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Having a good system is only half the battle. Knowing when and how to use it is the second and arguably more important part. Some strategies work better during ranges while others excel in trending markets. In my previous article I shared 3 very simple systems to trade range-bound markets. You can read more about them HERE .
As most seasoned forex traders know, the currency market usually enters into a lull during the summer. This period is also called the summer dull-drums.
All 3 of these systems performed great in the EUR/USD this summer. In this article I will provide an update. Let's see how the 3 systems performed from July 1st to August 20th.
Three Wins for the Bollinger Bands System
The Bollinger Bands system already scored three sizeable wins! Here are the ground rules for the system:
1. We go long when prices hit the lower Bollinger Band
2. We exit when the price touches the middle between the BBands, the 20 SMA
3. Alternatively, we place our stoploss below the most recent swing low
For shorts:
1. We go short when the price hits the upper Bollinger Band
2. We exit at a touch of the 20 simple moving average in the middle
3. Alternatively, we define our risk by pl…
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Margoshka 28 Aug.


WallStreet6 avatar

Very insightful! Haven't used systems, but that's what I presume that they're not universal for long term use. And it's important to distinguish which system to use when.

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Wonderful job! And good thoughts!!!! Well done, friend)!

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anna_n 3 Sep.


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great article!

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Let’s apply Kelley’s formula to the above 3 examples with PE =0.39; 0.56 and 1.13 Example 1 Average win: $152 Average loss: $123 Profitable Trades: 62% А = W/L = 153/123 = 1.24 PE = 0.39 K = PE/A = 0.39/1.24 = 0.3145 K = 0.31 this gives you a percentage of how much of your capital should be behind each and every trade. In our case, this is about 32%. If we start the Dukas contest with $ 100, 000 then we can risk 100000 * 32% = $ 32 000 If we trade EUR/USD where margin is $ 1,300 $ 32,000 / $ 1,300 = 25 lots where 1pip is equal to $10. At Dukas platform 2.5 I. How to use the Money Management Formula. As I mentioned in the beginning it is not necessary to be a mathematician and remember all the formulas that we will encountered in the article. I have prepared the Money Management Calculator for you (it's as easy to use as a regular calculator). With it we can easily not only select the system with PE, but also apply the adequate money management process to that system. What gives us the calculator? 1). Positive expectation of the system that we test (A good system is one that has a PE> 0.5). 2). The percentage of our capital, that should be behind each and every tra…
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eagl 17 Oct.

Good work with the article, but I would not recommend the full Kelly in real-life trading. It risks too much such that ruin of capital seems inevitable if you use it long enough. Maybe a quarter Kelly will work nice in real life.

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cleaner 21 Oct.

I 100% agree with your recommendation
In Part 2 of this article it was noted:
“AMOUNT (millions) = 4.59
I personally prefer not to trade the amount 4.59 with one pair. I prefer to split it into 4 different pairs each equal to 1.15, significantly reducing the risk.”

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Dear Traders and
Community Members,
launched ECR JForex Strategy in OCTOBER ‘2011
strategy contest. It’s been over Three Months and its Demo Performance has been
very good in spite of the hard times many forex trading strategies have been
this article I am going to review of very simple strategy ECR’s last three month’s
performance and also Explanation of this strategy.
the last three months except NOVEMBER “ECR” gave very steady profit over the
pairs of EUR/USD and AUD/USD.
Introduction about ECR:
                In that
strategy I used three indicators to create LONG and SHORT trade.
– Exponential Moving Average, Time Period – 34.
– Commodity Channel Index, Time Period – 14.
– relative Strength Index, Time Period – 14.
Used 10 mins chart for this strategy on both the pairs EUR/USD and AUD/USD.The
ECR trades are on the pairs that take about 30 pips in profit and 50 pips in
Stop loss.
= 50 PIPS.
Performance of ECR:               ECR Produces
above 80% of winning trades…
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Otto12 20 Jan.

schön aufgearbeitet das thema, mehr als zwei indikatoren verwende ich nicht oder nur einfach P&F (point and figure)

Otto12 avatar
Otto12 20 Jan.

beautifully refurbished the topic, more than two indicators I use no or only simple P & F (point and figure)

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bscholes 23 Jan.

I coded a custom indicator for the strategy which gives entry/exit signals, which you can find here:

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kkforex 24 Jan.

best luck for the month.

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procur 31 Jan.

It`s a good and simple strategy. Not overloaded with indicators.

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