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В этой статье речь пойдет о классическом индикаторе Moving Average и нахождении областей поддержки и сопротивления при помощи него. Для определения конкретной точки входа мы рассмотрим некоторые приемы Price Action.
Индикатор Moving Average
Moving Average или Скользящая Средняя является классическим индикатором и имеется в каждом торговом терминале. Скользящая Средняя рассчитывает среднюю цену цены за определенный интервал времени. Период равен количеству дней.
Есть несколько разновидностей скользящих средних. Например, Simple, Exponential, Smoothed, Linear Weighted. Мы будем использовать Exponential MA, поскольку она дает более точную картину происходящего.
Начнем с настройки рабочего пространства. В терминале наложим на график 3 индикатора Moving Average:
  1. Moving Average (EMA) c периодом 50. Цвет синий.
  2. Moving Average (EMA) с периодом 100. Цвет зеленый.
  3. Moving Average (EMA) с периодом 200. Цвет красный
Так это должно выглядеть на графике. На рисунке мы наблюдаем отчетливое нисходящее движение. При восходящем движении все наоборот.
Сперва определим необходимый нам отрезок, где мы будем искать область входа. При нисходящем движении скользящие должны располагаться в следующ…
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TradeSem 9 Feb.

Хорошо работает также на сутках.  Сутки- зона (как в статье), Неделя- фильтр ( по машке 200), 4 часа-точка.

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Ну , с моей тс, конечно , не сравнить . Но все на уровне????

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Трейдить на 15 минутах не так уж и плохо , а риски можно анализировать и так же с успехом открывать и закрывать сделки

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А статья довольно-таки неплохая , очень разумно разъяснено. Спасибо

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Milian 15 Feb.

Great work)

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If you want to be a professional forex trader, you should have known the basic reasons of loss in forex trading. If is very simple to identify for you if you have been trading in the trading market for six or more months. You can find out many causes of getting loss if it is asked to you. However now i am trying to remind as you know.(a) Using high leverage in trading.(b) Lack of knowledge in forex trading market.(c) Lack of Patience during trading hours.(d) Having greed in trading.(e) Lack of proper education relating forex trading market.(f) Lack of analytical abilityAny trader can tell you one by one if you ask him in this way. However there may have many other reasons for getting loss in forex trading market.Although Many traders being informed about these reasons they can not make profit consistently. Obviously there is something more except above. Now i would like to share you something which i have already observed during my trading hours. I think big portion of new traders can not find out the exact reasons that, "Why is he making loss consistently?". Even many advanced traders do not care of the reasons.Now i am trying to disclose three reasons respectively below1). Tryi…
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Delossan avatar
Delossan 10 Apr.

(c) Lack of Patience during trading hours and (d) Having greed in trading. Invisible enemies. Good article+

Efegen avatar
Efegen 10 Apr.

Yep indeed a lesson i learned sadly+1

scramble avatar
scramble 11 Apr.

lack of patience is my worst enemy. not just lack of patience... it's way more complex: waiting an entry which never come, pressure increase, so getting a wrong entry, price reverse, pressure already high keeps increasing, cut the loss, just to see price turning at entry later.

Likerty avatar
Likerty 18 Apr.

I agree what you say, but actually I often recover lost money imidiately if after triggered stops markets show taht going in oposite direction - I'm rentering in that new direction too:) For me - stop loss is the price of knowing that you are wrong about one diredction but at the same time it prooves that other direction is right:)

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I won‘t
preach much about things you already read about or heard of. I‘m here to tell you those little secrets that you may not find in
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About my
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precision entries and exits. H4 and D1 time frames I use for reference of main
trend and to determine important support and resistance areas near by. Mostly I
open positions in a direction of a flow after momentum appears or scalp
rejections of intraday levels. Close all your trades or look for new ones right after new sessions starts or ends. Write it down and put sticky note right in front of your eyes: London opening (08:00 GMT +1 (it c…
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Dainius avatar
Dainius 20 June

Well done.

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Tsandes 23 June

Well done.

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Djtrader 25 June


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doctortyby 27 June

A lot of work dedicated to the writing of this article. Good points, but the intraday and scalping trading style could prove to be very stressful and consuming over the long run, be careful.

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adask 30 June

Interesting and useful article. Good luck.

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