Hi pip makers, welcome to new month.
I was planning to write article about this topic in my first article but in those days I had very less knowledge/information about Dukascopy but now I have better knowledge/information compare to earlier days so I thought it's the perfect time to write and share my experience with you guys.
As a trader to find a genuine broker is like a building foundation for a beautiful house, it’s very important and difficult step in trading. Blindly can’t trust someone’s advice or advisement in the internet. Why I am telling about brokers means most of the retail trader lost their hard earned money and hope because of fake broker and their dirty scams.
I know it’s not so easy for the beginner to find a better and regulated broker. If you Google by typing how to find good broker, you will get so much options but problem is, it’s huge and misleading information so I just want to share my personal experience as a beginner.
Here some tips to choose a right broker.

1. Just check does it regulated by government, if it’s not then just forget that broker name and don’t even think about that broker in your dream as well.
2. Read and understand all their conditi…
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