1. Introduction:

An emerging market currency is the money of a country that is in the process of economic advancement. National economies that are considered to be emerging markets typically experience an extended period of robust growth in the industrial production sector in addition to the expansion of their economy as a whole. This growth in output acts as a catalyst towards the development of infrastructure and technology.
2. The Main Countries:
Although a concrete definition of an emerging market remains largely debatable, five nations are widely considered world leaders in the category. Known by the acronym BRIC they are as follows: Brazil, Russia, India, China .
Each country of BRIC has experienced explosive growth in its (GDP) along with periods of uncertainty created by debt concerns and political unrest.
As of year-end 2015, the countries of BRICS have the following global rank in GDP PPP:
  • Brazil: 7th (US$3.1 trillion)
  • Russia: 6th (US$3.5 trillion)
  • India: 3rd (US$7.9 trillion)
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