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Do or Die: Forex market is largest Financial Market .It is now very popular earning method over the all country in the world. It is Very easy to Start Forex Trading But Very hard for Earning. Here 99% New Forex Trader Lose Money and Overall 90% Forex Trader always Face Lose For Do or Die Trading style. Most of The People start Forex trading by referring friend or relative without proper Knowledge and lose all money for lack of trading education and trading experience.
Lack of Forex Education: Forex Market is high Volatile For High Liquidity and Many reason such as geological factor, political issue, Financial issue, election issue .So Forex Trader Can Not Understand Market Without Proper Forex education .Forex education is The Part Of Trading success, But Most Of The New Forex Trader Face Lose For Start Trading without enough Forex education and lack of Enough Demo Practice. But we know New Forex Trader can learn many More tactics by Demo Trading and easily solve Future real Trading problem but avoid demo trading practice None can will success. So here we must be Learn First and Gain experience by Demo Practice for successful trading career.
Lack of Money management: Money Man…
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Good job!

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Sennna88 7 June

good job! keep it up!

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Introduction:First To All , Here My Article about Cross Currency Related ,so You can Lose all Your Money If You Not Follow Proper Money Management and Trading Rules.We Know Forex Trading is Very Risky Online Earning Method ,so we must be First Learn it and Try To For Earn.
Sell Strategy For High Rate Currency:Emotion Has no Value During Forex trading ,Here You Invest Your valuable money for Earning ,Today Here I Described about High Rate Currency or Cross Currency Trading Technique.Many Trader Open Position Before Market Rollover time For Hunting Swap By High Rate Currency Pair ,But I think It is Very bad Practice ,Your Daily Target 10$ or More But Your risk More than 300$ .If You Open Sell Position For hunting swap by USDZAR ,USDTRY,USDRUB ,All of Position will Be open With Big spread ,and if market movement against Your Position ,what will be result?You can expect 90% Market will be opposite of Your Position !Why?Why?Why?
Most Of The Bank Sell High Rate Currency or Cross Currency ,So We Can See High Rate Currency or Cross Currency Always sell Rally Mode and Your Lose will be 10 Time Bigger of Your swap ,so It is Not Better always sell High Rate Currency or Cross Currency ?
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Let’s talk about trading currency pairs as USDSEK, USDMXN, USDZAR, USDTRY, USDRUB,
USDNOK (Norwegian krone, the Russian rubble and the South African rand can still be regarded
as a commodity currencies).
Or do you prefer the major currency pairs EURUSD, GBPUSD,
USDJPY, USDCHF, and commodity currencies AUDUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD.
If you overlook the exotic currencies trading, you are depriving yourself of additional profit
opportunities in the FX Market.
Before sitting down to write this article, I’ve asked myself if I’ll be able to explain in accessible
language, how to trade exotic currencies and get profit, to a newcomer who makes the first steps in
the trading business?
At first glance it is not an easy task. But history shows that success in trading is possible with two
components, simplicity of the method and proper risk management. So let’s give it a try!!!
I’m sure that confident and experienced traders will glean a bit of useful information as well.
I am convinced that each currency has its own behaviour, and you can even say character.
One currency can be described as capricious - EURUSD, leisurely - EURCHF,
Determination which can be attribut…
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rokasltu, I know exactly how such news FED, these couples should not just trade)))

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Useful info!!! if your eye is on exotic, very usable patterns.

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Чудово друже... Багатогранність в підході аналізу - запорука успіху.

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salamandra Дякую Друже  за коментар !!!!

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I wish you good luck! U ve a good job!

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