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Traders spend a lot of time and energy trying to find the Perfect System. They argue that they will struck it rich once they find THE SYSTEM or if they’re discretionary, once they refine their trading enough. It has long been my assertion that risk control and diversification are much more important then the trading system itself.
I've argued that you don't have to be a genius trader in order to make money in the markets. In fact you can make money with remarkably simple trading systems. In this article we'll go over one system that has only 1 entry/exit trading rule. Yes you read that right, ONE. Here's a little preview of the results for this system.
Toward the end of the article I present a four-year backtest of this system on the four most liquid currency pairs EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD and AUD/USD. Here is the simplest system on this entire website.
Ten-Month Moving Average System
There is only 1 entry/exit rule. If price closes above the 10-month simple moving average, you buy. If price falls below the 10-month moving average, you sell. This is a Stop and Reverse System (SAR). Once your long gets the exit signal (price below 10 SMA) you close the position and initiate a n…
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faisal777 25 Aug.

good work

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Diversify Everything!
When most traders hear the words diversify, they think of adding more instruments to their portfolio, more and different stocks, bonds from different countries etc. But diversification goes a lot further then this and can take on many forms. Ever thought about adding bitcoin or other non-traditional financial instruments? How about trading a losing system? Even that can make you money in the long run. In this article we’ll go over just some of the ways you can diversify and the benefits of this process.
1. Diversify Across Different Forex Pairs
Let’s start with the lower hanging fruit first. If you have a profitable trading system, test it on other forex pairs. If the system is solid, it will work similarly on other currencies as well. Let’s take a look at a simple trend following system in the Euro. The picture below shows the daily EUR/USD chart with applied 50 and 200 period simple moving averages. The 50 SMA is in red, while the 200 SMA is blue.
When the 50 SMA closes below the 200 SMA, this is called the ‘Death Cross’’. It’s generally considered a bearish trading signal, meaning more losses are likely to follow. The Euro gave out this signal in the su…
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There are many studies made about trading the financial markets, and many agree that the best and most profitable way to trade the financial markets is to go with the trend. Going through many forex forums, I have discovered that the most successful systems on display are those who use a trend-following strategy.
Before we had fancy indicators and high-tech market analysis, there were thousands of people who made money from the stock market by simply following a moving average. As simple as that sounds, it goes to show that effective trading must have two things: trend-following approach and a simplistic application.
This was my inspiration for the creation of my September strategy in the strategy contest. My aim was to create a system that would first determine the trend, and then take trades after corrections in the direction of the trend.
The Project
My first task was finding the right indicator to determine the direction of the market and the appropriate time frame to base trading decisions on. Many recommend using a big time frame like 4-hour charts or daily charts; these time frames are very reliable in identifying the trend, but I was looking for a time frame to help me c…
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lelipuzik 24 Sep.

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Milian 24 Sep.

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can you suggest the SL, TP you apply for the strategy?

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If there's one thing that most traders are always looking for, is a set of rules or a system that allows them to trade the markets profitably. In this article I will describe a complete trading system used, in the past, by a very famous trader and the people he taught, and then later on by several hedge funds managed by his disciples. It can be used "as is", without any modifications, or you can use it as a basis to develop your own system, further enhancing the power of the original rules. ________________► The Turtle bet In the early-1980s, one of the greatest and richest traders of the 20th century, Richard Dennis, and his friend Bill Eckhardt, were having an ongoing discussion on the viability of teaching people how to trade. Richard was convinced that it was possible to teach ordinary people to become good traders, while Bill believed that great traders possessed a natural skill, some sort of sixth sense that could not be taught. In order to settle this discussion they made a bet: they would recruit a few inexperienced people for their trading company, C & D Commodities, teach them the rules of the system they already used, give them capital to trade, and then see if t…
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elvy 31 Dec.

Nice article, all best for you +1

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yadi 31 May

nice article. that is the original turtle rules. the most difficult part of turtle trading is the position sizing and risk management. Even R Dennis said if you publish my rules on the newspaper, no one will follow. i just dont buy the market ranging for 80 % of the time. that doesnot seem right. The markets are played by people, if people dont know where to go, who will then? My mentor has been trading the markets for decades, he is exellent in trading. He only trades when trending moves happen. He can double his account easily each year.

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yadi 31 May

well, the trading results can be very ugly sometimes when the markets lack of volitility. some times for a month, there can be no winners (depends on the timeframs you choose). anyway, if you dont believe this system, look somewhere else. There are lots of strategies out there. by the way, if you trade on a 5 min chart in asian times, for sure 80 % of the time is ranging.

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"we are going to grow traders like they grow turtles in Singapore"

This words need to be corrected. Richard didn't establish the turtle traders based on what he found in Singapore. He was in Kapas's Island Terengganu, Malaysia with Bill when they got the betting idea. Singapore doesn't have any turtle survival centre unlike Malaysia. 

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"The trend is your friend"What defines the markets is the flow of money. This occurs because of demand or supply of commodities, bonds, stock shares and even the money itself. On the side of demand we have the buyers trying to buy at best price, on the other side, we have the sellers trying to sell also at best price for them. With this interaction between buyers and sellers, the trades occurs at defined or negocied price. This price may vary by the rules of market, level of supply/demand, traders sentiment and a great number of other factors (everything can affect the price, even the weather). It's the change of price going up, down or staying at defined levels over time that defines the trend. We talk about the trend in Forex market on this article.Trend definitionIn Forex market, the trend is simply the movement of currency pair price along the time in a specific direction. With this movement the trend have some characteristics: direction, duration, stage, strenght among others.Trend directionTrend direction means where the price is going. If the price is going up and up consistently along the time creating higher highs (HH) and higher lows (HL) by buyers force (also know as bul…
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