best is the monitoring of new structures of high and lows.
Connecting this and making a forecast of the next possible move. Check confluence of support and resistance as well.
To use the Fibonacci levels is very useful to manage stops and targets properly.
Good information and share experience. 

Patalogoanatom avatar

Thank you for your comment. I try to simplify as much as possible the classical approach - it helps to earn profit. I hope my experience will help the community members)

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TIME IN FOREXJune 7, 2013 Time time time what an important concept. It’s difficult to really estimate how important time in the Forex market is. Sometimes if you really think about it, it’s everything! So was a good example yesterday in the EURUSD and GBPUSD it was a time to buy!!! GBPUSD EURUSD EurUSD rallied about 215pips! Amazing! While GBPUSD rallied about 280pips in one day!! Whoa! Even more beautiful is that fact that I collected a 100pips on GU. I bought at just about the lowest point of the day and set my take point for 100ips (proof my username is healer and I am on the traders contest). I also collected a good amount of pips on EurUsd too about 50+. Do you know I wrote on the traders contest on my GU trade when I was entering it that anyone seeing it should follow me? This was over nine hours before the trade took its 100pips profit. How could I have known and be so sure? The answer is simple I knew the time to buy. Timing in forex trading is too important. There are various times in forex trading I would list some and endeavor to explain. 1. A TIME TO WAIT 2. A TIME TO BUY 3. A TIME TO SELL 4. A TIME TO BUY AND SELL TIME TO WAIT This is when your method of trading g…
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Victor avatar
Victor 9 June

good gun

healer avatar
healer 10 June

Oh victor you have made my weekend thanks a million and
pls help to share it thanks again

geula4x avatar
geula4x 18 June

+1 Liked: interesting article. I'd like to read more about how you time your trades, systems that you use and so on. Happy trading :-)

healer avatar
healer 3 July

Thank geula4x much appreciated i had login challenges within the month and this really affected my participation thanks alot much more would be seen of me and many good stuffs are ahead!

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ELLIOTT WAVE PERSPECTIVE EUR / AUD were moving in a bullish direction since mid-July 2012 and up until early February 2013. There is reason to be concerned because the area around 1.3190 seems to contain resistance, which recently put an end to the bullish trend. Where many indicators can be Incorrect, Elliott Wave offers a solution as I will demonstrate in this article. This article is not one of the longest of its kind but will include important aspects of Elliott Wave. Below is a three-day candle chart of the EUR / AUD with an analysis that follows. It is always important to take a look at the bigger picture before deciding which direction you want to place your positions, and this is true whether one uses Elliott Wave or not.As one can see above there was a nice five wave down move which ended near the area of 1.1600 and confirmed a bottom. None of the rules were broken as we had at least one extension and wave 4 did not overlap wave 2. After that the price interestingly reached all the way up to the region of 1.3190. The move from 1.1600 to 1.3190 did form a so called “zigzag pattern” which also is known as a simple correction. This move is also what is shown as wave 2 (white)…
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alifari avatar
alifari 28 Mar.

I do observe wave structure in my trading, so this was helpful +1

SpecialFX avatar
SpecialFX 29 Mar.

I'm with Efegen, I never quite understood EW, and in the few times I tried to use it (years ago) I made a complete mess :)) However, I know people who use EW very successfully, so I guess the problem is me. Good article!

drishti avatar
drishti 29 Mar.

Agree with SpecialFX, know basic principle but never able to find a pattern using wave analysis. But overall good article.

khalidamassi avatar

i like Elliot and like the work you have done ... thank you

Delossan avatar
Delossan 30 Mar.

Thaks for all comments. I hope that this will be a good help for everyone who wants to learn EWP.

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