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Hello Friends, here I am up with a very important factor in Forex trading i.e. Volumes.
Role of Volumes in Trading and Investing

First of all let us understand what are Volumes.
Volume is simply the number of lots traded during a specified time frame (e.g., hour, day, week, month, etc). The analysis of volume is a basic yet very important element of technical analysis. Volume provides clues as to the intensity of a given price move.
There are many ways to interpret changes in volume trends.
One common belief is that rising prices coupled with increased volume, and falling prices coupled with decreased volume, is bullish.
* *Conversely, if volume increases when prices fall and volume decreases when prices rise, the market is showing signs of underlying weakness.
—The theory behind this is straight forward. Rising prices coupled with increased volume signifies increased upside participation (more buyers) that should lead to a continued move. Conversely, falling prices coupled with increased volume (more sellers) signifies decreased upside participation
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great article, volume shows when the big players are positioning

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Я уже опубликовал две статьи в которых было затронуто две из трех составляющих успешной торговли. Это мани менеджмент и дисциплина, и хоть я и считаю их важнее торговой стратегии (системы), все же без прибыльной ТС нам не достичь положительного результата. Начну сразу с критики технического анализа, который не предсказывает будущей цены. Поверьте, я испробовал практически всё, и по отдельности, и вместе. Все технические индикаторы используют данные из прошлого, которые никак не могут предсказать будущую цену. Единственное что я использую в своей торговли, так это объёмы торговли, но не те что показывают количество тиков за определённое время, а те которые показывают фактически проторгованный объём в данное время при данной цене. Но это моё субъективное мнение, которое может быть и неправильным, но сейчас не об этом.
Все мы слышали это зловещее слово Маркетмейкер. В моем понятии это не тот человек который делает рынок ликвидным или тот который управляет рынком. Нет. Это «простые» институциональные инвесторы, инвестиционные фонды, банки, частные инвесторы с большим капиталом, которые могут кратковременно влиять на цену и подталкивать её в нужном направлении. Т…
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`One of the smartest things I have ever heard when we talk about trading and business in general goes "Fail to plan and you plan to fail". Of course having a plan doesn't automatically translates into success and profit. But even if you lose money, you can be at peace with yourself because you developed a plan and followed it. Of course, modifications and fine tuning of your trading plan will also help.
So, what is our plan ? I have defined a scalping strategy which consists of three basic elements:
1) Trend - The price has to be in a clear downtrend. Usually, the price breaks the support, clears stops and then reverses and tests the resistance i.e. previous support.
2) Hammer candlestick pattern - A bullish reversal pattern which consists of a long lower wick which is at least two times smaller than the body of the candle. The close should be at top of the candle.
3) Volume - The volume has to be higher than for the previous candle, which usually is a red candle. The bigger difference between volume in these two candles, the greater reversal will be.
EURUSD 5 min chart
GBPUSD 5 min chart
USDCAD 5 min chart
Trade management
Good charts will help you a lot and create a great…
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interesting setup, do you use it profitably? any result on last 2months?

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занимательно замечательно

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In today's article I decided to tell you about the 5 key elements of market analysis on which I rely in finding entry points.Here you need to understand the signals that are not based on the laws of supply and demand, resulting in a high probability lead to disastrous results. The market is constantly changing. Those graphic model or scheme to a variety of indicators that worked yesterday may not work tomorrow.It remains unchanged, only one - is that market movements are formed due to the opening / closing positions, and they in turn affect the volume.Therefore, trading decisions should be taken only on the basis of supply and demand analysis. Then objective information will be the basis of transactions.The volume shows the mood of the market, the number of contracts that someone bought, while others sold. It is important to understand that the more contracts came into the market, the higher the interest of major players to a certain level. And interest in the level - it is the building block that can be used to build a good trading system, which has a logical basis.I use as a rebound from the system level and the breakdown and pulse circuits. Each of these systems is based on the …
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1.0: Purpose of this Series

The tags cloud below summarizes the abstract context of this series.

2.0: Purpose of this article

I found myself face-to-face with this mess.
An analogy with the optimal dynamic non-linear system I can think of was my decision. Therefore, this article is a conceptualization analogical argument.
Choose your favorite but remember we are determined to find a baseline: a bare minimum.
2.1: Building Custom Tradometers

Many online services offer you to build car's custom dashboard, so will we from scratch and build a catalog of options in each class.
2.1.1: Display Types
2.1.2: Display Units/Scales
2.1.3: GPS Navigation Where? When?

2.1.4: Speedometers

Speedometers measure velocity and hence displacement. See Veyron below.
The Veyron was actually a financial instrument, the elevation is now a bullish candle, and finally the start (open) was replaced by the previous stop (previous close) to include any gap-ups in this case.
Let's take an example of a market's momentum indicator to see what it measures to our previous findings.
2.1.5: Fuel Gauges

Without fuel, you are going nowhere, trading volumes are the fuel for any market mov…
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S61P01: Теперь, вызывающее одно, после проведения концептуальной базовой линии, думал, по той же причине кто-то предпочитает зондировать импульс двигателя или обороты в минуту.

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S61P02: Когда  оборот / мин двигателя увеличивается, он потребляет больше топлива, поэтому прибор-х клещей / мин (ТРМ) означает больший объем.
Это была проверка концептуальной модели.

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Приборная панель включает в себя индикаторы для обоих рынков – Денег и Капитала.
Затем показатели были организованы в цветовой кодировке Affinity Диаграммы.
Это лишь часть четырехсторонней приборной панели.

