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Dans cet article nous allons présenter une étude technique de la paire dollar américain yen japonais.
Cet étude sera faite sur les times frames trois mois et weekly, elle sera purement basée sur l’analyse technique.
La paire dollar américain yen japonais est des paires les plus tradé , car c'est paire majeure, elle offre l'avantage d’être très liquide et d'avoir un spread des plus reduits (0.1 à 0.4 pips durant les sessions européenne et américaines sur la plateforme dukascopy)
Sur le time frame trois mois
  • Image globale

Sur le time frame trois mois la paire présente un trend haussier, qui a corrigé sans atteindre 50 % de la hausse , la paire se maintien au dessus de la moyenne mobile exponentielle 20 périodes, il parait de cette image que la fin de la correction est proche , et une reprise de la hausse probable après la cassure du high de la période janvier mars 2018.
  • Etude des bougies
la bougie de janvier - mars 2018 c'est une bougie baissière qui se trouve au dessus d'une zone de support et au contact de la moyenne mobile exponentielle 20 périodes. Bougie de bonne taille mais qui peut signaler la fin de la correction.
La bougie de avril juin 2018 : au jour de l’écriture de cet …
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AAAnya 16 June

nice article!

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FXRabbit 25 June

I enjoyed reading your article and thank you for sharing it with us!

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The EURUSD currency pair has reached levels in the past few days where greater correction can be expected. The ECB certainly does not like this strong euro at such a quick time, and there is a danger of some verbal intervention. If it comes from behind the ocean, something more positive towards the dollar, you can imagine a healthy correction calmly in the range of 1,2000-1,2100.
On the other hand, financial markets are in the world to cause the pain of most small traders. The correction or reversal of this pair is expected by almost everybody. On currency sentiment indicators, it can be seen that the vast majority of traders are short on this currency pair.
From the above, it follows that the euro dollar can quite easily follow an example of equity indices. Fundamentals, un-fundamenals, very overbought condition, EURUSD will just grow further and higher.
The near technical resistance now represents the range of 1.2500-1.2600 and this could be achieved without problems within a few weeks. The possible increase in EURUSD is also reflected in the rapid turnaround of this market upward after the intraday corrections of the mines.
The Eurodolar is also carefully monitored and a correct…
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AnddreyDr 22 Jan.

Отличный анализ сложившейся на рынке ситуации

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Sebine 23 Jan.

Good job!

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Welcome Traders and Readers,
This will be my first article here on Dukascopy and I hope the information will benefit you in the future.
As we are a community you can feel free to ask me any question, I will do my best to answer them all quickly. This also means that if there are multiple members who would like me to talk about some specific subject in a new article, please let me know.
In this article I will talk about multiple ways that will help you prevent overtrading, entering trades at exactly the wrong time and the use of different chart perspectives.
When I just started trading I found myself entering a lot of trades because I liked the price action and I thought my position would benefit me. Sadly all my losing trades showed me I didn’t had a clue about price action after all, this resulted in many loss trades or profitable trades which I closed way too quickly.
I think most of you who have actively been trading can relate to this.
To stop myself from opening trade after trade without being well informed and having any clue I started paying attention to the following:
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Vlad73 22 Nov.

good job

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FXNOAD 23 Nov.

Well done

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JuliannaS 24 Nov.

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Blaise 25 Nov.

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I learned interesting trading strategy from my friend, which I learned from my friend. It can be very profitable in case you follow all the rules. This strategy is based on classic trend trading approach.
Chart Setup: Timeframe: 1H; Technical indicators: Alligator, RSI, SMA; Supplementary: Support and resistance, trend lines.
Technical indicators Setups will be: EMA: 244; RSI: 14; Alligator: 5,8,13
When to buy?
First, we have to be in rising trend. Then we will search for nearest high where consolidation happened. That will be our resistance level.

Rules to open buy:

  1. 244 EMA is rising and price is above 244 EMA
  2. Alligators is wide and looks upwards.
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000rk 19 Nov.

interesting - thanks!

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kish 1 Dec.

люблю статьи по EMA. 5+

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Хорошая статья!

