There is no happier moment in Forex than when every trade you make is profitable. The more profitable you are, the more confident you become and the more risks you take. It may even reach an extent that you may refer to yourself as a "forex god" at least i did for a time. But the day comes when the method that once worked lets you down on every instant or just a mistake not being up to date with the news. Nevertheless, a significant loss takes a lot from you; your money, your confidence, and above all your self-esteem. But after all these, here is away you may get back up;

Take time away from live trading

Take as much time as can and stay away from trading no matter how tempting the market maybe. It’s during this time you work on your self-control and gain the patience of knowing when to stay out of the trade. In a losing streak, at least two weeks away from trading will do you some good and your capital will be reserved.
Establish the reason as to why the strategy that once worked is failing
Sometimes traders lose just because of market periodicity. Take an instance of the summer vacation, most Wall Street traders are away thus the movement in the US session is so minimal. I pe…
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