The trading system of the trader is an algorithm by which trading positions are opened and closed. Spontaneous transactions rarely bring a positive result, therefore, working on Forex, you need to create your own trading system. This will help reduce the impact of the human factor, as well as significantly reduce the time costs for trade. The main part of the trading system is the analysis of the market and the receipt of trading signals. Analyze the market can be using macroeconomic data or technical analysis. Trading systems based on technical analysis are more common, as technical analysis provides more opportunities for traders. Trading system can be different. Some systems use trend trading. The purpose of the system are: - determination of the existing trend (trend indicators are used for this); - selection of a point to enter the market (the entrance is usually made after a market rollback, which is calculated using Fibonacci or MA levels); - selection of the exit point (support / resistance levels or oscillators can be used for this).
The next kind of trading systems is trading on rollback. The entrance to the market is carried out at the signal of the oscillator …
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Good examples

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Большой стаж торговли отличает то, что со временем нарабатываются важные НАВЫКИ торговли.

Торговля ведется на основе систематического технического анализа рынков, анализе и интерпретации экономических и других фундаментальных данных. Торговля построена таким образом, что вход в позиции не частый – 1 - 2 раз в день, 3-6 раза в неделю на один инструмент (например Eur/usd). Осуществление данной торговой программы зависит как от технического, так и от фундаментального анализа. Технический анализ включает в себя изучение ценовых графиков(price action), уровней поддержки/сопротивления, скользящих средних. Фундаментальный анализ включает в себя условия рынка, тренд и волатильность, спрос и предложение, а также экономические факторы и другие мировые события, которые могут повлиять на рынки.
Торговля ведется по тренду. Торговля имеет прибыль также и во время консолидации рынка, его флэта. Установлены условия для входа в сделку, точки входа, выхода. Обязательный SL и TP. Рассчитаны риски на сделку, разработан манименеджмент счета. При торговле учитывается средние показатели волатильности рынка, его ликвидность. Производится постоянный контроль за новостями и контроль за морально психологич…
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Благодарю за поддержку!!)

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very well done

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Introduction:Forex Trading is not miracle Earning Method,Now it is very popular and real earning method for any person ,But Earning not easy ,So Here 90% Trader lose money and only 10% Trader get Profit .Most Of The Trader Lose Money Because lack of Perfect Trading strategy ,Here I present excellent Strategy for regular Profit Of Your Trading Portfolio ,Only one trade Per Day ,Not More Than One.
Prepare For Trading at Broker :First Step You Need Prepare For start live Trading at Your Desire Broker ,I recommend Dukascopy or Dukascopy EU,It is Safe and regulated Broker .We can access Forex Market By Using Dukascopy Extreme Platform and It has Low Spread ,also low Commission.Minimum 100USD require For Start live Trading at Dukascopy EU
Dukascopy has Also World famous Liquidity Provider ,Like HSBC ,BNP Paribas .So Dukascopy Our First Choice For Live Trading.
Risk Management Plan : First We Must Be set up Our Risk management system ,Risk Management Not Only Important But Also Essential For Our Every entry .Risk Management at Dukascopy Example
Broker_Name: Dukascopy Or Dukascopy EU
Time_frame:15 minute
Maximum_Trading Risk Per Day
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thank you for sharing

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Good lesson for Forex Newbies and Wannabes ...also additional ammo for Forex Traders too :))

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Sometimes or many times our daily trading plan doesn't go the way we want even making the efforts to get high results.
Maybe reading the charts, checking the fundamentals and setting up the entries with proper stops and realistic limits but without isn't in sync between our actions and mind to make the winning decisions.
I have read few books about forex market and found helpful information to work the emotional area on my daily trading.
This article is focused on people interested in information about mindset and also can contribute in personal life.
There are wide pages of chapters talking about it, but I want to make a summary more like a handbook and the information provided
here has taken it on the "John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd" in your book "The Wiley trading guide".
We can send positive messages to our unconscious mind by making a simple but powerful process before to start the day focusing on two main thoughts.
  1. Remarking the event.
  2. Remarking the day.
Remarking the event:
To make this we need to think about two events no matter the time of the day:
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Very interesting article

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Good article!

