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What is Technical Analysis?
Technical Analysis is the forecasting of future financial price movements based on an examination of past price movements. Like weather forecasting, technical analysis does not result in absolute predictions about the future. Instead, technical analysis can help investors anticipate what is “likely” to happen to prices over time. Technical analysis uses a wide variety of charts that show price over time.
Technical analysis is applicable to stocks, indices, commodities, futures or any tradable instrument where the price is influenced by the forces of supply and demand. Price data (or as John Murphy calls it, “market action&rdquo refers to any combination of the open, high, low, close, volume, or open interest for a given security over a specific time frame. The time frame can be based on intraday (1-minute, 5-minutes, 10-minutes, 15-minutes, 30-minutes or hourly), daily, weekly or monthly price data and last a few hours or many years.
The Basis of Technical Analysis
At the turn of the century, the Dow Theory laid the foundations for what was later to become modern technical analysis. Dow Theory was not presented as one complete amalgamation, but rather …
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In the world of trading, you have to be ahead if you want to have the potential to succeed. If you interview successful traders or investors in the Forex market, they will undoubtedly highlight their audacity, ability and knowledge of how to predict the future price action in the Forex market.
But what must be remembered to answer the question?
Above all, you should know that Forex is a decentralized and global market for currency trading. It's the largest market in the world, dealing with trillions of dollars worth of transactions every day. Notable players are central banks, hedge funds, governments, trading companies, investment institutions, global corporations and, of course, retail brokers and traders.
To predict price movements in the market, we recognize that a trader needs to have a thorough understanding of the factors that can influence future movements in the exchange rate of a currency. And to succeed, remember that there is no prediction formula. In the ultimate forex, it all depends on your skills, your experiences and your commitments to succeed.
There are factors you need to understand to predict well. For example, they are: Economic Growth, Recessions, Geopolitics…
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Hello Friends,
I am doing extensive research and practice before I will open a trade position in my live account and in the process I have come to know some interesting facts about Forex trader's traits and how one can get successful by sheer appliance of some common principles which are applicable to every Forex trader.

So friends, my first preference is to avoid big risk as I want to be a best trader.
We all know every traders should follow following Golden rules.
1. One should, be Goal-oriented.
2. One should know Thyself.
3. One should follow habit of Extensive Reading.
4. Cut Losses and Let the profit Run.
5. Risk Management.
6. Be Adaptive.

I think everybody have come across above rules at some moment but less people follow these rules so success ratio in Forex Market is just around 5-8 percent. Here new thing I am going to share is entry point in trade and it is for those who have decided no matter whatever happens I will be successful in my Forex Trading Career. Before that I want to say if we take Forex Trading as profession and take self training in terms of practice in Demo account I believe, an…
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One of the reason, I love to write articles in dukascopy contest, is to instill deep rooted habit by way of seemingly right knowledge passionately. So that even in my deep sleep I click right buttons. In that effort today’s article is about Trends in Forex market. I myself am a scalper and now I am trying to develop into trend following scalper. In that sense I am trying how to identify and when to enter. Broadly this article will help people who are doing Trend trading. So let’s begin.
What is trend

  • The trend is simply the general direction of market.
  • Markets don’t generally move in a straight line but are characterized by series of Zig-Zags.
  • It is direction of those peaks and troughs that constitutes the market trend.
Trend Direction

  • An uptrend is a series of successively higher peaks and troughs.
  • A downtrend is just the opposite, a series of declining peaks and troughs.
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The trading system of the trader is an algorithm by which trading positions are opened and closed. Spontaneous transactions rarely bring a positive result, therefore, working on Forex, you need to create your own trading system. This will help reduce the impact of the human factor, as well as significantly reduce the time costs for trade. The main part of the trading system is the analysis of the market and the receipt of trading signals. Analyze the market can be using macroeconomic data or technical analysis. Trading systems based on technical analysis are more common, as technical analysis provides more opportunities for traders. Trading system can be different. Some systems use trend trading. The purpose of the system are: - determination of the existing trend (trend indicators are used for this); - selection of a point to enter the market (the entrance is usually made after a market rollback, which is calculated using Fibonacci or MA levels); - selection of the exit point (support / resistance levels or oscillators can be used for this).
The next kind of trading systems is trading on rollback. The entrance to the market is carried out at the signal of the oscillator …
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Trading strategy with direction

This strategy allows you to trade with the trend, and as we know, one of the most successful trading methods that follow the trend because the trend is your friend, and we will use simple tools to find the direction and this method is suitable for all currency pairs and commodities and stocks.
How to Find the trend?

