Apart from being constantly aware of what happens in the markets, both in the charts and at the political / macro news space, a trader must be able to control himself/herself and not trade.
This is easier said than done, mostly because of the complexity of this action, which requires inaction not only when prices aren’t moving, but when volatility is high as well.
The main reason it is so difficult not to trade is the human brain. Even the most capable trader, and in particular the expert trader, will be able to see patterns, recognize previous behavior and take into account possible macro events. In short, the seasoned trader will be able to analyze any market.
This mythical expert and capable trader will also know that during certain months, timeframes within the day or timeframes prior to some big news approaching, whether it is hours, days or weeks, price action in the charts can be deceptive. This same knowledgeable trader, comfortable with risk due to experience, might be easily fooled to take action against his/her better judgement, simply because his/her brain can analyze all of the above and then some. This, in combination with experience and cool of mind, might more ea…
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