Today I want to talk about a very famous micro blogging service - Twitter. Everyone knows what is Twitter, but not all people use this very convenient service. Some people, like my wife - even hate Twitter. Today I will try to fix this annoying fact, and tell - how Twitter is useful for each trader
It is no secret that the economic news from countries around the world have a huge impact on the price movement of currencies of these countries in the FX market. If you are FX trader, of course you can do technical analysis, analyze the candles and various indicators, draw trend lines, and analyze support and resistance levels and volume levels. But let's be honestly, sometimes it is absolutely does not work. Every unexpected (or expected) economic news can completely cross out any market analysis that you have done.
Of course, if you do only scalping - and never keep the trade open for more than a few seconds, and do not trade during important economic news - in this case the news is not so relevant for you. But we're talking about the vast majority of traders, and the majority are not so engaged in scalping, most traders trade more in lo…
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