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La semaine du 10 Octobre promet d'etre assez volatile, faisant suite au flash crach du GBP et comportant des News majeurs sur le dollar le mercredi ,jeudi et vendredi.
Voici trois analyses de charts que je trouve interssant à suivre.

Analyse de l'or.

Sur le daily la paire est passé sous son EMA 20 après avoir marqué trois lower Highs, cela indique la présence d'un Down trend.
Mais d'un autre coté ce down trend serra limité par le higher low à 1200 qui serra d'autant plus fort puisque c'est un chiffre rond significatif et qu'il est très prés du dernier lower high à 1190 qui a été franchi au cours du mouvement haussier.
Sur le Rsi nous assistons à une divergence négative qui a donner lieu au mouvement baissier, et en phase de construction une divergence cachée qui peut atteindre le niveau Rsi 20 , cette Divergence cachée et en phase avec le scénario d'un rebonds de la paire du niveau 1200.
Au cours de la semaine prochaine il serra très intéressant de monitorer la paire à l'approche du 1200, attendre surtout l'apparition de bougies haussière bien former pour confirmer le rebonds.
Analyse du Brent.
Sur le daily le Brent a cassé une ligne de tendance qui a débuté le mois Juin 20…
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priceaction113 avatar

GBP is not fallow any tech now a days I think it is last 3rd leg of down side till 1.17 area will go long around this level

k_morocco avatar
k_morocco 12 Oct.

priceaction113 thanks for your comment , i thinks that we can see more down trend un the GBPUSD, in relation to technical analysis it is a valuable tool for framing trades as it gives you probables scenario . IN  the end the market do what he have to do

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FXRabbit 23 Nov.

Well written!

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In this article I want to show you how to pick the right price levels and how to trade from them. Most importantly I will show you how to implement this in the context of the price manipulation.
1.What is a price level.
First of all we need to understand what it is.
In my opinion it is something more than just a level where price changes direction. I think of it as a point where beliefs of a trader get manipulated. Those levels are constructed by big players such as market makers and institutional traders to trick others into placing orders that would be favorable for them.
When such an activity can be observed it can help us in predicting the potential price movements with a higher likelihood. If there would be no price levels there would be no point of interest and therefore no orders placed by traders.
Only two types of price levels exist.
These are horizontal and diagonal levels or better known as trend lines. There is one huge difference between them.
Horizontal price level can only be at a fixed price, and is not subject to change.
However diagonal trend lines don't have that fixed price, it can always change depending on the time of a touch. It means one more variable in the…
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Aviator 12 Oct.

good article

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PipPoint 14 Oct.


Julia_Zhulinskaya avatar

very well

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Vlad73 2 Nov.

well done

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pperfec lecture

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What is Trend Line Trading Strategy?

It is a strategy developed to open trades when the price of a certain instrument breaks through a Trend Line draw on a chart. The Trend Line must have certain characteristics, such as correct LABEL, which will be read by the strategy to decide what kind of orders will open.

After I made a search at GOOGLE for "Trend Line Trading EA", I found several results of strategies developed in MQL4. How many traders use Trend Lines to trade in the forex market? I think most uses these Lines, even if only indicative. So, I decided start this new strategy project, in order to be able to improve it here in the community. With new ideas that can be added, we can make the strategy most profitable.
Strategy Basic Operation:
When the strategy is initiated, it draw a Trend Line using some initial calculations. This Trend Line must subsequently be adjusted according to the chart time frame where it was placed. The user must analyze the market and decide whether to put the Trend Line, in Buying or Selling mode and then should set the LABEL of the Trend Line to SELL or BUY. After this procedure and in accordance with all other parameters we have our strategy read…
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Cremelady 17 Nov.

great article!

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Olga18375 20 Nov.

Good job!!! Interesting information

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anna_n 23 Nov.

good article!

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Milian 26 Nov.


Mcconchie46 avatar

Is this strategy in the store? Would love to use active trendlines like this

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Trend lines are most popular in Forex for technical analysis of market. Most successful traders are using them. But only trend lines are not enough for trading because trend lines show many fake signals or breakouts. Ali’s strategy is new strategy in which many filters can filter the trend line signals and we can prevent fake signals. In this article i will discuss a professional Forex trading strategy with entry, take profit and stop loss rules. Money management will also discuss in it.
How to draw trend lines?

Trend lines are very important level of market. We draw trend line from peak to peak point of market. A best trend line should touch minimum 2 peaks of market. But trend line on more than 2 peaks are more perfect in trading.
Correct trend line example
False trend lines example
Buy Entry Rules:
- Trend Line break and close above by a bullish candle
- Moving average below the price
- Bar signal indicator maximum green
- RSI also break trend lines above
Sell Entry Rules:
- Trend line break and close below by a bearish candle
- Moving average above the price
- Bar signals maximum red
- RSI also break trend line below
Take profit :
Formula: …
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Rita1808 avatar
Rita1808 28 Oct.

Good article!

VictoriaVika avatar

Great article, msharjeel  An original ideas, and really impressive approach! Thank you for sharing this information.

Annabel21 avatar
Annabel21 17 Nov.

Very interesting, clear and straight forward article, thankyou.
I am still reading and learning, how do I apply the bar signal indicator to my demo account, is it possible to apply on a demo account?

msharjeel avatar

#Annabel21  yes you can apply on Demo and live both accounts

msharjeel avatar

Thank you guys, you can always welcome

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This article consists of two separate sections.
-The first section shows how to apply the tools of the trading platform for further research to preserve the historical data in the Office package Excel.
-The second section of the example of daily data the EURUSD shows one of the relatively simple methods of determining the trend line using the package Excel.
Section 1. Saving quotes data in Excel
Choosing from the menu «Tools» and sub «Historical Data Manager» are able to store data for quotations for a certain period in the files of type * .CSV or * .HST (see next image).
We define the fields for data selection:
- The currency pair (note the selected currency pair EURUSD);
- Specify the date range of data output;
- To save in a format readable by Excel format *.CVS;
- The date format to choose for their future goals (I did not change);
- Choose the price Bid or Ask (I left Bid);
- Indicates the type of data (minutes, hours, day ...) choose Days and the next 1Day;
- Essentially specify the delimiter data "; . "
- To select the direction to save data to your computer using the «Browse». When you are ready to save the press «Start».
If you have not pre…
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Very interesting article salamandra!! Thanks for share. Nice Friday.:)

ilonalt avatar
ilonalt 10 Oct.

Интересно! :) Удачи!

VictoriaVika avatar

salamandra this is a brilliant article. Many useful information, and there are some useful tools introduced, thank you!

Likerty avatar
Likerty 24 Oct.

That's something interesting.. I never heard such approach to gather and analyse PA data before:) But, God it looks complicated!:D:D

salamandra avatar
salamandra 24 Oct.

Thank you all for your support.
@Likerty ... This approach is most useful not for the trader, and for scientific investigations. In trading platforms, there is almost no possibility of applying mathematical calculations (formulas). Excel package in such a plan more mathematicized. I showed only the general concept of the econometric approach to the measurement of the market. I plan a few more articles in this series.

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