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Торговая идея
Данная стратегия будет отличаться от всех других стратегий тем, что график цены будет иметь второстепенную роль. Даже важно сказать, что цена фактически не будет влиять на условия открытия сделок. В стратегии главным и основным элементом является индикатор Awesome2. По нему же и будут открываться ордера.
Временной период - любой;
Валютные пары - любые;
Индикатор - Awesome2 (Median Price(HL/2); 5,SMA; 34,SMA).
График 1. Вид стратегии
Как уже ранее сказал, что временной период можно выбирать любой. Но лучше всего использовать данную стратегию от М30 и выше, так как качество ордеров будет на порядок выше, чем на меньших временных периодах. И к валютным парам нет какого-то определенного выбора. Но все же из всех валютных пар предпочтение падает к более "ходовым" парам. Я же на графике буду использовать EURUSD.
Суть стратегии
В стратегии есть один индикатор. Это Awesome2. И начало технического анализа и открытие сделок будет осуществляться по нему. Цена в данном случае нужна лишь для визуального "осмотра". Дальше нам понадобятся трендовые линии. А строить их будем не на графике цены, а на индикаторе Awesome2. Для правильного построения трендовой линии …
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Very good article!

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Sebine 28 Feb.

Интересно было почитать!

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good article

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Отличная работа ) Удачи )

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TREND IS YOUR FRIEND we all know this,
But when I see an UPTREND or DOWNTREND that has already started how should I enter in the trend with least possible risk and maximum reward?
Risk and reward is the essence of money management. For a good money management you must manage your trades efficiently.
In this article I will show you how I manage my trades.
When you see a reversal of downtrend in the daily chart and you are a swing trader and you want to capture the swing then it is better to zoom the chart to 4 hour or 1 hour to enter a trade. when you see a pull back then open the lower time frame and draw the trend line joining lower highs against the major trend. When the candle breaks this trend line and closes on the other side that is the time when you have to enter the trend and keep the stop below the swing low by a difference of 5 pips.
In the charts above you can very well see that there is a change in daily trend so I opened 1H chart and during a pullback joined the highs of the hourly chart and I got a falling trend line. Remember that the main trend is UP. When I see a candle closing above the trend line drawn on 1H
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galjasen 6 Dec.

good work

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Teo 12 Dec.

Good luck !

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Adel55 17 Dec.


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mcquak 17 Dec.

Ok, trend is your friend as well as mine :-)

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a good strategy with a detailed description ... thanks for the work))

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The last two trading weeks have been very interesting and full of drama, especially with regards to the Euro currency. The previous week started with a gap, as the euro lost value against a majority of currencies. This happened when it became obvious over the weekend, that Greece would not be able to pay its 1.6 billon euro loan installment due to the International Monetary Fund. Greece could not pay because the country had not yet reached an agreement with its creditors to release 7.2 billion euros in bailout funds.
Greece became the first developed economy to default on its international obligations to the IMF, and the market reaction was very noticeable. In most markets, the markets opened with the Euro gaping downwards.
The gap on the Eurjpy as the market opened on the 28th of June 2015
Eurusd Gap on the 28th June 2015
We experienced another gap down when the markets opened on Sunday night.
Market gaps on the 5th of July

This happened after the Greek voters on Sunday rejected the austerity measures recommended by the European Central Bank. Greece was required to accept these austerity measures before it could receive further financial assistance from the European Union.
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Margoshka 26 July


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anna_n 27 July


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KATRIN_90 28 July

Very nice:)

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sarah_gio 29 July


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Interesting articles!!! well done

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In every trending market, whether the trend is up or down, there are Buy Zones and Sell Zones which are divided by Trend Lines. Understanding the Buy and Sell Zones will lead to profitable trades.Let us take a look at the example below:The chart above represents the 4 hour of the EUR/AUD which has been in an uptrend. Above the Trend Line is the Buy Zone and below the Trend Line is the Sell Zone of the Uptrend. On the break of the Trend Line; it does not mean it is the end of the Trend; the market may be testing support levels with the Uptrend still in place, creating a pattern of consolidation or a new trading channel.Trend Lines are also support and resistance levels. They are powerful tools to successful trading. I am aware that everyone has their own style of drawing Trend Lines; whatever your preference the same principles and trading rules apply.You may now ask " So what happens when the market is within the Sell Zone of an Uptrend ?"There are a number of scenarios that could be taking place:. It could be a counter trend trade or retracement testing levels of support.. The market is exhausted from a huge run and is creating consolidation between support and resistance levels..…
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Vasyl 15 July

