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My experience in trading started long time ago and I can already count something about 7 years on charts and I feel like my learning process is just at the beginning. It is not about the ability to recognize a price direction, or to correlate price setup with current fundamental scenario: it is about the mental attitude, the psychological ability to accept and behave properly depending on the changing conditions.
When thinking about my experiences in trading, I can divide my learning process in 2 clear steps: one about learning all the technical part, and one knowing how to behave. The first part took me some years in reading, listening, doing researches, comparing, analyzing and recognizing the different technical developments while happening in a chart. The second part started at a certain point in the meantime, when I had already learnt a lot of things, but still was able only to burn a one thousands dollars account in a very, very quick time.
As per our nature, when things go wrong we tend to blame something or someone. My first reaction was to blame market, being always ready to get my stops no matter where I put them. If I moved stop at breakeven, price…
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GammaBurst 19 Oct.

Big good work my friend!

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TInna 19 Oct.

well done!)

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klintons 20 Oct.

Very well

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rupesh1984 25 Oct.

Quite a topic opened here, the one above all other aspects, very top of the ladder. Nicely explained friend, true words!

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Bidza 27 Oct.

Well done, you have brought OneGoodTrade out into the article writing too...great work.

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In continuation of previous article, I will now go further in my self-analysis to understand what is the reason of the difference in what I should be doing, and what I am sometimes actually doing. This article has to be read as I would be writing to my self, so the "you" in this case is me myself.
As I already explained, when I started trading there was a completely naked chart with the possibility to draw some stuff like for example fibo retracements and drawings. What I need is to understand if and where I have more probabilities for a rise, or for a down move, based on recent price data.
At a certain point in history, someone decided that indicators are useful when deciding an entry. I remember that I was pretty sure people where wrong about this indeed, indicators were useful if used with certain algorithms in order to have a quicker and simpler way to read market moves. Who of you ever coded any automated strategy knows perfectly what I mean. I will explain it better with an example: I want to trade an instru…
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Мне понравилось.

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SikmaN 30 Sep.

Хорошая работа!

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thank you!

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very interesant!

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Dear Traders,
first of all, I want to wish you a Happy New Year 2015, let’s make it successful together!
Last month, I wrote about my Bollinger Band Strategy for Trending Markets – the full article is here:
I want to thank community user garisan from Spain for asking a very good question about trade management due to the dynamic nature of the Bollinger Bands and promised him to explain it in more detail. This is what my second article is about.
The In-Trade-Management Strategies pointed out here, do not only apply to my mentioned strategy, but you can use them with modifications in your own trades. In this article, I will explain it with my Bollinger Band Strategy for Trending Markets. The trade entry is described in the previous article. At this point we entered the trade, placed our initial stops and targets and we are now in the trade.
First Example:
Let’s begin with the first illustration. I picked a 15 minute chart of EURUSD. We identified the uptrend, our middle band was hit and entered the trade with a long. We set our initial stop and initial target.
Our initial ri…
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Nicco 14 Jan.

Thank you for this article! If you are interested with BB indicator I suggest to you another article about using /managing the Bollinger Double Band indicator

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fxigor 20 Jan.

I am glad that you implemented BB strategy. " both bands narrowing" is indicator for trend change. Cheers.

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fullmoon 20 Jan.

Thank you @fxigor, it's always an alert when bands are narrowing.

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Mariia 22 Jan.

Good job!

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Good Job

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Today, I would like to share one of the trade management strategies which I like most. I have been testing this management quite a long time and in my opinion is one of the most powerful tools in trading. Trade management as a part of the risk management is highly related with trading style and ability to hold good decisions in various time frames. This setup is highly recommended for long term traders or investors but in fact, there is no limitation to use it even during the high volatile days at single trading session.
Small curiosity – Many of huge institutional futures traders with lot of money and thousands of lots in positions trades the same way especially during the trading sessions with clear direction. In fact, there is causality between their trades and direction of the day, because they are key market movers. You can see it in a Depth of market (DOM) if you are familiar with reading of orderflow. So let’s take a look what this is all about.
Same picture for all of us
Let’s say that we have a guy who strongly believes that AUDNZD rate has a huge potential to rise. It is a beginning of the year and our guy sees picture like this front of him.
No matter what analysis he c…
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Stix 28 Sep.

Thank you, Airmike. I think you are the cat's pajamas too ! :) :)

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Always original ideas, good one.

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prabhufx 10 Nov.

Kindly clarify this  "Big players will do the same thing over and over again and sometimes can take a months to collect really serious exposure. Key point is that they are buying more on the lower support levels than they selling on the higher resistance"    Is this happens all times in all currency pairs?  Do big players sell even Yen ? Its hard to think if any Big players even thinks of selling billions and billions Yen when markets add liquidity in one single direction ? If a hedge fund is entering a buy position @ 101 and do they sell yen @ higher resistance ? 

