Although this week may have been a good rally week for the dollar, the medium-to-long run factors could divide a solid base of fundamental strength. The number one factor stemming from the employment situation. Due to some favorable economic news overall, an increase in interest rates, and geopolitical stability with a campaign in Syria, things are currently looking up for dollar bulls, but something worth pointing out are the multiplier effects able to contort the U.S. and world economies in the medium-to-long run.
In a previous article, "Mixed Signals For The U.S. Dollar" , I had pointed out some visible disparities for policy making, pointing to choppy trading for the dollar in February and March of this year.
This disparity in policy making can be seen clearly with increased government spending, versus a protectionist stance in trade. On one hand, the economy gains from increased government expenditures; but, on the other hand, the economy suffers a loss from decreases in net exports.
Well, in this article, I argue that these disparities will result in a dramatic divergence in calculating overall averages for GDP growth. When I say dramatic divergence, I do mean an extreme divi…
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