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At about 08.00 GMT, Saturday the 9th of January 2016, when I was reading one of the article posted here. I discovered once again how, many traders are so obsessed with creating strategies that they presume will make them profits in the market accurately and consistently.
Towards the end of the reading, these where the authors own words, may I ask permission to quote it “This whole process taught me the importance of considering large time frames during my trading analysis, and also the fact that automated strategies will never to totally reliable because they lack the human intellect to consider real-time fundamental changes in the market”.
This trader is not only correct, but did demonstrate from the statement above that she understands market price dynamics.
Granted, every forex trader wants to make profit. The old trader feels very badly when he sees he still get trade losses and the newbie trader becomes even more nervous and don’t want to get losses. In this article I want to remind the older trader and show the newbie traders what works, don’t quote me wrong, for some it works for them – understand my personal trading secrets am about to reveal for the first time
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great article!

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useful work

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good article!

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цікава думка щодо торгівлі !

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We all know how difficult it is to earn money in Forex market and make a living out of it. More than 90 percent people lose money in Forex market due to various reasons. If you have been trading for long you must have realized by now how good you're at trading?
Let's face the fact and realize that if we are losing money then we don't fall in the category of GOOD TRADERS. Today, I would talk about few signs that would help you know your trading style.
1. Trading blindly without a plan
This is a crime in Forex market and it would eventually blow up your account no matter how good you're at initial stages. Trading is just like a business so invest enough time in setting up a plan.
2. Absence of money management rule
Usually, it's best to start your trading career with 1% rule and increase it gradually. Evaluate your risk potential and keep it under 1% of your trading capital.
3. Emotions play in your trade
Yes, it's exciting to win trades, but if you get too excited then there is something not right. Trading should be dealt as a business process where emotions have no place.
4. You predict instead of react

There is a story behind every trade movem…
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Most of the traders can just look in the mirror and they will see one:))))))))))

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Very useful and worthwhile article!! Well done)

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Nice article!

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Sorry guys! I am behind schedule by a month due to some difficulties while logging into the DFC. No worries, we will just move forward with a month lag but as per the plan._____________________________________________________________________________A report shows that only about 5-10% of the retail traders make money in leveraged financial instruments may it be Stocks, commodity futures or Forex and others donate their money to the professional traders. But why most of the traders lose? What makes them think trading is gambling and consider it's waste of time trading. When we analyze the traders’ performance in Dukascopy Trader contest we see around 150 traders in positive balance and around 250 traders don’t trade and over 700 traders blow up their account. We know financial instruments are zero sum game. Where there is a winner, there is a loser some where else. Market is same for all. Everyone gets the same chart, same price streams, and same news at the same time. Then too why most people end up losing in the market.Some of the reasons for most of the traders lose money in trading High expectation: Newbie traders enter the market due to the leverage available in Fo…
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nice reeding.. great job

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Thank you very much for posting such kinda article , you are right in most of your point but I
want to add one more point in your article ,my point is that most people don't trade on a particular set of rule , they only say that there cannot be a particular formula for trading to win all time , but they don't understand that it require just 55 win % to be successful in trading , even though there cannot be created any system that can win 100% of the time but there can be 1000's of system can be created to win more than 55% trade and that is enough to 10$ to 1000000000000000000000$ ...

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enough to turn 10$ to 1000000000000$

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good article bro keet it up :)

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Good subject.

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Many might think trading FX is an easy way to make money. You can just pass some orders, have your free time and the money will just roll in. But to most FX traders, that is furthest from the truth. Why do 90% of FX traders lose money eventually. Why? One main reason is  that they tend to commit or are unable to shake off the seven common deadly sins which I will highlight below : They are actually quite obvious and commonsense to most people but in fact even the most knowledgeable and experience traders including myself commit those sins repeatedly. 1. Stubbornness - It is alright to have strong views but if you are long EUR/USD above 1.49 and still believing and hoping it will rise back to your level when it is 1.36 now - you are stubborn. Don't think you will ever be in that spot? I have know of many including CEOs, Central Bankers, Hedge Fund Managers and especially FX retail traders who are losing their pants being stuck in very bad short USD positions recently. 2. Greed - If you have a profit target but keep on adjusting them just before it was reached and eventually ended up losing - that is greed. Similarly if you keep taking big risk beyond your means with the hope of wi…
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Really good explanation of problems that a trader face everyday! The psychological side of trade it's the hardest to deal with. Keep going. One point from me :-)

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Good article about the Sins we need control in every trade, good luck...

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Yes, we have to overcome all of these!

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doctortyby 25 سپتامبر

I would add "Ignorance"... what you don't know that you don't know could make you broke at any time... and EGO, although your decisions are based on it, could be your biggest enemy, and could make you vulnerable...I wonder what successful trading means to you my friend?!... for me.. it is financial freedom... and further... what does financial freedom mean to you?... +1 and trade well ;)

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Great article and last week of competition, so best of luck buddy +1

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Keep track of all your trading activities in a trading journal. Doing so eventually turns your trading journal into a reference manual that can become an invaluable tool for helping you recall what you’ve done to identify what works and what doesn’t. A trading journal also can help you analyze your trades and trading systems to determine which aspects of trading you do well and which ones you need to work on. When you develop a trading system, save ideas and test results in your journal. When you enter a position, record everything about the trade. Include your thoughts as you contemplate making the trade. When you have a what-was-I-thinking moment later on, you can find the answer in your journal. Using a loose-leaf binder to hold your trading journal is probably best. Print before and after charts for each trade and include them in the journal. Keep detailed notes about each trade, and about the system you used to trigger the trade. At a minimum, your notes need to include the following:✓ Trade date✓ Currency Pair symbol ✓ Number of lots and why you chose that number of shares ✓ Whether you bought long or sold short ✓ Which system triggered the entry signal ✓ Which…
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Kula bula!!! One point from me bro!

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Good article. Good luck.FOREX POEM on the same contest is awaiting your comment if you like it.

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Some images will help your article, commet mine here : http://www.dukascopy.com/fxcomm/fx-article-contest/?action=read&article=Dukascopy-Colosseum-&id=144

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interesting! I also have ideas for a trading journal, but still have not such one

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The trading journal is a must... it must contain your trading methods, strategies, systems, trades, reasons for winning and failure... This helps you to keep your emotions away from your trading. +1 and trade well

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