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prabhufx 10 Nov.

This article has a good points for traders -Nice work

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Good job

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It’s a shame that many beginner traders overlook the importance of keeping a trading journal. Even some “experienced” traders refuse to do the tiny work that is required to log their trades each day onto a sheet of paper or in a computer program. I can guarantee you one thing: the beginners and “experienced” traders that refuse to keep a trading log are the ones that will – or already have – fail.’
Brian Thomas

After 5 years of trading Forex and getting nowhere, one day I made a conscious effort to journal my trades. I started to record my trades in Microsoft OneNote ®. As I started to record the ‘why’, ‘when’ and ‘how’ my trades were done, I started to get many insights
into my trading pattern. This realization motivated me to do a better trade journal because by now I can the potential of it to improve my trading. I tried journaling with other software’s but it never felt complete. This led me to search for a better software that makes my journaling easier. My search led me to an online trading journal site.
The unique part of this online trading journal is that this journal enables me to study what happened before the trade that led me to a decision to make the trade. Many oth…
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Victor 10 June

very good. The importance of trade journal should not be compromised.  well written.

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FxMidaso 10 June

Elani Thanks for your support.

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FxMidaso 10 June

Victor Thanks for your support.

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piter44 25 June

Good article!

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FxMidaso 30 July

piter44 Thanks for your support.

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Part 2
This is the second article in the series of two. In the first article I wrote about pyramiding and scaling in. If You didn't manage to read it click on the link Trade Management Techniques, Part 1 .
In this article I will cover:
  • Scaling in
  • Martingale and anti-martingale
  • Trailing stops
Scaling in ( averaging out )
This method should be used in trending market conditions, especially in swing trading. The idea here is to protect the largest part of the profit and expose to risk only the remaining part of a position. It is done by closing part of a position at predetermined price level. Usually half of the position is getting closed, but different percentage can be used to fit your strategy. It repeats once the next price level is reached until the stop loss is hit. Stop loss also has to be moved or trailed. It means that once the trend is over the most of the profits are safe and only the remaining position will result in loss. Obviously this is a good way to protect Your profits especially when the trend doesn't continue for too long, but if it does then we miss the opportunity to capitalize on a full position size. This is almost completely opposite to pyramiding
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Convallium 21 Apr.

Good article! It was a pleasure to read)

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Skif 21 Apr.

Еще одна интересная статья, молодец!

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Faster 22 Apr.

good job

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Elani 29 Apr.

Great article!

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Omela 8 May

Спасибо! Ваше информация может пригодиться в жизни!))

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This is a series of 2 articles.
Part 1
Trade management or money management? Often times it is confusing. I would refer to money management when choosing how to treat all of capital available for trading. For instance, trader wants to increase his lot size per each trade only after the capital has increased by 20%. However we would talk about the trade management when trader decided to move his stop loss to break even as soon as the trade has moved certain amount of pips in his favor. These are just two simple examples to illustrate the difference between both.
By knowing the proper ways of how to implement trade management based on a specific strategy trader can improve his overall performance significantly. Trade management is used mainly for 3 reasons which are to protect capital, to increase profits and to improve entry and exit.
These two articles will cover following techniques:
  1. Pyramiding ( averaging in or averaging up )
  2. Scaling in ( averaging down )
  3. Scaling out ( averaging out )
  4. Trailing stops
  5. Martingale and anti-martingale
Each of these 5 techniques will be covered in detail including variations. You will also see how it looks on a chart and will find out when…
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Elani avatar
Elani 18 Apr.

Great article!!! Waiting for the 2nd part.

Likerty avatar
Likerty 19 Apr.

I'm awaiting eagerly the rest of the series:) Thats a topic I'm focusing myself lately.. I see the most problematic part of any managmenet approach - the exits.. Often, even when I have very exact targets, I strugle to maintain positions during prolonged consolidations or when agressive corrections appears..

Armands avatar
Armands 19 Apr.

Thank You guys for Your comments and good words. I will do my best to put together a second part tomorrow.

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luke1973 22 Apr.

From all the articles for the April contest I've read this is suppose to be on a first place.But  How can you be appreciate from people which still don't know how to make money ?.............

Armands avatar
Armands 23 Apr.

Thanks luke1973! For me it is enough to be appreciated by the few who know how :) Or by those who find it valuable.

