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Trend lines and moving averages are ones of the most widely used tools in technical analysis. Wherever you look - all publicized analysis has some trend line or moving average of sorts (further in the article – TL and MA). Even major banks love them. So how did I came up with such “preposterous” conclusion, stating that MA's and TL's better to be ignored in technical analysis!?
The Big Conspiracy. I’m not a big fan of conspiracy theories, but when it comes to something delusional that masses believe (or just don’t bother to think more deeply about) and for other side doesn’t cost much physically or financially to maintain that delusion (like games in politics for example), than why not? It’s not necessarily some specific person’s or a specific group’s evil plan – just a natural flow of common believe which formed “ages” ago. And no one with a true knowledge is interested to break that delusion as himself makes a living from this common understanding.
Major banks basically are Market Makers (for their clients – directly, and for the rest of the FX participants – indirectly). Because they always take other side of your trade, the conflict of interest happens of course. And it doesn’t…
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well done. thanks for sharing your hard work.

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Good article again.

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Good article, well done.

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if the trend is our friend

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What is imaginary trend line? It is the place in space and time where the trend line would form and become visible after first touch (or the second if counting the starting point of the last peak – a high or low).Technically speaking imaginary trend lines indicates supply and demand zones that are still in the making (forming in real time) after old ones was consumed by former trend. I draw them in logical sequences and under standard angles. In order to point out the  essence of early determination of trend lines -  I‘m doing this without the context of other technical analysis tools. I personally use trend lines for secondary judgment and trade them when they coincide with areas pointed out by other tools of technical analysis (Moving averages, Fibonacci calculations and etc.) Main advantage of imaginary trend lines is that they give very good risk to reward ratio and helps to place tight stop loss orders.Determination of the third point of newly forming channelWhen two points of newly forming trend line are in place (this gives an angle of the channel), we use last notable peak of the former trend and calculate 50 % of the range.Often 150 % and 200 % extensions plays strong role…
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Nice article. Good luck! +1

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very nice keep it up n hope next article is more knwlgble

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I use that sometimes. I think you are right in your analysis.

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forex community thinks your article is great...

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