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It proceeds not to remember such hot summer long ago (the past, the right was similar, but .. )and! We consider a top of 7 events of July, we try to understand what expects us in August, and a lot of things seem: while wrote article the fresh data Non-Farm and decisions on an interest rate of RBA have been published. Bank of England! The bank of England sat on August 4, on Thursday!
Last week of the seventh month
RBA after the publication of inflation
The rate of inflation remains the same for the weighed indicator: 1,7% against 1,5% forecast for annual size. Standard CPI at the level of 1,0% against forecast 1,1% and the previous 1,3% for annual value. Well it or is bad before RBA meeting?
From the point of view of news trade – it is good as in transparent calculation "inflation is lower, the probability of decrease in a rate is higher" turbidity is brought. Citi, for example, has reviewed the forecasts of change of a rate of RBA since August for November.
We saw the prevailing majority of forecasts for a meeting on August 2:-0,25% of a rate (from 1,75% to 1,5%). Change of inflation expectations gradually prevented forming of uniform forecasts that has resulted in their inconsiste…
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Yulia10 15 Aug.

well done

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Wovch 16 Aug.

very good!

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useful article!

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хороший рейтинг

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удачи в конкурсе

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Technical analysis tends to predominate among those who start in Forex because it is the easiest way to simplify the price movements. It is this rule that patterns in Forex, we looked last week, facilitated the interpretation of key events in the course of price movement.After studying the symmetrical triangles, ascending and descending triangles, let us now look at the double-back and triple-back, double-and triple-tops tops, cup and handle, head and shoulders and inverted head and shoulders.At first glance, might seem an anatomy class, but not quite. These are funny names that are given to this type of patterns, but in practice if we observe these patterns immediately realized its significance. Patterns are also common and much appreciated by those who love Technical Analysis.In the form of lists, we will examineouble topDouble bottomTriple top and triple bottomCups with handlesCups with handles reversedHead and ShouldersInverted Head and Shoulders____________________________________________________________________________________________________Double and triple topA double top is formed after the existence of a large upward movement, ie a tendency buyer. The tops are the valu…
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aymanz avatar
aymanz 19 Sep.

Very Good Article

Likerty avatar
Likerty 21 Sep.

I will add, that there is one fundamental problem trading these patterns - they all suggest entering on the breakout. Thing is that most of the times PA comes back inside the range after the breakout and if the range is large - it makes risk unmanageable (too big from R;R perspective). Also, entering on the brakout makes your entry late and again - poor R:R and breakout itself - doesnt mean that price wont break back in the opposite direction ("fake" spikes - stop hunts). So in conclusion - on every pattern that worked I can show you two simmilar patterns that didnt worked:p

Armela avatar
Armela 23 Sep.

Well done!

Brasileiro avatar
Brasileiro 23 Sep.

@likerty a very interesting position, and once again thanks for the comment, I believe that the patterns among other indicators serve to demonstrate the way that the market can take, use them as inputs is a little risky, but with a good stop loss would not no problem. : D

heimdall avatar
heimdall 23 Sep.

like +2 :)

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BackgroundThe most important thing in trading is to predict right market direction. There is a lot analysis and indications but do they have enough accuracy? Of course these indications matters. But in this article I would like to describe a procedure of finding top and bottom of the charts by different measures. If it is quite accurate it is great the only drawback could be that in certain moments of time it could be no charts with top or bottom indications.Some historical examplesIn FOREX market it is always the same story. Rates goes up and down, up and down. If one could always predict when top or bottom is reached it would be great. But there is a lot of issues to consider. One of very important issue is stance of officials. Lets remember 2 year old story then CHF appreciated in giant steps. It looked that 1.15 EUR/CHF was bottom, then 1.10 looked as clear bottom but CHF appreciated further. 1.05 looked unbeatable but was beaten as well and appreciation stalled only then rate reached almost parity. Lets go 2 years ago once more and look in this chart:As can be seen from chart when SNB introduced EUR/CHF floor rate quickly passed 1.20 mark and since then fluctuations in this pa…
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ilonalt avatar
ilonalt 11 July

I think it is very little charts for which top and bottom could be predicted. For example EUR/USD pair could be very difficult to predict...

Atashi_Tada avatar

very informative!

Vasyl avatar
Vasyl 17 July

nice, that is what I do with news, predicting the tops and bottoms, but not always perfect..

Metal_Mind avatar
Metal_Mind 29 July

good job!!!!

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alifari 30 July

well done +

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