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1. Abstract.
I hope this post helps to understand one of the tricky situation at the moment of trade on news because is very risky and to give my view
on the new order wiget. This seems to be very interesting and useful but I think it could be best with some improvements.
2. Development.
2.1 Explanation trade on events.
Let's say that before a release event you decide to trade.
In this particular example I will re-create a setup based on a bear flag, so the entry could be placed below of the few candles low.
The stop loos above the last higher high, that means about 20 pips risk with a limit to the nearest lower low.
Till here seems to be a nice setup, also if you check the exponential moving average of 144, means strong downtrend.
Also, after check this setup you can say that the entry could be adjusted at the previous candle low as entry and the high as stop.
That means around 10 or less pips risk to trail the stops each candle.
But, the reality here is other.....
After the data comes on place, the price experiment a jump or explosive movement down side.
And with this filling the stops orders, first the order was filled down about 25 pips and that means your stop loss as well.
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Sebine 13 Nov.

Good job !

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1. Abstract:
I have found some possible trade ideas to this week and maybe to the next by patterns on few currency pairs.
And today's article I want to give to you this possible opportunities.
As always do not take this information without any validation and forecast by your own risk management.
The next week I will review the results produced by this advanced patterns.
The suggested approach could be risk 50 pips as stop loss and entries a key levels and / or support - resistance areas.
2. Development:
The best is to follow the same process again, and again to improve results in the long time.
So, based on this goal. I will explain each of them with a picture to understand best what the price did after the signal.
The main goal is not to get a 100% correct pattern or signal, more like how good you can manage the trades and risk.
Chart = 4 hours by bars
X = current price at article's creation

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RahmanSL 5 Oct.

Great Technical Analysis ...should help Traders here at Dukas community.

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mcquak 7 Oct.

Nice article, and thanks for sharing your findings!
I used to study Harmonic patterns but I never got any significant statistical winning edge applying them in FX spot trading. I tend to believe they historically might worked, but they do not anymore considering that predominant markets participants these days are algos based on AI, advanced statistics etc.
Would you have any longer term statistics of applying harmonics to currency trading?

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Beto 11 Oct.

Thanks mcquak, I do have records of this advanced patterns.
But I started out recently around less than six months.
I found some particular situations by testing their profitability.
My advice based on my own knowledge and practice is that patterns tends to work very well as long term investment, not as day trader. That means could be great to have one account only to place trades like this to set and forget, I saw very good results by wait and track them each one or two weeks risking about 50 pips and trying to fit the entries using key levels, that's why I use Fibonacci numbers.

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Klaudia25 13 Oct.

very good article

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Great article!

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1. Abstract:
The financial markets will move after the federal elections this week.
This could be a nice opportunity for seasonal traders and experienced people who likes the big risk.
I want to explain my opinion and suggested directions to trade after this event, knowing that this analysis is made on Saturday and maybe
the release of this information can be available on Thursday or even Wednesday next week.
Most important is to get involved or trade with low risk because the high volatility could happen. The bad thing with that is any stop may
support it and a big loss could carry out or even pending orders could not been filled.
2. Development:
What to trade and why ? well, based on my research could be YEN pairs because the DAX is the correlated security for this currency Forex pair and because this kind of event and EUR/USD because high liquidity.
I will use an SMA(200) and key levels of Fibonacci retracement and the daily chart.
2.1 GBP/JPY Analisys:
As you can see the big picture of this pair, is making higher highs and higher lows. Also seems to be in a channel up.
I did create a projection using Fibonacci levels taking the key numbers.
With this I will create a forecast to…
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RahmanSL 26 Sep.

I was caught off-guard by the results of Germany's election...even though Angela Dorothea Merkel was widely expected to win a fourth term in office, I should have anticipated a reduced win because of her many issues and not-so-popular policies....thus, a reduced majority and better performance by the far-right party would be bad for the Euro.

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1. Abstract:
I know there are tons of information out there about the tool Fibonacci levels on any charting package of trading systems.
Also, I am quite sure you can perform a very well analysis using it to find key levels or confluence areas and so on.
But, I want to show you a simple way to approach the market using a sequence of combinations called internal points or levels.
This internal levels was developed by a Russian trader called Viktor.
Also, he has released a book about it, but I am not going to tell you about this book because is not an advertisement of him or his book.
The main point of this levels are four, called internal point 1, 2,3 and 4.
As average this strategy aims for a risk to reward ratio of 2:1, so is conservative approach.
2. Development:
The basic to start my explication will need to set this:
  • Check any pair on any time frame, I will use H1
  • Plot a line or candle bar, for me I will user the common bar.
  • Identify the main trend, the basic by visual recognition.
  • Locate the recent swing high and swing low.
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drferre 12 Sep.

good article!

