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January 2013 was a very interesting trading month for me; I learnt more in that month, than all my months of trading combined. I learnt to SEE the trend. This might seem funny to a lot of traders, because most traders open their charts and can tell easily if the market is bullish or not. The essence of this article is to share my trading setup and some trading tips which have helped me become a better trader.

Before I begin, there are some basic trading principles which we must consider.

The markets trend and they can trend for several weeks or months.
The best place to enter a trade is after a trend has been confirmed; this would probably mean placing trades in the “middle” of a trend.

When the trend is up, we buy dips and when the trend is down we sell rallies.

The Golden Cross is a very popular trading concept used for generating trading signals. The signals are generated when a short-term Moving Average (MA) crosses over or under a long-term Moving Average. Bullish signals are created when the short-term MA crosses over the long-term MA, while we get bearish signals when the short-term MA crosses below a long-term MA.
An example can be seen below; a cross between the 5-day
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rokasltu avatar
rokasltu 19 Feb.

interesting article and very impressive illustrations; I also made similar mistake in this months trader contest by going short with GBP, it is useful to read about emotions control once more...

forexgrange avatar

You got good ideas in your article. But, I think that the trend definition is not complete. And the signals' entry analysis is too simple. Really good article for beginners but a lot of other good considerations are missed here to complete your article.

jezz avatar
jezz 26 Feb.

I love to see a good critique, seems more productive... gives you an idea of where to improve

Sholeewonders avatar

nice article

Tunercool avatar
Tunercool 24 Mar.

Nice article. How do we get the TSV indicator for metatrader 4 since it's an important component of this strategy

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The ideas that you may want to include in your system development and testing are virtually limitless. Many new traders begin system testing by combining a few off-the-shelf indicators in an effort to obtain better trading results. Doing so is as good a place as any to begin.However, we want to caution you to keep your systems simple enough that you can understand not only the system but also the result. Simplicity usually is better when trading, especially when you’re first becoming familiar with the processes of system development and testing. We describe the process by looking at a couple of examples in the sections that follow.Working with trend-following systemsMany trend-following systems use a moving average for their starting points. In a trend-following example the system is designed for position trading, which means we use a relatively long moving average. Short-selling won’t be permitted with this simple system. The first step is defining buy and sell rules for your initial testing. The actual code for defining these rules depends on your specific system-development package. Therefore, trading rules are described as generally as possible. The rules for an initial test ma…
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ritesh avatar
ritesh 6 Sep.

Nice article buddy, keep more coming +1

doctortyby avatar

Good Luck to You Friend

Livornese avatar
Livornese 11 Sep.

EMAs strategy? Love it? Keep coming man!! One point from me thanks for sharing your strategy

LinnuxFX avatar
LinnuxFX 19 Sep.

Thanks for share these strategy, good luck...

doctortyby avatar
doctortyby 25 Sep.

I wonder what successful trading means to you my friend?!... for me.. it is financial freedom... and further... what does financial freedom mean to you?... +1 and trade well ;) PS: I personally trade based on SMA rather than EMA

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