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During the previous nine months, traders and pundits addressed their best attention to currencies such as the Pound and the Dollar. Brexit negotiations, Trump's interventions and the following expected or unexpected outcomes shall provide enough means for a tight covering of these two currencies in the months ahead. There's also the Yen, the Loonie and all its cousins, without forgetting emerging market currencies, such as the Peso and Turkish Lira… And the battle goes on!
UK Supreme court decision is steaming Pound's recent performance. The court ruled that Parliament approval is required to trigger the article 50 of the Lisbon treaty to allow UK quitting the EU. Judge’s voted 8-3 to reject government’s intentions to do it without parliamentary voting.
The currency surged against the Dollar and it seems to be poised for more gains. In the previous week, it has touched the 23.60% Fibonacci retracement level, located at 1.2650, as shown in the following daily chart. Further upside strength shall be limited by the 1.28 area.
One of the biggest themes surrounding Brexit is financial services relocation. Several spots around Europe, such as Frankfurt, Paris, Madrid and Amsterdam are w…
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_shokolad_ 24 Mar.

very interesting!))

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SmErtNIK 9 Apr.

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Introduction:Forex Trading is not miracle Earning Method,Now it is very popular and real earning method for any person ,But Earning not easy ,So Here 90% Trader lose money and only 10% Trader get Profit .Most Of The Trader Lose Money Because lack of Perfect Trading strategy ,Here I present excellent Strategy for regular Profit Of Your Trading Portfolio ,Only one trade Per Day ,Not More Than One.
Prepare For Trading at Broker :First Step You Need Prepare For start live Trading at Your Desire Broker ,I recommend Dukascopy or Dukascopy EU,It is Safe and regulated Broker .We can access Forex Market By Using Dukascopy Extreme Platform and It has Low Spread ,also low Commission.Minimum 100USD require For Start live Trading at Dukascopy EU
Dukascopy has Also World famous Liquidity Provider ,Like HSBC ,BNP Paribas .So Dukascopy Our First Choice For Live Trading.
Risk Management Plan : First We Must Be set up Our Risk management system ,Risk Management Not Only Important But Also Essential For Our Every entry .Risk Management at Dukascopy Example
Broker_Name: Dukascopy Or Dukascopy EU
Time_frame:15 minute
Maximum_Trading Risk Per Day
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thank you for sharing

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RahmanSL 7 Dec.

Good lesson for Forex Newbies and Wannabes ...also additional ammo for Forex Traders too :))

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Nice written!

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Dear fellow traders and community members:
We are reaching the end of the year! That’s good news. It means that we’re still trading and that we’ve managed to survive this challenging year, with lots of volatility.
This article is a year in review with one chart and one quote featuring the main financial/economic event per month.
Starting from…
  • Event: Falling oil prices
  • Chart_BRENT.CMD_USD_4_Hours_snapshot
  • Quote by OPEC January 2016 Oil Market Report [1]

Persistent oversupply coupled with increasing signs of a slowing pace of growth in the Chinese economy exerted pressure on the oil market.

  • Event: Equities’ volatility
  • Chart_USA500.IDX_USD_4_Hours_snapshot
  • Quote by Schwab Center for Financial Research, Feb 11 2016 [2]

Investors should review their portfolios to make sure they still reflect their target asset allocations and goals. They should also resist the urge to buy and sell based solely on recent market movements, as it could hobble their performance over time.

  • Event: A bouncing Yen
  • Chart_USD_JPY_4_Hours_snapshot
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Very well done!

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good job!

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Mariia 10 Jan.

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Dans cet article je vais analyser cinq paire de devise quatre sur le H4 et l'USDMXN le Daily. Le but etant d'avoir une vision globale de la situation de chaque devise en vue d'exploiter les petit trend sur les time frame inferieurs.

La paire sur le H4 est dans une formation triangle, la derniere bougie H4 est une bougie haussiere, qui a cloturé vers son tiers superieur , mais l'inconvenient c'est que la bougie est trop proche de la ligne baissiere du triangle .
La paire est prés de l'apex du triangle, unbreakout vers le haut ou le bas est à prévoir au courant de la semaine.
La paire est dans un trend baissier tres fort, la ligne de tendance a été testé à plusieurs reprise , avec des rejet a chaque essaie.
mais le mouvement donne quelques signes de ralentisement, la paire a été incappable de marqué un nouveau low, et nous assistons à la formation d'un possible triple bottum.
la formation d'un higher low au cours de la semaine prochaine et la cassure d'un lower top serra le signe du commencement d'une correction .
La cassure du triple bottum signalera encore plus de baisse pour la paire.[list][/list]…
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a new way to look the market

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k_morocco 27 Oct.