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yes, tough to control ur emotion and tough to get ur mind ready to accept the truth no matter what scenario in mkt but 4C everyone know but each time u loosed for next time u commit ur 4C but again when u enter in trade u forgotten back :D

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well done!

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Muchas gracias por este artículo!

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Trading Weekly and Daily Charts
This strategy assumes some ability to evaluate the character of candles. The candles are the most basic element of price action. Each candle tells a story. It is more important to evaluate candles in certain areas such as in the preferred entry area which will be described. Steve Nison and Gregory Morris are experts in Japanese Candlestick interpretation and one is encouraged to study their material.
Time Frames: Weekly, Daily and H4 and M30. Using a specific criteria, weekly and daily zones will be identified where trades may occur. The M30 will be used to pinpoint trades within the context of the 30 minute time frame. Since this is not a scalping method time frames less than 30 minutes are not used. Very occasionally the 15 min time frame may be used.
Strategy: Identify key support and resistance utilizing large bodied weekly candles. The 50% rule is explained later and is the preferred area of entry but not necessarily the only area for entry. Daily large bodied candles are also used in the same manner but here I always trade in the context of the weekly large bodied candle. …
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thanks for insightful hints

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the best trading strategy thanks for sharing

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very  good

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Analogies and metaphors can be a great learning tool, because they make complex and not-so-obvious things simple and understandable. Take, for example, boxing and trading. Trading and boxing seemed to have nothing in common at first glance - difficult decisions in the financial markets and, on the other hand, a fight between two men at the ring. However, based on these polar things it is very much in common.
You cannot avoid the blows.
Despite the fact that the best boxers of the world have a quick response, the incredible speed of movement, they are still missing a beat during the battle. It is impossible not to miss a single blow during the fight. It does not mean to lose; it's just part of the game.
In trade, you will not be able to avoid the stop-losses, they will happen quite often. There is no need to avoid the stop-loss and try to prove to yourself that you were wrong - ultimately it could lead to a catastrophe. A professional trader takes the stop-loss for granted and not concerned about it - he just continues to trade as if nothing had happened. He does not lose his attention and control, and is just waiting for the next profitable pattern, he inflict his next stroke.
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Very well written and informative article! Great effort put in the presentation.

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they are very close in the approaches

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`One of the smartest things I have ever heard when we talk about trading and business in general goes "Fail to plan and you plan to fail". Of course having a plan doesn't automatically translates into success and profit. But even if you lose money, you can be at peace with yourself because you developed a plan and followed it. Of course, modifications and fine tuning of your trading plan will also help.
So, what is our plan ? I have defined a scalping strategy which consists of three basic elements:
1) Trend - The price has to be in a clear downtrend. Usually, the price breaks the support, clears stops and then reverses and tests the resistance i.e. previous support.
2) Hammer candlestick pattern - A bullish reversal pattern which consists of a long lower wick which is at least two times smaller than the body of the candle. The close should be at top of the candle.
3) Volume - The volume has to be higher than for the previous candle, which usually is a red candle. The bigger difference between volume in these two candles, the greater reversal will be.
EURUSD 5 min chart
GBPUSD 5 min chart
USDCAD 5 min chart
Trade management
Good charts will help you a lot and create a great…
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yes !!! this is powerful strategy ..

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thanks everyone!

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interesting setup, do you use it profitably? any result on last 2months?