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Start Thinking in $ and Not Pips!It constantly amazes me when talking to traders and they work out profit or loss in pips. A common question I get asked is “how many pips should i risk and make trading price action?” Or another example is “should i have a minimum pip profit target each month?” What the traders asking these questions fail to understand is pips don’t determine whether you are profitable or not. Negative Pips but Positive $The reason traders need to stop working out profit and loss in pips is because pips are deceiving. Traders can be negative pips over a few trades but can still be making money. To some reading this they will be wondering what I am talking about so stay with me as this is article is definitely for you!Before we enter trades we should be working out the correct trade size. We should always be risking the same percentage of our trading accounts on every trade. The only thing that will change is the stop size. Depending on how big or small the stop size is will determine how big the trade is we need to put on.By doing this we will be risking the same percent every trade, no matter how big the stop loss is in pips. This means that every trade we enter wi…
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ksamuel 28 Jan.

Though it is simple, but most traders make these mistake of thinking of pips rather than $, often times.

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Foresty84 28 Jan.

Good advice. Thanks

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@foresty84, you are most welcome

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megatron 31 Jan.

True talk....

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Nicco 2 Feb.

I win pips and I loose USD. Nice!

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Respect the market ant it will revert with reward, challenge it and you will be among the very large proportion of loosing traders . This is the experience that I have learned while trading FX for the past three years. A good trading strategy is not dependent on a good entry only, it has to have a proper trade management and position sizing. Without proper position sizing and management many systems get failed irrespective of having a very good entry levels. Similarly, strategies with average trading entries but having a good management and position sizing perform far better in practice.I will be discussion the most important factor of trade management i.e. what to do when an order goes in the opposite direction. As I mentioned many good strategies have entries with a stop loss. The FX market is so volatile that many times a stop loss is hit and the trade continues to the signal direction. This is often very frustrating to traders and they start altering their strategies which drain the profitability prospects but risk remains the same. One may never know when there is a price reversal or when price is still in the direction of a signal. This can be managed by averaging positions i…
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This stop-loss strategy goes completely against my approach, averaging losers is something that I used to do when I was losing money consistently, those were the dark days :) If a stop loss is hit the market is telling you that your original position was wrong, so you should get out. By increasing the amount traded you are hoping that the market reverses its direction, it is basically that, hope, because the current trend is currently going against your trade. If this strategy works for you though, then good luck. All strategies are good as long as they are profitable :)

Sintano avatar
Sintano 7 Nov.

If one is following a usual bucket loss strategy, I totally agree with your opinion. However it all depends on the strategy. I am not with a belief of a tight stop loss as I trade on Daily and Weekly charts. A slight noise in such charts usually is around 30.0 to 60.0 pips. Either i should place a stop loss of around 60.0 pips or i average my positions (smaller averages) till the 60.0 pip stop loss target I don't see a big difference :)

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Likerty 20 Nov.

More pictures please!:))))

doctortyby avatar
doctortyby 26 Nov.

Short Article and no images, a little hard to read. By averaging you SL you mean trail stop??

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Introduction Management is always a tough job and it becomes tougher when the management of relation comes in mind. Similarly trade management is very tough. From different survey it is found that most of the relation ends with a breakup and similarly most of the traders end up with losses in account.  Here are some of the prerequisite for successful relation management and trade management.   Spending Time: Successful couples spend a lot of time together to know each other. They spends a lot of time on mobile, chatting, visiting clubs, parks, restaurants, watching movie and so on.  Successful traders invest a lot of time to study particular economy, technicals and watching the trend and money management. None can be successful without investment of time in any of the above area. Understanding Mood: People have various moods. To maintain a good relation you need to understand the mood of your soul mate and act accordingly. Contradictory act of mood might hamper relation. For example if your girlfriend is  in good mood to go long drive and you insist on watching a horror movie together all the time then how long your relation will work ? Similarly currencies have moods….trending…
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Sanjoy avatar
Sanjoy 28 Nov.

I want to mean say, we know sometime my GF mood isnt ok so I make conservative view or approach .Like when some economic problem arise like now in Euro ZOne all r uncertain so avoid trade this time. this type point also expecting from U and the comparative analysis.Thanks

speculatorbd avatar

Yes , Sanjoy you are right . If you read the para : Understanding the mood then you will find i said the same thing . Follow the market actually means follow the mood. Same for all.

For currency , if u understand there is economic problem then its better to short but if you are unsure then sit aside. For stock its best to stay sideline.

presently euro zone problem is unique in nature and until any solution comes it seems better to stay sideline. However risk takers and speculaters might short at bounce top and double top etc

Sadia avatar
Sadia 29 Nov.

haha well said

Omar_faruk avatar
Omar_faruk 29 Nov.

What a comparison !!! Simply great

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thanks omar faruk and sadia. I would love to hear your opinion in this regard as well.

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