Is there
one? Believe me - there is!
But it’s not like the Holy Grail
or just any old "super" indicator system either.  Nope, not even
EAs (Expert Advisors) or trading robots. But there is definitely a distinction
that separates a consistently successful trader from the unsuccessful
You have just taken your first
step into the world of trading and you are optimistic that you have stumbled
onto a surefire vehicle to retire within a year or two as a multi-millionaire.
And you had typed your resignation letter to throw at your boss at the first
indication that you had arrived in the professional arena of trading. Cool!
 You sign up with a broker and start with a demo
or practice account. You are thinking in your mind - watch out boss!
So you start trading with an easy to follow system of 5 and 10 EMA crossover
system. Each time there is a crossover, fire the engine and place a trade.
Ouch! It’s so easy, you could almost kick yourself for not knowing this easy
way of money making. Why do people still work 9 to 5? Why work at all? You feel
so fortunate to know about the trading world.
 Due to beginners' luck you
get 6 straight wins and you are in an euphoria. But truth be tol…
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