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S06P01: Аргумент из аналогии

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S07P01: Открытия часто совершаются, не следуя инструкциям,
Сойдя с главной дороги,
пробуя неиспытанное ".
Франк Тайгер

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Currency markets have inherent levels on which selling or buying activity persists. Identifying such levels allows based on historic performance allows to sell or, respectively, buy from such specific levels. However, selling levels can be broken through once many attempts to test the level have been made and the amount of selling from the level decreases with time. Conversely, the same can apply to buying levels.
Reaction patterns on such levels reflect the amount of “firepower” on such levels. As the “firepower” dwindles, so will the possibility of recurrent selling/buying from such levels.
Selling/buying levels are not pip-precise. On the contrary, they have a certain leeway of 10-20 pip depending on the currency and only in very unique cases are actually pip-precise. Movement beyond the buying/selling level and return back are sometimes called “false breakouts”.
The key to understanding the movements towards the key buying/selling levels is the trading volume which leads towards the “significance levels”. If the volume leading towards the significance level is increasing and is significant, then there is a higher chance that the level will be broken, even if not immediately,…
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When Buyer and Seller agree on both Price and Value, no trade will ever be made.
Buyer and Seller have to disagree on Value, not on Price, in order to make trades. Because there are many buyers and sellers in the world of currencies, there are alway people who value a currency different and so price keeps moving around. If one can predict value, one can predict price.
Fundamental analysis is all about predicting value, while technical analysis is all about predicting price. We can see price moving in the charts and so try to predict where it might be going, but forces we cannot see make the price go up or down. If we could only see those forces…
When observing the way market, volume and price change, we can see similar mechanics in the physics of pressure. Hang on for a few seconds, it’s quite simple.
Pressure and Forex: if i shake a bottle of champaign forcefully, the cork will pop out and champaign will be wasted. So if pressure rises in one places, stuff will go from where the pressure is high to where the pressure is low.
The same proces works for Forex price: if value differs, price will move. And again: by knowing where the pressure is, we can tell where …
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Hi, thanks for your article, could you answer the text bellow? I am not sure if I understand well.
To measure pressure you are using volume and range – then you can decide in which phases the market is. If you are in phase of flow, you can follow the global trend, correct?
Can we use this approach also to indexes? Or these markets are not so connected with each other? Could you please also explain in more detail your picture with matrix, I don’t know how the number are counting (why ADX)
Thanks in advance

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I will add the answers to your questions underneath the article.

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Oh, cannot edit...

In each matrix we measure Increase (+) or Decrease (-) of two values. Where values cross, we see the fase that these two values point out.

Volume and Range is one of the three methods to see what fase we have. If all three methods line up, fase is more certain than if they contradict each other.

If fase is Flow, you might follow trend. But if fase is flow, retracement is always around the corner!

I have no experience with indexes whatsoever. So i cannot answer that question.

ADX is one of the many ways to measure momentum. You could use rsi, stochastics, macd...

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Hey SVA, I know what you did last decade…
Hi traders, do you check the Simple Volume Average-Indicator's value?
Just out of curiosity, I did researched performance of the SVA-indicator in the last 10 years. In this report, I will show you the truth of the SVA.
Back Test Settings.
  • Trading rules of the sample strategy for this research is “MinMaxBoxCounter”.
  • Chart is EUR/USD 5 minutes bar.
  • SL is 0.5% of the close price.
  • TP is 0.1% of the close price.
  • Filter is ALL_FLATS.
  • When close price was highest value of the last 26 bars it try to take a SHORT position. And, bar A is the bar which is 26 bar before. Bar B is the bar which has a second highest close price. Bar C is the bar which has a lowest close price. Bar D is the bar which has a highest close price.
  • When close price was lowest value of the last 26 bars it try to take a LONG position. And, bar A is the bar which is 26 bar before. Bar B is the bar which has a second lowest close price. Bar C is the bar which has a highest close price. Bar D is the bar which has lowest close price.
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I present one of the input signals for which I pay attention during my trading. It is quite popular in its basic version, so I decided to present it. I recall that it is part of a larger strategy and independent use of it, does not lead to miraculous results. You need also to consider exit signal. In this example, the H1 is traded timeframe, and the entry timeframe is M10. Currency pair, which we will investigate, is EURUSD. The values ​​of indicators are chosen based on observation and they are not some "magic" numbers. Signal is the observation of double bottoms, but rather breaking local lows and later its successful test. This is not a trend reversal signal, but signal of end of correction and trend follow-up, in contrast to the classic double bottom. It must meet the following conditions: we have quite a long, stable upward trend;market has made ​​significant correction, i.e. outstanding against the former, which is higher than the average pullback;correction does not exceed 61.8% retracement of last swing;first bottom falls on the technically important level (whether it is a grouping of retracements or anything else, just consider this as important);first bottom on traded t…
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For one thing, this is just a very very brief introduction to VSA. If I were to write everything I knew on the subject, it would go well beyond the limit of the article and be so long that I'd lose interest in the middle of it because you guys should be reading Master the Markets by Tom Williams to have a complete understanding of VSA. I just want to introduce the concept and idea behind VSA and go over some examples.Volume Spread Analysis, or VSA, is the study of volume and spread to determine the supply/demand imbalances present in the market. The truth is the markets are rigged in favor of certain group of market makers and syndicates who are always making money. This group is what we refer to as the "strong holders". The ones that are screwed are pretty much the retailers. This group is what we refer to as the "weak holders". People seem to hold the notion that news is whats driving price action. No, thats not the case at all. Trends are driven primarily by a supply and demand imbalance set by the strong holders. The strong holders trade with a very large amount of money, so they have liquidity issues. So that means the best way for them to load positions is to buy into weaknes…
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