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занимательно замечательно

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There are many elements that, when put together, produce a great trader. If you look and read about them, you will usually find three different types of analysis: technical, fundamental and sentiment analysis. If you continue reading, they will tell you that if you analyze properly from the technical aspect, as well as take into consideration context of the currency pair i.e. fundamental analysis, you will do well as a trader. However, this is only partially true.
One of the main reasons why very few brilliant scholars can make their way into trading, lies in their trading plan, or the lack of one. Out of many Forex experts I follow on Twitter, only one or two of them have a background in finance/economics. If you ask why, your answer lies in the title of this article - Trading plan. Instead of reading endless papers on how to define your trading plan, I advise to use Trading Contest to practice and most importantly, to learn how to trade in the right way. And that is: by limiting your position size (risk management), defining trade parameters (entry, SL and TP) as well as trying to stick to your plan.
Fundamental analysis

Each and every morning when I go through all charts, I for…
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great work

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Спасибо , очень  интересная статья !

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Прежде всего хочу поблагодарить команду Dukascopy за честность, открытость , умение привлечь и сплотить вокруг себя многочисленный коллектив участников и самое главное: за выполнение всех своих обязательств.
Каждый человек, зайдя на сайт компании , увидит большое количество всевозможных конкурсов. Разнообразие конкурсов позволяет участвовать большому количеству людей и раскрывать их потенциальные возможности. Каждый конкурс по-своему уникален. Возникает естественное желание принять в них участие и соответственно, если не победить, то хотя бы занять призовое место с начислением призовых ( prizes ) средств. По своему опыту могу сказать, что сделать это совсем непросто. Но возможно. В этой статье я не буду рассказывать как выиграть или какую для этого использовать стратегию. Многие из Вас знают это не хуже меня. Но я хочу поделиться личным опытом “ отработки призовых ”.
Основная раздел.
Основной раздел разделю на 3 части: теоретическая, практическая и полученные результаты. И специально начну с третьей.
Полученные результаты.
Сделал все необходимые действия с переводом призовых ( prizes ) средств на реальный счет и начал торговлю. По призовым суммам мне нужно было отра…
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... Interesting thoughts...

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"Открытие позиции Buy объемом в 20000, затем открытие встречной позиции Sell с таким же объемом и закрытие обеих позиций дает в результате объем 80000."
Я тут не поняла, почему в сумме 80000, а не 40000?

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Introduction: -
Every trader want to make handsome amount of money by trading Stock, currency and various instruments available through trading platform. we should make a plan for each and every trade, If you're going to put money at risk, make sure the reward is high enough to justify the time and effort you put into the trading decision.
Careful and effective use of technical indicators can improve your trading style, chart patterns and technical indicators are patterns and calculations based on particular pair's past, price and volume activity. They help us to predict an instrument's future price and direction of the trend. I am explaining you basics of Moving average a better known indicator in this article.
Moving Average: the moving average is a simple technical analysis tool that smooths out price data by creating a constantly updating average price. The average price is taken over a specific period of time, 15 minutes, 1 hrs. 1 day, 1 week or any other time period that you choose.
Moving average can help you to identify the direction of price movement or trend, if moving average is going upward and price is also moving up that means trend is up trend as shown in the below…
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great article, very informative and practical

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Good job))))

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I agree with wisdom_consultant  . I gave a Like to honour your wok.

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On entend souvent dire que la très grande majorité des traders perd de l'argent. Les raisons sont multiples, toutefois l'explication qui revient le plus souvent est que le ratio gain/perte est défavorable, indépendamment du nombre de trades gagnés ou perdus. Autrement dit, les traders coupent trop rapidement leurs gains et laissent courir leurs pertes.
Quelle en est la raison ?
De mon point de vue, cela tient au momentum des marchés. Notons tout d'abord qu'un grand nombre de portions de cours en très forte tendance ne sont en définitive qu'un miroir aux alouettes en ce sens qu'elles font suite à une nouvelle économique pour laquelle aucune stratégie sérieuse ne peut être mise en place. Les experts s'accordent à dire que tout actif évolue en gros 25% du temps en tendance, 75% du temps en trading range.
Ce qui revient à dire que pour toute position ouverte, la probabilité est grande de voir les cours évoluer à proximité du point d'entrée. Dans ce cas, le temps joue contre le trader qui s'impatiente, las de voir les cours osciller autour de son prix d'entrée, frustré par ses gains potentiels perdus. La tentation de couper rapidement les maigres bénéfices devient de plus en plus irré…
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nice article! very helpful!