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RahmanSL 19 Sep.

Another good trading strategy

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Gomez 12 Aug.

Thank you for this!  I have since obtained Pershikov's artilce on the subject.  Great strategy for entering potential "C" wave with good risk ratio.

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1. Abstract:
I left some possible entries by patterns on few currency pairs. And today's article I want to talk about of the results produced by these entries the last month. The original post you can find here: Post 4 August 2017

There are few who produced high results and other who produced loss, the review process was done assuming a simple money management in this case, was placing an order above or below of "D" point with a risk between 30 to 50 pips, a limit to the nearest zone or at the key levels using Fibonacci numbers, no move the stop loss till the next seven days or more.
At the end I will leave another few pairs with the same possibles entries to be analyzed the next week.
2. Development:
The best is to follow the same process again, and again to improve results in the long time.
So, based on this goal. I will explain each of them with a picture to understand best what the price did after the signal.
The main goal is not to get a 100% correct pattern or signal, more like how good you can manage the trades and risk.
Below you can see the entries of the last post on 4/August/2017 and a summary of the final result at today.
SIGNAL TIME 29/JUL/17 00:00
X = price at that s…
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Very useful article

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1. Abstract:
The last week I did create a post about advanced patterns and I did describe the basis about the power of this kind of candles formations.
Also, I left some possible entries by patterns on few currency pairs. And today's article I want to talk about of the results produced by these entries two weeks ago. The original post you can find here: Post 17 July 2017

There are few who produced nice results and other who produced loss, the review process was done assuming a simple money management in this case, is placing an order above or below of "D" point with a risk of 30 to 50 pips, a limit to the nearest zone, no move the stop loss till the next seven days or more.
At the end I will leave another few pairs with the same possibles entries to be analyzed the next week.
2. Development:
I will explain each of them with a picture to understand best what the price did after the signal.
The main goal is not to get a 100% correct pattern or signal, more like how good you can manage the trades and risk.
Below you can see the entries …
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well done

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RahmanSL 8 Aug.

Good writing

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very good article!

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Some people from community were interesting in my trading method. I still think that it is early for now. I need to improve it. I have many trades with small gains but my losses are big in general. Need to improve gains and degrees lose.
But I think I can share my technical analyze method. Some of you probably heard about trend breakouts. I like that analyze but it does not work all the time. I practicing with technical indicators I found that by using RSI and Volume indicators we can easily identify fake breakouts.
In this article I want to share my RSI + Volume breakout analyzing method.
What is trend breakout?
Trend breakout: We all know that price moves in trends: uptrend, downtrend or side trend. Trend breakout theory says that when price breaks trend it most likely will continue in that direction. Traders following this method will experience that price can move back and create another trend. I am interested in sloping trends.
From chart above we can see that price was moving in uptrend, then it break it and dropped bellow and continued falling by forming downtrend and after it broke it and formed uptrend again. Trend breakout worked well.
But as I wrote before it does n…
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thank you, very nice

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Отличная статья !

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Avnish26 21 May

nice article

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SergeyR 9 June

неплохая статья

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samoo 26 June

مقاله روعه

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Неспособность управлять кредитным плечом на Форекс является одной из самых больших проблем, с которыми сталкиваются трейдеры. Хотя торговля с кредитными плечами может значительно повысить прибыль , это также увеличивает риск больших потерь. Валютный рынок позволяет трейдерам использовать 1:1000, что означает, что за каждый доллар на вашем торговом счете вы можете торговать $ 1000, используя кредитные деньги.
Однако большинство трейдеров обычно используют гораздо меньшее плечо 1:2 , а это означает, что если у них на торговом счете 50 000 долларов, они могут совершать сделки на общую сумму 100 000 долларов.
Если вы не уверены, какое плечо вы используете в настоящее время на своем торговом счете, вот простая формула для его вычисления: возьмите сумму ваших полных открытых позиций, а затем разделите на количество денег на вашем торговом счете. Таким образом, если ваши открытые позиции стоят 60 000 долларов и у вас на вашем торговом счете 10 000 долларов, ваше эффективное плечо 6.
Теперь, когда вы знаете, какое плечо вы используете, вы можете определить, подходит ли он для вашего стиля торговли. Если вы агрессивный трейдер с высокой долей риска, вы можете торговать с использованием п…
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mermaid 2 May

Хорошая статья.

