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  • Almost any trader who starts trading on the new platform, feels uncomfortable or even experiences unbearable distaste for it, cursing it's "stupid" creators. Fortunately, I did not know the whole bouquet of those emotions when a month ago, began trading on the Dukascopy's options platform. Not because it is flawless, but because I have very little experience with similar platforms.

  • In the process of working with the platform, one thing caught my eye immediately, there are other disadvantages implicit. So what do Ducascopy need to become a butterfly among other options platforms...
  • In fact, a little bit. Let's start from the beginning.

  • 1. Pending/Active Opions area.
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maviz 26 May

Thanks Guys!

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maviz Great to hear that you're now able to use one-click mode. As for the screen size issue, you may as well report that to support. Or make a request for adaptation of the binary platform for smaller screens, tablets and mobiles.

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Good articel !

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great post

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Хорошая статья

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Introduction Dukascopy Bank SA is the best retail forex broker. There are many reasons why this is so. In this article, I will present seven of those reasons. You may wish to agree with me or not. Although many clients of Dukascopy Bank SA are not necessarily retail traders, for the purpose of this article, we will focus only on retail clients. For obvious reasons, I shall not provide names of the competition although the article is tilted towards a comparison between other forex brokers and Dukascopy Bank SA. I will now proceed to discuss the seven reasons why Dukascopy Bank SA is the best retail forex broker. For the purpose of this article, I have chosen to abbreviate Dukascopy Bank SA to DBSA. 1) Liquidity – how large is the market? In any market, a large volume of a product translates into competitive pricing. In the world’s largest market, i.e. the forex market – a retail broker who offers large amount of liquidity will invariably provide competitive pricing. The higher the liquidity, the more likely that your orders will be filled. Now, when it comes to liquidity, few retail brokers can hold a candle to DBSA. With its SWFX technology, DBSA has beaten the competition …
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SpecialFX avatar
SpecialFX 11 Dec.

I dont know about being the best Forex broker, because I only have experience with about half a dozen, but they are my favorite :) The platform is not perfect though, the fact that daily candles are created at 00:00GMT and not at the official 17:00 NY time really bugs me...its not a major problem all things considered, but it interferes with my strategy.

captain avatar
captain 12 Dec.

Thank you SpecialFX for your comments. Some brokers create daily candles according to the official 17:00 NY time; others according to 00:00 local time of the location of the broker's server; others at 00:00 local time of the user/trader. Personally I prefer the 00:00GMT as a rather neutral benchmark bearing in mind that the market is a 24hr market and Greenwhich Meridian provides the reference framework for reckoning time around the planet. Sorry about the interference with your strategy.

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ZHOU 16 Dec.


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captain 24 Dec.

Zhou, I wish I could understand what you have written - are you in a position to translate into English?

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