1-Trend Analysis Indicators:

Moving Average 30 (SMA)
Moving Average 50 (SMA)
Moving Average 100 (SMA)
2-Direction conditions: (How to Check the direction):

2-1 All moving average lines (SMA) are arranged

Down trend: average 30 under 50 and 50 below 100
Rising trend: average 30 above 50 and 50 above 100

The price should form descending tops and bottoms in a bearish direction.
The price should form bullish tops and bottoms in the upside.
When peaks and bottoms overlap in the opposite direction, this is a weak sign of direction.
Alarm signals:

The averages are not arranged
Cross line 30 with the rest of the lines in the opposite direction
2-2 All moving average lines (SMA) are pointing in the same direction:

Down trend: All moving averages should be indicated below
Upward trend: All moving average lines sho…
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Слышали об индикаторе Stochastic? Уверен, что да. Весьма полезный инструмент в толковых руках. В этой статье я расскажу о "стохастическом поглощении" и его применении в торговле на валютном рынке Форекс. В статье также будут отображены все возможные фильтры, которые помогут более продуктивно использовать данный метод торговли. Данный термин придумал я сам, поэтому статья уникальна по своей сути.
Рабочее пространство
Первым делом начнем с настройки рабочего стола. Нам потребуются четыре стандартных индикатора. Список индикаторов с настройками:
  • Скользящая средняя. Период 200. Красный цвет.
  • Скользящая средняя. Период 50. Синий цвет.
  • Stochastic. Период 5,3,3. Цвета синий и красный.
  • Stochastic. Период 21,3,3. Цвета зеленый и красный.

Так это должно все выглядеть на графике.
Работаем только на временных интервалах от четырех часов и выше. Ловим только чистый рынок, шум нам не нужен.

Как и в любой торговой стратегии у нас есть фильтры. В роли них выступают две скользящие средние с периодами 50 и 200.
Если скользящая с периодом 50 находится ниже скользящей с периодом 200, то движение нисходящее и мы будем искать вход только на продажу. Если же скользящая с периодом 50 ок…
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"20 правил Успешный трейдер"
1. Трейдер, знай себя. Успешная торговля – это на 97% понимание и использование своих собственных сильных и слабых сторон. Если Вы постоянно вступаете в сделки, которые не используют Ваши сильные стороны, то Вы будете терять деньги.
2. Инвестируйте Ваши деньги, а не Ваше «эго». Даже самая тщательно построенная система может неожиданно завести Вас не в ту сторону. Условия меняются. Рынки меняются. И даже система, работающая прекрасно, может дать сбой из-за таких изменений. Всегда будьте готовы к адаптации. Если Вы не готовы изменить свои установки, это может стоить Вам очень дорого. Никогда не давайте вашей сделке стать «инвестицией» просто потому, что Вы неспособны понимать изменения рынка.
3. Ведите торговый журнал. Очень трудно учиться на ошибках, если Вы их не помните. Всегда храните записи о Ваших прошлых ошибках и успехах под рукой. Следите за рыночными движениями и реакциями и записывайте свои наблюдения. Записывайте, как рынок движется в определенные моменты. Такой подробный журнал не менее ценен, чем любой когда-либо написанный учебник об успешной торговле.
4. Открывайте позицию, как если бы она имела потенциал стать «крупнейшей сделкой года». Д…
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Scalping is hard. It takes a lot of time, it can be emotionally draining and extremely stressful. And if you’re not careful with your risk control scalping can ruin your trading account. But there’s a time and place for every trading style and sometimes scalping should be your system of choice.
You Need Rules!
Scalping requires a quick mind and fast fingers. You need to have rules for both entries and exits, as well as for your risk management (more on this below). These rules need to be clear, simple and easy to follow. There must be no room for second-guessing yourself or thinking too much. In scalping, there’s just no time to analyse the charts to death and you can’t work out a plan after you enter.
Setting Up Our Charts
Time to setup our charts. My one minute system uses three indicators, two moving averages and one oscillator. For the Moving Average click on ‘Add Indicator’ in your J-forex platform, then open the ‘Overlap Studies’ folder and pick ‘MA - Moving Average’ from the list. The default values here are Simple Moving Average applied to the closing price, so you only need to change the initial value from 30 to 25. Now repeat the same process and add a second SMA with a v…
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Introduction:Forex Trading is not miracle Earning Method,Now it is very popular and real earning method for any person ,But Earning not easy ,So Here 90% Trader lose money and only 10% Trader get Profit .Most Of The Trader Lose Money Because lack of Perfect Trading strategy ,Here I present excellent Strategy for regular Profit Of Your Trading Portfolio ,Only one trade Per Day ,Not More Than One.
Prepare For Trading at Broker :First Step You Need Prepare For start live Trading at Your Desire Broker ,I recommend Dukascopy or Dukascopy EU,It is Safe and regulated Broker .We can access Forex Market By Using Dukascopy Extreme Platform and It has Low Spread ,also low Commission.Minimum 100USD require For Start live Trading at Dukascopy EU
Dukascopy has Also World famous Liquidity Provider ,Like HSBC ,BNP Paribas .So Dukascopy Our First Choice For Live Trading.
Risk Management Plan : First We Must Be set up Our Risk management system ,Risk Management Not Only Important But Also Essential For Our Every entry .Risk Management at Dukascopy Example
Broker_Name: Dukascopy Or Dukascopy EU
Time_frame:15 minute
Maximum_Trading Risk Per Day
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Many traders avoid trading on days of important news. It is true that the market in these times is much more volatile, making it really unpredictable. But is that the best is not trade these days or try to take advantage of these features of the day’s news. In this article we can see a strategy to take advantage of volatility in periods of news.