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Good job!

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ivanbgd 19 May

nice article !

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One of the crucial points in trading is having rules and sticking to that rules. No matter how simple mistakes we do, we tent to repeat them very often. Therefore trader should build rules from his mistakes to degrease loses and increase profits. Here are my rules:
1. Don’t open trade without analyzing the market
We tend to shape opinion from first look. No matter how certain you are in your opinion you should do analyze. It’s better to combine technical with fundamentals and have at least two reasons for opening a position.
2. Don’t take tips

People tend make tips, to help or to prove their competence. But very often this tips of one trader leads to failure of another. That is because of different perspectives and trading style of traders.
3. Don’t risk more than 20% of your Equity.
We tend to wish for more, which makes us risk a lot. New traders use big portion of their equity in one trade hoping to have more gain. But this also decreases your chance for recovering in case trade goes wrong.
4. Take your losses don’t hope for reversal. Use stop loss.

People don’t want to take losses no matter how small it is. Traders hope for better and wait for reversals which sometime…
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Apophis 6 Apr.

very good article

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Very good job!

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согласна на счет "don't take tips", а советчиков тут полно) и каждый тянет одеяло в свою сторону)
хорошая статья, как напоминание и действие к применению.

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Lerck008 14 Apr.

Очень полезная и содержательная статья.

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Some of my friends and also some girls from Miss Dukascopy contest asked me about how to become a trader. So I decided to write about it.
I would say there are three stages for becoming professional trader: Learning stage, Practicing stage and Advancing stage.

If you decided to to be a trader you should start from basic. You can feel liking jumping over some subjects but you will have to come back to them later. You should read about history, tools, terminology and etc.
After getting general information and learning terminology you may start using trading platform and start trading. Learn your trading platform, tools and differences.
Every trading platform has plenty of indicators. You should learn indicators well and choose the best one’s suiting you.
Some will tell you indicators is useless, but they are not. They should be used in combination for technical analysis. After understanding how indicators work you should learn technical analysis in combination with your indicators.
You may also start learning fundamentals analysis and then news trading. Fundamental analysis is method that uses economical indicators for predicting market move.
There is differenc…
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SikmaN 31 Mar.


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Well written!

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Most of traders usually forget their own rules after some time of trading expirience and then bite one's elbows.
Never forget to follow your own rules.

well written! Thank u Rashad!

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Nattysha 27 Apr.

Согласна со всем вышеизложенным! Также хочется добавить, что для новичков можно попробовать скалипинг, или как его ещё называют дейтрейдинг (если я не ошибаюсь), то есть торговлю в течении дня на короткие позиции. Открыл небольшую сделку, затем через малое количество времени закрыл. Но... у меня часто срабатывает жадность и надежда... Торговала сама, давно... Пробовала... К сожалению, весь депозит слила. Хотя мне не жалко, потому что депозит был маленьким и... некоторый опыт всё равно приобрела. Ошибки нас всё таки чему-то учат. А именно быть более спокойным и не стараться открывать по 500 сде

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In the beginning I would like to explain the meaning of Hedging in Forex, Hedging means opening a buy and sell orders on the same pair from an Exact point or from many deferent points. Usually It is recommended only for FOREX professionals.
In this Article I will explain one of the hedging methods, if the trader applies it correctly , Then the trader can abandon all other FOREX ways.
How the method Works:
1- Suppose, the pair is in Up trend, then we have three probabilities:
a. Complete the uptrend directly.
b. Make some reflections for correction, then return to complete the uptrend.
c. Switch the direction from up to down.
2- Here the benefit of Hedging appears. Because when we trade on this pair using this hedge method then we will make a profit if any probabilities happened.
3- The main idea of this method is entering first trade ( suppose Buy ) with a minimum lot possible on the account, at the same time we make a bending sell order with triple lot, as soon the pending order acts, we make another bending order, as we will explain later.
Work Needs:
1- You must choose a non-oscillated pair, it means that the pair is in a clear trend or it is close to swit…
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mixxor 29 Mar.


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cecaptain 29 Mar.

Wow, its a good idea ..I`ll try it.

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Mattie 29 Mar.

