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I have had the pleasure of training several traders over the course of 2 years. I have noticed first-hand the frailties of replicating my trading style on others. Instead of sharing my diverse trading strategies, I would like to set up a consistent weekly blog that presents a view (my view) on various FX pairs.
My hope is that some of you will benefit from this - whether it reinforces your thoughts/trades or presents you with an alternative precautionary view. As I hope to do this weekly, I would relish any constructive criticism and thoughts which I can address or incorporate into my future posts.
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There are broadly two clusters of trading styles - break-out trading and range trading. The emphasis of my blog posts will
be on range trading strategies. I find range trading elegant; it has
pre-set take profit levels and stop loss levels.
As the slide below illustrates, the key ingredients of range trading involved three steps:
1. Identify ranges
2. Rank these ranges in a specific order
3. Apply simulation and scenario analysis to identify risk/reward ratios

To set the scene, the following analysis has identified ranges in trading days
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Faster 5 Oct.


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ilonalt 20 Oct.

in my live account i also have some long positions, more longer than yours :) Good luck with this article

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Airmike 23 Oct.

nice article

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Likerty 30 Oct.

Pound is a very interestign currency for sure and prob one of the most difficult ones. As I like to say - pound always walks on the extremes, it does its thing when you expecting it the least:) I'm strongly bullish on pound too, seems taht 6380's highs and above are underway..

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  INTRODUCTIONWith my previous article I introduced a study about the policy done in last years by central banks: the purpose was to analyze the impact into stock markets (since correlated with forex) to better understand the current situation and possible developments in the coming days/weeks. With this article I will show my study about U.S. monetary policy, the impact occurred in some world markets, and my attempt to understand whether this policy has produced the desired effect or not. QUANTITATIVE EASINGAs previously underlined, QE is an unconventional monetary policy used by central banks to stimulate the national economy when conventional policy has become ineffective. When I read this sentence for the first time, I thought that in any other circumstance in which this type of expression is used, it simply means that the situation is far more serious than you think, and normally any kind of extreme solution will cause serious damage in some other macro/micro systems directly or indirectly connected.In our contemporary history, this type of policy has been introduced (and widely used) by the American central bank (FED) with a 2 trillion dollars (12 zeros) of new money created…
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scramble 22 Aug.

yes i said about other conditions. anyway whole commodities have the same charts. almost a copy n paste. can't be only weather ;)

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SpecialFX 26 Aug.

QE increases money supply, but if you have more money chasing the same amount of goods then the price of those goods will go higher (or at least not go as low as they should without QE). Producing goods and services is what creates wealth, not printing money. If everyone was given 1 million euros we would all be poor, because hyperinflation would make those euros worthless and we would have a huge recession :)

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scramble 31 Aug.

hello, sorry didn't notice your comment here! yes wh

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scramble 31 Aug.

unable to post comments.

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fxigor 26 Oct.

Nice article about QE and correlations.I wrote article about it and I use correlations in my statistical arbitrage trading strategy. Correlations between the USD and 6 major world currencies in last several years went down. Do you use correlations in your own trading strategy? Thank you.

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