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It‘s not difficult to draw every possible line in the chart and explain that price was rejected at, or broke that line in the past. However, when trading real-time, determining which level will be hit first becomes challenging. The most confusing thing is the number of levels. When closely analyzing intraday charts, a trader can find levels every ten pips or so and, of course, not all levels are equally important.What is more interesting is that many of them could be divided by their purpose – not importance. Some of the levels are meant to hold and reverse the price and others to provide momentum for further movement. These levels are called “Triggers”. Different Price Action behaviour aspects around support / resistance (S/R) and trigger levels help to improve profitability and to choose entry and exit points more wisely.The delicate differences between Support / Resistance and TriggersS/R lines are like planets with gravity fields. These are in quite the exact place, but they have a certain distance of attraction and repulsion around them which interact with gravity of other further placed (yet stronger) S/R levels. They are like planets that vary in size and their associated gr…
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s0ulj4hr avatar
s0ulj4hr 17 Dec.

I don't trust technicals and fundamentals, because the market is being constantly manipulated by VERY RICH people.

scramble avatar
scramble 18 Dec.

you did a very good job with this article! well explained and clean! imo, knowing how to recognize these levels in any timeframe is the only important thing in trading.

positive avatar
positive 23 Dec.

You are right. Live trading and past charts is what separates traders from Gamblers!

cashbg avatar
cashbg 27 Dec.

well done

asad avatar
asad 4 Feb.

Good Article. But can you show me what the exact time frame of the trigger always occurs, and in what percentage of Fibonacci retracement or expansion level, the trigger will be? thank you very much for your next details friend.

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Sometimes people look for complicated strategies on the basis that simple ones simply cannot be true. When this happens, the overdose of information that the trader looks for can result in analysis-paralysis. He is then so overloaded with expert advice that he does nothing.
Here is a simple strategy giving a good return. There is no need to be tied to the computer, just use a 15 minute chart and look at it from time to time.
Strategy Trigger
o       Trade between 8.00am and 5.00pm unless already in a trade.
o       Buy or sell when the candle on 15 minute chart crosses (and closes) the middle Bollinger Band.
o       MACD supports the direction of the candle.
o       Close when the candle again crosses (and closes) the middle Bollinger Band.
o       All spikes are to be ignored.
This is so simple and ignores masses of technical indicators but gives a great result.
During the period 10th January to 14th March 2012, 100 trades were taken and the results noted. The starting capital was €1,000 and the trade size was €50,000 in every trade.
                          Number         Result             Average         Result             Average
                        Of Trades    …
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jsch0810 avatar
jsch0810 23 May

I very much like simple trading approaches. However, I tried to backtest this strategy for this month und there is a positive outcome (about +60 PIPS after spreads), but the drawdowns are quite significant. @Mosomoso: how did you calculate your 1428 PIPS from one week?? Seems to be a large number. @Gee: Could you please share some details on how you exit the running trades during the night and how you filter exactly with MACD? Thanks

Furian avatar
Furian 24 May

usefull article. keep going. thanks for any support. +1

iskandar avatar
iskandar 25 May

It only spans for three months. How can you be sure the results is sustainable?

lil avatar
lil 29 June

what do you mean with "crosses (and **closes**)" ? a complete cross without bounce?

zambonidriver avatar

nice simple strategy , thank you ! Just wondering where did you put your SL

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