Great article! I would call this scalping. This requires price movement characteristics that only exist perhaps 20 percent of days. Hedging (to me) is insuring that you will not lose too much with big market swings. Of course hedging all of the way leaves no room for profit. That is portfolio management.

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romantie 30 Mar.

That's a nice piece! Good job.

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Forex Market, A Level Playing Field?
Playing in the forex market or in any other markets in the world of finance have a good deal of mental, intellectual, emotional and psychological constraints involved in it.
Besides individual forex traders/speculators, market players big and small, from the high and the mighty financial giants such as hedge funds, banks (trading in their own proprietary accounts), multinational corporations, CTAs (commodity trading advisors), COMs (currency overlay managers), and high net worth (1% super-rich) individuals the world over, have in their employ plain human beings, just like you me, that are handling their respective portfolios as asset managers.
So what make these people so different from the individual forex traders/speculators? Nothing I guess, with respect to the limiting constraints mentioned above, except the financial aspect. These people have emotions too and be subject to the interplay of greed, anxiety, mental and physical exhaustion over time.
In what other area of concern and under what other conditions then do these individuals have as an advantage compared to the individual small time forex market participants?
Although all trader…
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Dmtrv 12 Feb.


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Beto 12 Feb.

very informative summary.

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Dmtrv 12 Feb.

Thanks for the feedback. Have a nice day!

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In my previous article I wrote about easy way of predicting fundamental indicators. Now I want to show how to do detailed fundamental analysis affecting currency. First of all we have to understand that any fundamental indicator effecting economy effects currency.
So what are the main fundamental indicators that shape economy?
I will divide economic indicators into two kinds, short term and long term. The long term indicators have the power of shaping economy and also see future of the economy.
Here are the long term economic indicators.
1. Geopolitical environment: For me this is the main fundamental factor effecting economy. Correct political system can build strong economy and wise versa unhealthy political environment can easily crash prosperous economy in a short time. There for change in political system, power, political conflicts and war have a strongly influence in the economy.
2. Inflation rate and Interest rate: High inflation rates causes purchasing value decrease relative to other countries and weaken currency. When domestic inflation is lower than foreign country then domestic currency becomes stronger. Interest rate is a tool for controlling inflation rate and e…
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very nice articles!

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Well done.

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good job..thanks

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paglu 17 Feb.


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"You have now reached infatuation's final destination—the complete and merciless devaluation of self." -- Elizabeth Gilbert
The above quote may be from Ms. Gilbert's memoir "Eat, Pray, Love" on the subject of spirituality and romance, but it best describes the value and strength of the currencies discussed in this article. Without further ado, the following five currencies make our list of the least valued currencies of this century, with old price quotes and charts dating back only to 1996 when we saw the first generation of Forex online trading platforms available for retail Forex traders via the internet.
Please note, that many other currencies that may have topped or equally been worthy enough to be mentioned here has at some point during the past two decades denominated their currency to reduce the unwieldiness of its old value. Also, more emphasis has been given over each nation's current GDP data ranking among all of the present 187 International Monetary Fund (IMF) members.
#1: Uzbekistani Som
Estimated GDP: 187,947 millions of international$ , RANK: 62/187

One US dollar was equal to 40.00 UZS on the 1st January of 1996 and since it has gained 7487% to an unimaginable excha…
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Very good job!

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brilliant 18 Sep.

nice article nice photoes

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Chaudhry77 19 Sep.

nice article and good work

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AAARated 20 Sep.

nice article and Zimbabwe's new 100 trillion dollar bill would be worth about $300 in U.S

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Mani 14 Oct.


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One of the most popular reversal candlestick patterns is definitely a Shooting Star pattern.
Characteristics of the Shooting Star Pattern
The Shooting Star candlestick formation is bearish reversal candlestick pattern which usually results in creation of the top, at the end of an uptrend. So, what elements need to be there in order for this pattern to be created ? It needs to have a very long upward wick, however the opening and closing price have to be roughly the same. Ideally, the wick, or also called a shadow, will be at least twice the length of the body.
Picture 1. Shooting star candlestick pattern (Source:
There are different types of the shooting star, but the closer it is to this basic textbook description the better. The candle can also be green but the effect is greater if we have a bearish candle. One of the key reasons why this pattern is so effective its because the
bears were able to reject the bulls completely plus the bears were able to push prices even more by closing below the opening price. There are two very important additional elements to be noted here:
1) the volume plays a big role here. The greater the volume it is at the highs…
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zarina 31 July

Спасибо за полезную информацию !

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