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I am not sure how long the Dukascopy trader contest has been on for, but it would seem it has been on since December 2010. Before I joined the contest, I actually did a google search: “how to win the dukascopy trading contest”, came up with zilch!! I once saw a quote which said “Be the best at whatever you do”, that has been a strong motivation for me. I did some research, and I am going to literally reveal “trade” secrets. I have looked at the various winners over the last few months, and I can state categorically, that you can’t win a prize in the contest simply because you are lucky. Some skill is obviously required. There are two ways to approach the contest: brute force and devious seduction. I expect some eye brows raised at this point. I will explain what I mean. Brute Force What I call Brute force is more of a gunslinger approach. Here, you have your trading strategy; you trade with very high lots (e.g 5M), you don’t have a predetermined TP or SL, you are basically interested in gaining pips and growing your equity. This approach would force you to look at only the short term. You would work with 15M charts and hourly charts, giving no thoughts to higher time frames. Yo…
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PPandM 7 May

Yes agree, and Polito is right - Dukas points make the difference. LIKE!

DumbAsArock avatar

I would venture to say that "How to Finish in the Top 5 Article Contest" is to have a catchy title. Bingo! :>) +1

Efegen avatar
Efegen 20 May

Nice but last month İ finished and i did not have a profile picture:p I should confess it did it by biding the rules, read the the at least hundred times. Also lots of luck and patience helped me.

Daytrader21 avatar

Nice tips, I'll keep then in mind for the next month. I really need to win this contest. Wishyou all the best

Metal_Mind avatar

great tips.... i also need to win this contest :))))))))))))0

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It is now down to the last week of competition for the December Trader Contest and all eyes are now fixed on the top 10 contestants. Most of them have broken the 1,000 pip barrier and even the 2,000 pip level and have done so with impressive trading statistics that are almost surreal and machine-like compared to the average Forex trader. Among the current top 3 traders (as at Friday December 21), these statistics are even more admirable. Although the other traders in the top 10 are coming up aggressively, their trading statistics will prove to be too weak to realistically challenge the top 3. So with the top 3 unlikely to change, who among these 3 traders will emerge victorious on December 31st and what are their strengths and weakness that will prove decisive? SPECIALFX CURRENT POSITION- 1ST At the time of writing, the trader from Portugal who was in the top spot, appeared destined to take the title of being the `Special One` away from a famous Portuguese football coach. SpecialFX has some unreal trading statistics that are too perfect for us mere mortals to even dream of having in a demo or live account. A 99% Win/Loss ratio, no losses and with only 10 trades, one has to a…
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scramble avatar
scramble 24 Dec.

my 5 cents (2cents+inflation) for specialfx :p :)

SpecialFX avatar
SpecialFX 24 Dec.

hahaha! :D Hilarious article! Yes, I am taking the pedal of the gas, but that wouldnt be the case if it wasnt for Christmas and the trendless markets it usually brings before and after. The problem is not my pip count, but my capital, I dont use as much leverage as the other guys (but then I get a lot of Dukascopy points). Bigfxtrader will not open more trades, I think it is between me and Arturs for 1st place. I will be very very happy if I can get the 2nd place anyway :)

DaddyPapi avatar
DaddyPapi 24 Dec. wont Bigfxtrader open more positions?

Arturs10 avatar
Arturs10 26 Dec.

Nice article:)

SpecialFX avatar
SpecialFX 27 Dec.

I guess I was wrong, Bigfxtrader did not open new positions for quite a long time, didnt even had any pending orders, so I just assumed he was not going to open new ones. But he did, and it didn't work well... :/

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