The News

The forex market can be very volatile in the short term. Although the currency pairs follow sometimes clear trends over long periods of time, but in the intraday the currencies react very quickly to the unfolding news. It is essential to know what news has more impact and sources following to profit in forex world.
In this picture we can see the Dukascopy Economic Calendar [1]
- What news is most important in forex trading?
Not all the news has the same impact, some are followed more closely than others simply because they have more influence on the appreciation of some currencies against the other. In general we can say that the main economic indicators are always important:
  1. Gross domestic product (GDP) and its rate of quarterly or annual growth;
  2. Inflation rate;
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The RSI Indicator
The Relative Strength Index indicator is one of the most commonly used indicators in the financial world.
It is in the class of momentum oscillator indicators and was developed by a technical analyst Welles Wilder.
The main function of this indicator is to detect strength and weakness in a trend.
Often used to see over bought and over sell conditions based in its range of measurement from 0 to 100 in its own graphics where 0 is in the bottom of its range and 100 is at the top.
The Formula is: 100 – (100/1+RS) where RS is: Average gains/ Average Loss
Settings: the most common parameter is 14 period
If the RSI is above the high line 70 it is indicating over bought conditions, over there the traders start looking to enter sell orders, and when the indicator is under the 30 of is range is to be over sold so they will be looking for long positions.
The RSI indicator is most effective when used in middle to large charts such as daily and weekly, but because is very effective indicators many average traders use it in as low as one minute charts.
Method of using this indicator: It is mainly used to Identify over brought and over sold conditions as well as a tool to ID…
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Forex mkt price movement and volatility are compounded weekly monthly, quarterly and yearly ,This week I will keep my focus on the weekly trend as I bring to the fore the weekly technical forecast and ichimoku trend analysis.
The weekly trends and development for the week 13 / 06 / 2016 and my point of view on trending currency pairs; price action, what has happened in the mkt in past week and what may likely be installed for the week ahead.
Reviewing the US dollar index as we all understand that all major currencies trade against the US dollar, so I found it informative and valuable analyzing the US dollar index from week to week to determine its weakness and strength and also gauge mkts trend direction for the week.
The dollar index resumes uptrend after trending support at 93.40 to close at 94.65 last week and Major economic event from the US last week was Yellen speech in Philadelphia which highlighted downside risks to the US economic outlook .
measuring dollar index against bracket of currencies , New zealand remained the top gainer together with Swiss franc , Canadian dollar and Japaneses yen while and Gbp continually depreciated .
This week the dollar index …
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Forex mkt price movement and volatility are compounded weekly monthly, quarterly and yearly ,This week I will keep my focus on the weekly trend as I bring to the fore the weekly technical forecast and ichimoku trend analysis.
The weekly trends and development for the week 6 / 06 / 2016 and my point of view on trending currency pairs; price action, what has happened in the mkt in past week and what may likely be installed for the week ahead.
Reviewing the US dollar index as we all understand that all major currencies trade against the US dollar, so I found it informative and valuable analyzing the US dollar index from week to week to determine its weakness and strength and also gauge mkts trend direction for the week.
The dollar index trades downtrend as a result of immediate market reaction as expected given the huge decline in jobs added last month and the dollar proceeded to depreciate further ,reversing much of its gains within the past few weeks .
Major economic data release from the US last week was weak with Consumer Confidence recording 92.6 less than expected 96.1 , USD ISM Manufacturing rose from 50.8 to 51.3 in may , also Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP) report show…
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Forex mkt price movement and volatility are compounded weekly monthly quarterly and yearly. This week I will write on technical and trend development for the week16/05/2016 as I take a look into the trending currency pairs; price action, what has happened in the mkt in past week and what may likely be installed for the week ahead.
A review on the US dollar index as we all understand that all major currencies trade against the US dollar, so I found it informative to take a look at the US dollar index from week to week to determine its weakness and strength also gauge mkts trend direction for the week .
Dollar index continued uptrend as predicted after trending retracement at 93.50 to close at 94.60 last week. Major economic data from the US last week showed US retail sales rising at the fastest pace in a year at 0.80% excluding autos. The retail sales control core increased 0.90% beating estimates of a 0.40%. while retail sales Excluding autos jumped 0.80%, above the forecasts of 0.50%.
Comparing the dollar against the bracket of major currencies , The dollar emerged the top gainer last week while other currencies traded in negative territory with Nzd Aud and Yen been …
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