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What is double top & bottom patterns?

After a Strong move towards Upwards/Downward market does show a pattern called Double Top/Bottom. It is a Reversal Pattern. Most of the people familiar with this Reversal Pattern but they end up searching for a New system just because they don't know how to use it. Well here i am gonna show you the actual way to trade double Top/Bottom.
First Look at this images which shows the Idea of Double Top and Bottom Patterns.
Two things you have to notice here-

1.The Area Between point 1 and 2.
By these two images we can elaborate that market does react like this but the question arise that "How to read them?"

1. At point 2 Market should not close above the Previous Highest Close.
2. At point 2 Candle high at least touch the previous Highest Close.
3. Always Look Left.(For Support and Resistance)
Lets see some examples.

In above Figure every condition satisfy that's why it can be called a valid double top setup.
Now the lets look at image below it does look like a double top but it is not a valid setup as per rules.
it is time to learn some double bottom patterns too After that we will take a look
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AndreK 27 May

Good job!

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Ne_juli 28 May

great article

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klintons 31 May

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INTRODUCTION Forex trading has become so famous and most of that, anyone who traded forex for some time has certain self-development skills in money management which makes him or her understand it in his or her own way. Whatever you have or knows, make sure it leads you into the success and not otherwise. If success is what you are looking for then make sure you respect your strategies. I am using mobile trading platform as usual (As I prefer for the best performance and outlook) and I have to advise you to change the candles color and other features from setting.
FIG. (A) SETTING STRATEGIES AND RISK CONTROL I have to warn you that, what you are about to read is likely to be contradictory to what you may have already learned about forex strategies and risk control in money management from other places. I can only tell you that what am I about to divulge to you is the way I trade and it is the way many professional forex traders manage in their own way. So get ready, open your mind, and enjoy this article on how to effectively grow your trading account by effectively managing your money. Just remember, everything I explain over here is based on real world application, not recycled…
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Good job! Good luck!)

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kamilla1st 29 Mar.

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Aaamira 3 Apr.

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drferre 5 Apr.

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1. Abstract:
There are a lot of information out there about pattern formations on Forex Market, but today I will talk about some patterns that are not very common in price action.
These are Cypher, Gartley, Butterfly, Shark, Bat. Also, the list is quite a little big.
I was working the last three months on this, leaving my well know process of trading a little bit alone.
And I was found some interesting situations about this kind of configurations because each pattern has specifics setups or rules.
Also, each pattern has different quality and profit win ratio.
For those who like to research and try new ways to improve your results, keep reading this maybe is an opportunity to start your own research.
2. Development:
2.1 The basis:
The chart below shows us the basic about only three patterns.
As you can see seems to be very mathematician and yes, it is.
A pattern needs to be complete to be valid, and we say that all patterns are complete when it reaches a "D" point.
To get one you need five points: X, A, B, C, D.
So, the easy part is to trade it when on any currency or stock market is found.
I will tell you the basis for entry and stop loss, also a suggested entry variation.
The hard…
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Achchuthan 19 July

Very useful

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Achchuthan 19 July

Very useful

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Avnish26 22 July

very useful patterns and strategy.

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mcquak 23 July

Great article on my favorite subject "The Harmonics".
Some time ago I was mad keen on harmonics. I bought all 3 books by Scott Carney. Unfortunately I had not managed to create long term successful strategy based on the harmonics patterns. I do not want to say they do not work, I've rather meant to say it needs some persistence and resilience to learn them to use rightly.
@Beto thanks for the article

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Well done!

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alphahavoc 10 June

Nice article

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interesting article

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victarius 16 June

Хорошая статья. Но я для анализа лично использую VSA и опционный анализ.

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Durden 31 July

great article

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Yonggi7 31 Oct.

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