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In this Article I would like to share my Poker experience with you and help you achieve a higher, or even winning position in the Dukascopy Poker Contest. "I have won the Weekly-$750 and Daily-$100 Tournaments both once now, and came in third in the Daily Tournament on 26-7-$50" AdamFx42 (Picture: Logo taken from the Poker Contest Webpage, find the poker contest here: -- Click the 'Play' button to open the Poker environment) In my Article I will discuss: A. The variant of Poker that is played here: Texas No Limit Hold'em - a game that I have been playing online for a couple of years B. Some simple rules to follow as a novice that can help you get a long way in a tournament C. Some personal favorite rules and decisions in tournaments, that are also used by Famous Poker Players that help me win Here we go! A.Texas No Limit Hold'em Poker, also known as Texas Hold'eM or No Limit Hold'eM, is the most popular variant of Poker on-, and off-line, and has been for many years now. To try and explain the game here in detail would be to much, and is not the point of my …
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Faster 27 Aug.

i like +1

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alifari 31 Aug.

Really helpful for a newbie in Poker like me........... +

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Bernny 2 Sep.

Hi, Adam. very interesting that you made an effort and wrote this article. Very good. Kind regards

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velldes 10 Sep.

Nice article. Maybe is time for me to play poker... :)

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Asmit929 11 Aug.

Nice article helped me for some time,but as usual I lose my patience and DAAM!!..I realise I lost everything!!

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Hello everyone. This is my first post so let me introduce myself first and I will outline the structure of my articles.I have been trading demo successfully for a while, then I decided to open a real account with my personal saving. Unfortunately, I lost all of my saving after a couple of weeks. Reasons for my loss are simple: I did not learn enough and I was too confident. I then came back to trade on the demo account however I take it more serious, read more books and did my homework, aka analysis, more carefully. It took me awhile to not losing in the FX market and now I am on my journey to seek for profits. I just knew about this contest a couple of months ago and I thought it was a great opportunity to share and learn. Therefore I signed up for this contest and I want to write about my own story to help you better understand the market and later on make profits for your self. I was thinking about the structure of my article and I decided to come up with this idea: I will divide my article into 3 parts. The first part of my article is for FX 101 in which I will explain basics of the Fx market, the mechanism of  the market and the relationship between FX and other markets. The r…
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Very informative article! Nice work! Thanks for your post!

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honamkts 9 Jan.

Thanks your post. it is very important

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ritesh 20 Jan.

keep more coming dude...your rank chart shows accumulation ;)

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LinnuxFX 20 Jan.

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