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In today's article I want to talk about two types of traders. They define two different styles of trading.
The important thing I realized, engaging in trading - there is no trading system that would suit everyone. We all have different financial goals and a different perception of risks. Read this post until the end, think and decide what style of trading suits you most.
System Trading

System Trading is based on specific rules that the trader does not have the right to violate. This means that if trading strategy gives you a signal to buy, then you should definitely buy. There is no place for the human factor and reflection.
The first systems traders, which I learned about, were "turtle-traders." They traded futures on the 20 and / or 50-day breakdown. In total, I think, about 18 instruments. Their task is to catch the trend. Drawdown reached in some cases 40%. That is, the number of losing trades was great.
Now imagine that a system trader suddenly decides not to enter the market, although he got strategy signals. And just at this moment trend starts - a source of profits of this trading style. As you know, one mistake, so it is the human factor, resulting in a significant l…
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good topic

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                    Silly Secret III: Trading style   Scalping and Swing trading:               Scalping is a trading technique where a trader is very active in the market and enters the position with a smaller pip profit or loss, says about 10-15 pips and does the same for about 5 to hundreds of trades a day. At the end of the day, he theoretically might have gained around 100 -150 pips. A scalper typically watches the price action of tick chart to 1min chart and takes action very fast.             Where as in swing trading technique a trader looks at big pip gain and waits for the trading setup to exist and then enters the market where he is expecting big movement in the market with relatively smaller leverage. A swing trader watches price action of more than 5 minutes to 4 hour chart and then takes his call for a bigger take profit and smaller loss. Time and again it’s proven that those who adopt longer term view of the market and trade according to the trend have been successful in the market as they get plenty of time to decide and even when he is on the wrong side, can always make good by either reversing the position or hedge the position. Those who follow scalpin…
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I like your style keep going...

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I don't like scalping... I think intraday trading could be used only in London's Open and in news Releases. Money Management is a MUST, and it should be used with a Position Size Calculator... +1 for You my friend

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Trading the Forex market can be a fun and enjoyable, exciting activity that gives you a good adrenaline rush trying to battle the market everyday. Volatile movements and unpredictable reactions to news events can make trading this market the best thing in the world. But from what I have seen over the years, day traders who try to do this everyday will always struggle compared to long term traders who will be laughing all the way to the bank-every time.   Short-term targets, which I have come to realize are nothing more than low-hanging fruit, are nice to get after doing your analysis and seeing the market move to your target after several hours of patience and perseverance. But because of the cost of your average trade, the limited range of the daily movements and a number of other market and real life factors, day trading might really turn out to be nothing more than an enjoyable hobby. Short-term, day traders essentially try to predict the daily movements of currencies during peak trading hours, while long-term traders, attempt to capture the weekly (swing) and monthly ranges. Using the most popular and liquid currencies in the market, the comparisons below reveal the real mon…
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