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Very good article, good luck with it :)

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Contrary to popular trading beliefs, there are actually such things as perfect trade setups. The reason a lot of traders say perfect trade setups do not exist is because they rarely have the patience to wait for these perfect setups.
My definition of a perfect trade is a trade that has the following characteristics:
  1. It should be in the direction of the trend.
  2. It should have minimal risk and have a good risk-to-reward potential.
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pipx thanks..:)

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1.0 Introduction
If we look at the world economy and compare the interest rates we will see that the NZD has the highest interest rate of 3% .While Gross domestic product was only 0.2% and Global Dairy Trade Price Index declining for 18 weeks we can see a lot of room for more rate cut. in the future.In May NZD was clearly desperate decline in employment in the first quarter. All economic indicators point to the poor state of the economy of New Zealand.
In this article I will try to show the fundamental and technical analysis of the NZD currency, and to point out that there is still room for new lower price levels, new bearish wave.
2.0 Fundamental analysis
Rate cut was imminent in July. All analysts had hoped, and as always happens, after such decisions the currency starts to fall further.

Figure 1: Rate cut economic event in July 2015.

But when we make analysis we need to be open-minded. So I will give you in Figure 2. fundamental events for and against bullish and bearish direction.
Figure 2: Economic events which can cause bullish or bearish scenario for NZD/USD

As I wrote in introduction, bad employment data, weak GDP and now rate cut, everything points to the poor state of …
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Great article...

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Do you see fxigor future NZD gain in autumn 2015. ?

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pipericky 31 Авг.

NZD moves down and I'll not trade this "slow" pair.EURNZD & GBPNZDlook excellent for trading.

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fxigor 31 Авг.

NZD is outside my radar now. I do not see any bullish momentum but we will see.

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albertmakris 6 Сент.

NZD 'll go down in my opinion. nice work

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The forex market is the largest financial market and can be accessed around the world, but even though there are many forex investors, only a few are really successful. Many traders fail for the same reason the failure in other asset classes. In addition, extreme leverage - the use of borrowed capital (collateral) to increase the potential return on investment - that is provided by the market, and a number of relatively small margin to trade currencies, denying traders the opportunity to make a lot of mistakes at low risk. Factors specific to currency trading can lead to some traders expect a return on investment greater than the market can offer, or to take more risks.
Certain errors may keep traders on their investment objectives. The following are some of the common pitfalls that can interfere with the forex trader:
1. Not Maintaining Discipline in conducting trade.
The biggest mistake that can be made by any trader is to let emotions control trading decisions. Being a successful forex trader means achieving a major victory after a while suffering from a lot of small losses. Experiencing many consecutive losses emotionally disturbing, and can test the patience and confidence of…
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Thank you, Anna :)

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Man, you forgot to place some pictures..:) Thats a no-go in this contest...

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Rather difficult to apply in the form of images. but thanks for the suggestion. :)

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nice article

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We all know how difficult it is to earn money in Forex market and make a living out of it. More than 90 percent people lose money in Forex market due to various reasons. If you have been trading for long you must have realized by now how good you're at trading?
Let's face the fact and realize that if we are losing money then we don't fall in the category of GOOD TRADERS. Today, I would talk about few signs that would help you know your trading style.
1. Trading blindly without a plan
This is a crime in Forex market and it would eventually blow up your account no matter how good you're at initial stages. Trading is just like a business so invest enough time in setting up a plan.
2. Absence of money management rule
Usually, it's best to start your trading career with 1% rule and increase it gradually. Evaluate your risk potential and keep it under 1% of your trading capital.
3. Emotions play in your trade
Yes, it's exciting to win trades, but if you get too excited then there is something not right. Trading should be dealt as a business process where emotions have no place.
4. You predict instead of react

There is a story behind every trade movem…
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Most of the traders can just look in the mirror and they will see one:))))))))))

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Very useful and worthwhile article!! Well done)

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