OneGoodTrade , yes , nice remarque, zouming oout the chart help ypu spot supp res , and figures that are only visible in higher time frames

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k_morocco 27 Oct.

priceaction113 thanks you for your kind words

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In this article I want to share with you my thoughts on current situation and possible future developments of four major currency pairs : EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF and USDJPY.
It is crucial that you have read my previous article Trading The Levels Correctly. If you have not done so this may not make sense for you.
Markings used in this article are as follows :
Green ellipse with a letter ( no number ) means that this is a level from where everything basically starts. It is a level that has had a fake breakout in regards to it. Green ellipse with letter and number represents a fake breakout. Therefore A1 is a fake breakout of level A. Blue lines are support and the red ones are resistance levels.
Purple dashed lines represent round numbers that are or might be important to particular currency pair.
Rectangles are used just to draw more attention to the selected area.

There are two charts dedicated for each pair - monthly and weekly. Let's go ahead.
1.1.EURUSD Monthly chart
Direction of a pair is clearly bearish. Price has gone through the very strong level 1.2402 ( C ) with an impulsive move. This level served as a strong support for 8 years in conjunction wit…
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good info

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Marenno 30 June

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Marenno 30 June

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Marenno 1 July

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As I have announced in my previous article, I’m still expecting very interesting and surprising developments in the coming months and actually it has been happening in May, but certainly this is not the end of excitement in the forex. In the series of articles titled “Forex Weekly Outlook” will continue to provide my opinion to readers together with detailed information analyzes and forecasts for the currency pairs that they are asking for. Of course, I want to encourage readers to any suggestions, questions or requests to write in the commentary box. Based on the suggestions from Dukascopy community members, this week I will analyze the USDJPY and I expect the biggest volatility in this pair. I want to introduce a novelty – a new subtitle, which will go from now on every week and will represent a review of the last week in which I will try to remind you about the most important events of the last week.
Review of the last week
After several days of weakening dollar, Tuesday was a U-turn day. In almost all USD currency pairs daily candle was inverse hammer or a hammer. Investor’s concerns are that the currency with negative interest rates strengthened against the dollar so that is…
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bokafx 29 May

Good technical analysis for USD/JPY, useful article.

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Govagent 1 June

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amerfx86 6 June

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amerfx86 6 June

As we seen in friday and yesterday 106.50 support is in play again and as i mentioned in the article buyers are ready to put the trade on the price range from previous low of 105.4-106.50. Every move in this range we seen after strong bounce.

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Chart Patterns: Head and Shoulders pattern
It doesn't really matter if you're a pro trader or a beginner in trading business when it comes to popularity of Head and Shoulders (H&S) patterns. It doesn't really matter if you are familiar with many chart patterns, because recognizing H&S pattern is a must for all traders, no matter to which level they belong to. It represents one of the most reliable and respected reversal chart patterns out there. As the name says, the H&S looks like a head with two shoulders on both sides. In case the price reverses from bearish to bullish, that is called Inverse Head and Shoulders pattern, where the head acts as a bottom. It is very important to reaffirm that the H&S pattern is reversal and not a continuation pattern.
Structure of the H&S
There are four main elements of the H&S pattern: a head, two shoulders and a neckline. Once the price breaks below the neckline, which should act as a support, that translates into a confirmation of the H&S pattern (Picture 1). As it can be clearly seen on the weekly chart of USD/JPY, the price has a head (top), two shoulders which, in this care, are not perfectly symmetrical and a neckline. Once the price breaks …
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varunk80 30 May

keep it up, basics are good to start.

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Sennna88 30 May

thanks a lot both of you

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levaz 30 May

This is a good article that accurately covers the concept of H&S setup.  The illustrations reflect the entry and exit plan.  Thanks for sharing.

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Golosov 30 May

Repetition of the mother of learning.....For me.