I think it is well applied to GBP/JPY, not sure about EUR/USD though

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alltrade 16 July

I personally don't rely on trendlines because I think I'm not very good with them but it must be said that this is a very good explanation for anybody wishing to learn to trade with trendlines; plenty of chart-examples makes it very informative. Very well written & presented :)

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Nadin5794 17 Aug.

замечательная статья,именно благодаря старой школе и учителям-трейдерам старой школы я научиласть видеть перспективу в рыночных колебаниях,спасибо за отличный материал

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Ifuga 22 Aug.

Very good article

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Grizzly 28 Aug.

nice , great deal!

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This trade was executed as part of a methodology of identifying and aggressively trading short-term movements across the currency market. More precisely, it involves targeting high probability 100- Pip opportunities in the direction of the weekly trend for each currency pair using key Candlestick Patterns and Signals across time frames. Each trade is held for no more than a day and a half, ending before the close of the trading session the following day at 5 00 PM EST. An average Stop Loss of 40 Pips is used when entering each trade, giving a Risk-Reward Ratio of 2,5 on average for each 100-Pip trade. It is somewhat of a middle ground between Day Trading and Swing Trading as it targets a range that is similar to the average Daily Range of the most liquid pairs (70- 120 Pips), but takes place within the context of the larger 7-day Weekly Trend (300 – 500 pips). SUMMARY OF THE TRADE- APRIL 17, 2013 Ø This trade involved anticipating Bear Crown formations on both the 4 Hour and Daily Charts, within the context of the pullback taking place below Support of the Weekly Chart´s Range. Ø The trade setup on the 4H Chart was the expected formation of the Right Tip of the Crown after the…
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highwayman 23 Apr.

Nice +1 Found The Bear And It's Crown :) Thanks And Good Luck This Month :)

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DaddyPapi 23 Apr.

Special .. these work on all long as the patterns are there..respek Highwayman..

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Likerty 24 Apr.

Its also common that after three LLs or HHs in a row price tends to reverse (or enters in to choppy consolidation range)

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DaddyPapi 24 Apr.

That looks to be the case now on 4H chart

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Efegen 25 Apr.

I am not good at drawing but i like it:) +1

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During the
recently concluded Dukascopy trading contest in May this year, I traded my
favourite pairs using the chart pattern strategies that I have found to be more
than sufficient for trading success in both demo and live trading. This
strategy landed me the 23rd spot in the competition with only 16
trades for an accuracy rate of 63%.
As I review each
of the profitable trades during the month, I will explain the rationale behind
them using chart patterns such as Consolidations, Trend Lines and Counter Trend
Lines. These are the tools that I use to analyze the market without the use of
indicators or fundamental announcements since once accurately used, these tools
by themselves can correctly provide the signals for market direction, entry and
exit for traders.KEY CHART PATTERNS
Breaks of
Once Consolidation patterns are broken with a strong
closed candle, trades can be made in the direction of the breakout especially
if it coincides with the major trend. Naturally, false breakouts are also
Breakout Equivalent
Whenever Consolidation Patterns are broken, they
usually end at the distance that is equal to the width of the pattern broken.
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I am not in a position to know how all these traders will do this month versus last month..I dont their strategies nor how the market will play out this month.

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scramble 5 June

you did an excellent trading! well done in sharing it, people must understand how to follow the trend and what to look at. also me sometimes i try to fight the trend!
wish you best of profits in your trading :-)

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LinnuxFX 6 June

Congratulations for yours' analysis and winning trades, good luck for this contest too...

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MrSami 6 June

nice article, good luck.

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doctortyby 27 June

You seem to be a good trader and I respect You. Congratulations for the great trading outcome.

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