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"You do need to recognize that professional traders can do a number of things to better their trading positions: Gapping up or gapping down, shake-outs, testing, and up-thrusts are all moneymaking maneuvers helping the market-makers to trade successfully, at your expense – it matters not to them, as they do not even know you." - Tom Williams, Former Institutional Trader and VSA creatorVolume Spread Analysis (VSA) is the improvement upon the original teaching of Richard D. Wyckoff (1873 – 1934) by Tom Williams, a former professional operator in the stocks market for 15 years in the 1960s-70s. Williams improved the work started by Wyckoff by further developing the importance of the price spread and its relationship to both the volume and the candle close.This method is proven and time tested, even though it has been constantly updated and upgraded to keep up with the market changes. The World Cup Trading Championship has been won several times by VSA traders - Tim Rayment, for instance, won in 2009 with a 44% gain.VSA seeks to establish the cause of price movements. The “cause” is simply the imbalance between supply and demand in the market, which is created by the activity of profes…
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jlongo 21 May

Very interessing article for me. Waiting for more about this subject.

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Jester 27 May

VSA has nothing common with complexity. It's very simple and clear concept but You have to make great job to reconstruct Your brains to think differently :) Definitely nice introduction to stuff that really matters for trading.

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Nice article I may study more the VSA after reading your article. Currently I use Elliot Wave theory but I heard many praising VSA trading.

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Grizzly 28 Aug.

объём в реальном времени может быть токсичен

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So. Please follow the standards.

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Good Morning, fellow traders, I continue my series about Volume Spread Analysis and how to use VSA to profit from the market. I’ve been talking to a lot of traders and there’re a huge number of methods out there, they told me the system could be profitable in months but the opposite equation also holds true for months. Even though the hit rate is higher than the miss rate, they are all continuing to seek for is a consistent system/method which is profitable month after month. I told them to study and use VSA as another trading tool to their trading arsenal and a lot of them question the reliability of tick volume. Tick Volume reliability? Last week, I’ve been hit by a few questions via PM asking about the reliability of volume in Forex market. I’m totally aware of the argument since it has been the most asked question whenever I’m talking about VSA. As we all know, Foreign Exchange is a decentralized market, which’s operated 24/7 all over the world, so it’s almost impossible to draw a complete number about total bid/ask being made or total volume being exchanged every day. Now, let’s ask a simple question: Who’s moving the market? The retail traders, the hedge fund, the government …
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demosco avatar
demosco 19 Oct.

very brilliant article, VSA a very logical approach to trade profitably and consistently if well applied .

Victor avatar
Victor 25 Oct.


Marenno avatar
Marenno 11 Aug.

Are you using VSA? Or just using a volume to support your trading ideas?

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In the first article, I’ve explained various concepts which are critical to understand Volume Spread Analysis. In this article, I’ll continue to explain more insight on VSA as well as simple set-up we can apply to real trading.  We’ve seen every trader has their own way to look at chart, some using candlestick to identify pattern; some using line chart to identify swing high, swing low; some even not looking at chart at all, they argue that fundamental sentiment drive the market, so they follow their fundamental interpretation to make trade decision. For me, I use phases on to define background and trading direction.  In every market, we have two forces which interact and move the price: Supply and Demand. When supply is overwhelming demand, the big player will start distribution phase, after a period of distribution, the sell-off starts and now we have downtrend or mark-down phase.  After a period of sell-off, player will start to lock in profit as well as weak demand step in; price will retrace to 38.2% or 50% Fibonacci levels before it hits supply again and continue its downtrend. We call it re-distribution.   After a period of mark-down, big players start profit-taking as w…
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futures avatar
futures 13 Oct.

i liked your article..

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ftnobre 13 Oct.

Good article ! ...

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luiz 13 Oct.

Nice continuation of an interesting subject. Keep'em coming!

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fx211pips 15 Oct.

great article!+1

Victor avatar
Victor 25 Oct.

ok so far good work

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Basis VSA - is the identification of sales or purchases of large professional traders and professionals who are often wrong and are more accessible and high quality market information. Once we understand where opened a specialist or a major stock exchange operator, we do not hesitate to duplicate it a bargain. Themselves think about the person / organization that offers millions or billions of dollars in either direction may be a fool? - NO on how often he can be wrong? - Very rareHi! In this blog I want to talk about trading system VSA (volume spread analyze). The fact that all the trading system from the outset may be considered through the eyes of VSA, and immediately you can identify all the shortcomings of other trading systems, namely by the fact that VSA works on the principle of analysis of large and small volume flows into the market by large market participants. For example pries action figures do not give complete information, but when considering the amount we can confidently say will fulfill PIN BAR is good or bad, PPZ (pivot pries zone) is the only area with large amounts of which are tested, the end of the test shows the movement in one direction or another rather th…
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acp888 avatar
acp888 24 Sep.

I agree with your forex market,it is difficult to collect volume data.+1

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Mrmagus 24 Sep.

Article normal only information still not enough +1

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fora111 8 Oct.

good article

Socrates avatar
Socrates 8 Oct.

good work

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habellcorp 11 Oct.


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