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Sennna88 30 May

Thanks a lot! Entry is the most important part of the  H&S setup trading levaz

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Triangles represent one of the most popular patterns. Traditionally, they fall under the “continuation patterns”. Together with flags and pennants, these patterns indicate that the trend is pausing or in the consolidation mode before resuming in the same direction after a period of time. Once the breakout from the triangle happens, it is usually done in an accelerated manner. There are three types of triangles: the ascending triangle, the descending triangle and the symmetrical triangle.
The ascending triangles
In general, an ascending triangle indicates that the market is bullish and currently consolidating. In order to form the ascending triangle, the price has to be supported by a horizontal upward line, while the resistance line is either completely or relatively flat. As the price is going slowly up and the triangle lines converge, the chance of the breakout to the upside increases. Once the price breaks out (picture 1), that may present a signal for the entry point.
Picture 1. The ascending triangle on EURJPY Daily chart
One of the additional tips may be to look at the volume when the break out happened, i.e. the more volume accumulated within that particular candle, the mor…
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JuliannaS 17 Apr.

Thx for informtive article. Wish you to win )

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В последнее время стало модным писать о конкурсе фундаментального анализа, поэтому хочу вставить свои «5 копеек». Многие участники сообщества периодически высказывают предположение, что временной промежуток в 10 минут слишком мал, чтобы в полной мере повлиять на движение соответствующей валютной пары.
В этой статье приведены результаты небольшого исследования, призванного выяснить - так ли это на самом деле?
Особенности подбора данных для исследования
Вначале из экономического календаря были взяты наиболее значимые события за 2016 г.
Затем изъяты следующие типы новостей:
  • Новости, эффект которых нельзя измерить математически или не дающие мгновенного влияния на валютные пары (выступления глав центробанков, финансовых чиновников, протоколы заседаний комиссий по денежно-кредитной политике и т.п.);
  • События, актуальные значения которых совпали с прогнозами аналитиков (в основном, процентные ставки, ВВП, различные индексы инфляции);
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Nihad 29 Feb.

@Olkiss The whole idea is just like the PMI can tell us, that the future for GBPNZD is up, so can your analysis

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Nihad 29 Feb.

Olkiss70  I hope you get my idea, but please take this idea of yours one step higher, to a LEADING DIRECTION indicator, where news only reveal the intentions of the big market players.

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Olkiss70 29 Feb.

thank you, Nihad... my english is not good enough to understand everything you wrote ))  I will read it again later

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Nihad 29 Feb.

Olkiss70 I just thought these comments would help for now :), tomorrow is another day :) WINK, good luck buddy

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Olkiss70 29 Feb.

thank you, Nihad :)

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Математическая закономерность или случайные совпадения .
Перед написанием статьи у меня возникла дилемма . Идти сложным путем, взяв за основу связь математической статистики с теорией вероятности или путь попроще , всего лишь ,описать события вероятно имеющие некую последовательность . Где мной будет описана закономерность там , где ее на самом деле нет . И это всего лишь плод моего воображения . Так как связь математической статистики с теорией вероятности мной изучалась, но было это достаточно давно . Поэтому решила идти путем попроще .

Предметом своего исследования, выбрала колебания валютной пары USDJPY период 1986-02-10 - 2016-02-10 . Сегодня ровно тридцать лет .Интересное совпадение дат, всего лишь случайность или закономерность ?
График месяц .
Я построила десять горизонтальных линий :
1. ценовой уровень -76.30 2. ценовой уровень -86.30 3. ценовой уровень -96.30 4. ценовой уровень -106.30
5. ценовой уровень -116.30 6. ценовой уровень -126.30 7. ценовой уровень -1366.30 8. ценовой уровень -146.30

9. ценовой уровень - 156.30 10. ценовой уровень - 166.30

Почему выбрала цифровые значения 006.30 , дело вот в чем с 2008-03-01 по 2011-03-11 …
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Milanchez 29 Feb.

Useful informations!

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Vlad73 29 Feb.

отличная статья, молодец!

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geobio66 10 May

Повторение образов  аномалий  в  случайном поле  это закономерность.  Сделай свое ФОРЕКС  МЕНЮ.  И  свяжи  значения с временем.

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yurez83 19 May

отличная статья.

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geobio66 18 Jan.

Ничего удивительного нет. Давно обнаружена закономерность повторения образов (аномалий) в случайном поле. И тем не менее по прошлым значениям временного поля невозможен прогноз будущих значений  поля. Так как настоящее время представляет собой разницу между прошлыми и будущими значениями!

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