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Life can be difficult for a financial market trader, particularly in the current economic climate.
From Donald Trump's chaotic Presidency in the U.S. to the host of geopolitical conflicts unfolding across the globe, it is almost impossible for even the most deterministic of investors to remain focused on executing their strategies.
It is important to remember that the financial markets often gauge the pulse of the economy as a whole, however, meaning that investors who remain focused on the performance of their assets ultimately have the best of identifying long-term trends and making informed decisions.
What Are the Markets Really Telling Us About the Economy?
With this in mind, let's look at the current market symbols and attempt to determine precisely what they are telling us about the marketplace:
The Emergence of the Weak Dollar Will Empower Currency Traders
Despite it being argued that the protectionist Trump favoured a weaker dollar and more competitive exports, the greenback was the single biggest beneficiary in the wake of the property mogul's election.
This trend has reversed in recent times, however, with the dollar having experience losses against all other…
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Skif 19 May

I think until the fall we are waiting for the weakening of the dollar

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RahmanSL 20 May

Most export oriented countries prefer their money to be weak for export purposes....some government, notoriously China for instance, will intervene to keep their currency low to remain competitive in the world market for their goods.

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anna_n 20 May

detailed info

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In this article I will analyze Forex asset performance so far in Year 2017. Major Themes of major economies and currencies - I will discuss and respective currencies performance so far mainly till month of Apr.
Overall Eur and Jpy did well against greenback and UK Pound rebounded after the fall due to last year brexit. Aus dollar was among best performer till April 2017. Yet as I write this article Aus plunged (Commodities meltdown- Iron ore down 7.3 percent) against other currencies.
United Stated Economy
The Fundamentals

  • Q1 annualized rate of growth was 0.7% below expectations of 1.2%. And Final estimate of Q4 GDP growth was 2.1 vs Q3 3.5 %(Anomaly due to spike in soyabean exports to South Africa)
  • Headline Inflation for March 2017 was 2.4% y/y the lowest in 3 months(falling energy prices contributed fall). Core PCE Price Index(excludes volatile Food and Energy) came in at 1.6 % y/y in March, close to Fed 2% objective.
  • And Unemployment rate was 4.4 % in April(Lowest since decade)
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Alisiya 1 June

You're doing good

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mermaid 2 June

Хорошая и информационная работа.

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Aviator 10 June

good job

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Lowech 16 June


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anvifx 7 July


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How did I come to conclusion that avoiding pairs with USD might be a good idea for some time?

Although I agree that US election definitely was a great, tradeable opportunity (though not an easy one), right now I see no certain direction that FX majors will go this month. After the election things went out totally out of control. We had several situation when USD moved opaque to data reads due to new President's decisions causing major upset and mayhem across the markets. Probably some will say it is their kind of environment to trade on - volatile, sometimes rapid. Yet everyone has to agree that we have a high risk of unscheduled and unpredictable events moving USD now in a rather unknown direction.
Sometimes it is better to play safe instead of lose looking for enormous moves, in other words, better safe than sorry. The conclusion to avoid USD pairs for some time comes logical as we should base our trades on past, meaning technical analysis or on extrapolation of past data, meaning fundametal analysis and both do not work as it should now. It is also difficult to base trades on Mr Trump since he uses to tell contradictory things.

Is there anywhere to run?

Yes, the…
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ak10 8 Feb.

Rightly explained. Very useful.

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Good explained. Related do GBP I like and trade the GBP/JPY ;)

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Beto 12 Feb.

It seems to be nice work with cross pairs for now, good share of information and research.

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FXRabbit 23 Feb.

Well written!

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al_dcdemo 24 Apr.

Great job!

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Trump: as expected before the election results, almost analysts were suggesting a massive drop of the USD once Trump is elected to be USA president.. that's what makes many traders think that Clinton will be for sure the new elected president in the economic point of view. Mmm in the Election Day's few 1st hours, an uncertainty have been shown in the start of viewing the results , about +- 300 pipes were up and down in an unknown market movement, till California result which confirmed the debate . Trump is the President!
A massive moving up have been done which reflected a good healthy indicator for an understanding of Trump economic agenda.. although all reports about racism, Mexico , Russia, Arab and Muslims were confirming an instability of the economic status, means only one thing!! It is just misunderstanding to Trump.
Few days later, Yellen came with the interest rates decision to fire up the USD with an interesting plan for 2017 also..
Then yesterday was the 1st test to USD with Trump, by the 1st speech the USD has been injured on heart with an increase in market fearing and demotivation.
Now, the question is: will Trump continue shooting the USD down or Yellen will help U…
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TInna 19 Jan.


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Yuliya_N 25 Jan.

well done!

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brilliant 25 Jan.

your article is simple and easy reading . good

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This article is about what currencies and other asset classes I think is going to be the most at risk and can offer us the best opportunities in term of risk to reward ratio in the year ahead. 2016 has caused a lot of trauma in terms of volatility and it also builds up extreme trends that I would consider extreme because they don’t really fit between fundamental, technical and market conditions and that creates a lot of anxiety and it certainly curbs the potential for follow through. This kind of market conditions sends a clear warning that trends can reverse or at least give us a decent tradable retracement.
We’re going to look at a possible rebalancing of these divergent aspects and I think this is going to feed into the trading opportunities that we have in 2017.
EUR/USD Trade Opportunity for 2017
The EUR/USD is the most severe or at risk currency amongst the majors as the parity level will act as a catalyst and ultimately this will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. However, what is more important is what will happen with EUR/USD after the parity level is reached? I believe that the answer to this question will reveal the EUR/USD trade for 2017.
The monetary policy bearings th…
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rupesh1984 18 Jan.

well done,speechless cant explain in word for ur deep analysis :)

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scramble Thanks

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rupesh1984 appreciate your kind words. I'm hoping and I'm confident that my forecast will be proven right by the markets.

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TInna 19 Jan.


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brilliant 25 Jan.

nice work as usual. do you think  day traders can  benefit that kind of overall analysis ?

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Is Trump threatens the bond market and the dollar coin
Some think that Trump's election victory It will be the end of the rising dollar and there will be a drop in some financial markets, Indeed, This is what happened but only for a few minutes, For someone has a deeper look In Trump policy and Economic data he would stick with the purchase of a dollar coin and he will know that the effect of this news will only be momentary and will not continue for a long time for the following reasons :
First Trump's financial policy aimed to reduce taxes and increase spending, It means an expansionary fiscal policy, It causes more support for economic growth but on the other hand increase the budget deficit and what happens when you increase the budget deficit? The government accepted the borrowing in the form of a bond issue, That is why we have seen a rise in the yield on US bond futures for ten years, and futures for two years It is now near the highest level on this year, When the yield on bonds rise the US dollar also rises
Investors also accept to buy bonds when there is a state of risk aversion and the search for safe havens and With the direction of Fed to raise interest rates It is e…
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TInna 1 Dec.


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useful info

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Very nice!

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Ruteale 30 Dec.

very actual subject.. good job!

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