1.0 Introduction
In economic literature, the individual terms used interchangeably or in similar contexts, so it is necessary to distinguish detail to define and explain, in order to understand their interconnection and relationships. Some terms below are important for traders because fundamental analysis can help to create better technical analysis.
Figure 1: Introduction
2.0 Stock market and Burgernomics
From the very beginning, the stock market is tied to a specific place - a meeting place of traders / intermediaries, who are between themselves traded in certain period of time and by the rules that are established. On the stock exchanges are traded cash and goods, according to the trade exchange are divided into effective, merchandise and mixed. On the first trading securities, foreign exchange and financial derivatives, other goods, and on the third one and the other. The subject of trading on the stock exchange must always be standardized. Another characteristic of stock markets, the absence of cases of trafficking from where it traded. Rules of exchange on the stock exchange markets have a dual function - to provide all the detailed eye standardization items and trading rule…
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